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Pro Grower Reveals Hi-Yield Marijuana Technique That Uses No Equipment


drying marijuanaWhat Is Marijuana ‘Super Cropping’?

May 29, 2012, San Francisco, Ca – GrowWeedEasy.com, a website about growing marijuana indoors, publishes article which reveals a simple hi-yield marijuana growing tactic called “Super Cropping.”.

First released in their private newsletter with the name “Super Cropping, High-Stress Training, and Marijuana Yields,” the paper was then published publicly on the GrowWeedEasy.com website with the title, “Super Cropping Marijuana: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields.”

The paper includes instructions and picture tutorials showing how to apply the technique to marijuana plants with no equipment required except human fingers and optionally duct tape.

According to the article, this technique increases yields and may even increase the potency of the buds produced.

The author of the article, Nebula Haze, stated, “Supercropping, as simple as it seems, can dramatically increase your marijuana yields for practically zero dollars out of your pocket because it works with a special stress response that happens in marijuana plants. And, when applied correctly, you can also trick your plants into growing in a more favorable way for space-limited indoor growing. I decided I needed to publish a paper on this topic for the growing community because it’s so simple to learn but a lot of growers just don’t know about super cropping.”

Since April 20, 2012, GrowWeedEasy.com has published a new paper about a marijuana growing topic each week through their private “Grow Weed Newsletter,” which is aimed at teaching growers tips, tricks, and tactics regarding how to grow medical marijuana at home.

In response to why she first got started with publishing these revealing exposes on growing techniques, Nebula said, “I personally have been able to completely overcome crippling anxiety through the use of growing and using special high-CBD (anxiety-reducing) marijuana with my doctor’s recommendation. I want to reach out to other medical marijuana patients in as many ways as possible, since I know there are so many hurting people out there who can legally grow marijuana, but they just don’t know how to start. These patients end up wasting thousands of dollars getting the medicine they need! After the incredible positive effects medical marijuana has had in my own life, I’m dedicated to doing my part to help people cultivate their own cannabis and thus gain cheaper, safer, and easier access to medicine.”

GrowWeedEasy.com has recently attracted thousands of new readers to their website and newsletter by offering a free Marijuana Plant Doctor service to growers. This services allows real-life pot farmers to submit pictures and information about a sick marijuana plant and get their plant diagnosed by professional growers in California..

Nebula Haze, one of the regular writers for the newsletter, has also been actively building a community with other growers via social media.

For example, Nebula’s twitter account (@growweedeasy) has gained over a thousand followers in just the last month by sharing growing tactics and marijuana-friendly insights.

“The only bouquet I ever want to receive, for any occasion, is dried marijuana flowers” said Nebula Haze on her twitter account, a sentence that was re-tweeted by several other marijuana enthusiasts.

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  1. antonio northup on

    i am the best grower i know. in the clubs the top shelf stuff is about 25% THC. if you do it my way you can get about 30% THC knocking the competition out the box. even the leaf is better than most chronic. its very cheap, its very easy. you just need to know what the hell your doing. the known techniques are correct in that you need a lot of CO2. all plants get most of their mass from CO2 in the air. now i am an indoor grower and i would suggest switching to indoor. you just can’t produce top shelf stuff outdoor. and this is why: plants don’t sleep. i’ll repeat it if you couldent comprehend it. PLANTS DO NOT SLEEP, the light cycles are for the seasonal change so the plant knows when to start flowering. but until you want to start flowering it (i suggest 5 months minimum) you should give your plants 24 hour light. and after it starts flowering you need to go back to 24 hour light. again in case you didnt get it the first time… 24 hour light. and with twice as much light you get twice as much growth and twice the immune system so even if you have bugs or mold you don’t need to worry about it.(with twice as much production youll need twice as much nutrients as well) and don’t use those expensive 500 watt lamps. you can get more than twice as much white light for the amount of electricity used using the 26 watt curly bulbs. and using clamp lamps you can surround each plant with light making it grow in all directions (use a lot of lamps , the more light the better). its just a better way of doing it.
    now very important: most people dont know where the THC is produced in the plant. the THC is produced in the root system. so if your going to grow make shure you have at least a 5 gallon pot to grow in. remember , the bigger the root system , the older the root system, the higher the concentration of THC. thats why grandma plants are the best.
    weed is a rain forest plant. it needs lots of water. so dont worry about drowning it, just make shure theres drain holes at the bottom of the pot and you can flood it all you want. water it a lot every day.
    now this is the tricky part and it frustrated me the first time i grew it this way. with 24 hour light and a large root system the top part of your plant will grow out of controll. you are going to need to cut it back regularly to save space (snip of the top when it gets about 3 feet tall). dont worry though, this
    is a good thing. because the roots will send the same amount of THC to the top of the plant no matter how big or small the top is. meaning if you cut half the top off you’ll get twice as much THC. so a small top with a large root system = a very potent plant. and you dont need to throw the leaf away. if you apply my method you will have the most potent leaves around. even better than most indoor buds. but people dont like to smoke leaves so the way around it is to turn it into hash or honey oil. so you can make good money even before you start budding it.
    if you can get yourself a peice of property you can become a millionare over night.
    be patient, follow my directions. and you’ll make these so called professionals look like low grade chumps.
    and if you dont believe just try it with one of your plants as an experiment. this is backed by the best plant scientists, and by trial and error( there was no error) youll never go back to the lame techniques that most of the so called best are using.
    so get out there and put something amazing on the shelf

  2. Lousie Thomas on

    Above discussed super cropping technique which increases yields and may even increase the potency of the buds without using any equipment is really helpful for the marijuana growers/patients. Apart from this the most significant point is what are the top grow products the professional marijuana cultivators use that generate tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. For reference just visit this link


  3. washingtoniantipster on

    lol ok let me just say that those who say thatsnto much stress… your a fool. over doing the defoil and super crop can be but if your smart with any commonsence you will see how the true botney of marijuana is done. super cropping is actually an ancient farmers trick used to increase food. makes sence your pot is similar.

    and defoliation is a good method. your allowing premium light thats being blocked by 5 massive leaves to hit 20-30 spots were buds are normally scarse to actually become more holsem buds. defoiling also forces that little nub of fresh growth on the mid to lower part of the branch to increase the growth cycle to the nub causing it to become another hole branch, its like a branch on a branch on a branch. i call it an advanced topping method without actually topping wich ictually do to conduce to a more stable wider plant. defoiling makes it so instead of having 4 or 5 nice 10 to 14 gram nugs and rebudding of a plant. instead you get 12-30+ top nugs that are 5-7 grams in weight and you only crop one time! because of the premium light opened up to lower normally shaded nugs. when in the budding stage cutting a fan leaf tightly in the main buds when removed maked the bud its feeding to in a way try to branch off but when done later in flowering it causes your nugs to swell in expansion of growth.

  4. I agree that we need to stop interfering with the plants so much and just let nature take its course, but reverse osmosis water really is good. Typically, if I had it the way I wanted, I’d collect rain water and give it to them, but that’s not always possible so the next best thing is RO water because tap water has a lot of contaminants that are poisonous like sodium fluoride and in general tap water is just dirty. Whereas RO water breaks the water down to its core component, and most important to me, it gets rid of the absolutely horrid and nasty poison sodium fluoride. Everything else though, you know all of these fancy tactics people use, they might work, but they’re only going to increase your yield by a couple percentage points. Is that really worth jeopardizing your plant’s health, yield, and or potency? I don’t think so.

  5. I believe that taking care of over 10,000 plants a week qualifies me to make valid comments about this subject. I have been working a “garden” of over 60 plants for over a year now and it was doing so much better before my money man decided to try all sorts of gimicks and now I’ve lost most of my garden due to this. the heck with reverse osmosis water, overfertilizing and supercropping. just take good care of the plant and keep it stress and bug free and you will have a beautiful crop. Sometimes it’s better to have a little less quanity and more quality.

  6. stressing the plant does no good I have tried supercropping and saw no results as they are claimed . read previous article about stress free plants I say grow as nature intended not all this silly unproductive gimics. I was a horticultural maintaince tech for many years, a plant is a plant whether it be a palm , fern or marijuana. there are certain rules that have to be followed for sucessful growing and putting the plant through unnecessary stress is not a good thing.

  7. Re: Flowers.
     It will be the new corsage! I see a whole new industry in creating “flowers” out of bud sending them to loved ones.


  9. Its called bend the stem and quite vigurously .even a nearly completley snapped stem will heal and grow a nice lump or a nutrient stash as i call it. Any flowers on this branch will be more dense and potent. Another great trick is to cut the branches with a razor blade in spots add some rooting compound then tie the branch to the ground and place a rock on top of the cut area where it will take roots. These plants grow like cooch grass and yeilds of up to thirteen pounds per plant are quite reasonable. This method is good for growing plants out of sight in open paddocks. Have fun. ;-)

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