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Pro-Marijuana Billboard Goes Back Up In Portland After Being Vandalized


A couple of weeks ago I posted an article talking about how happy I was to see a pro-marijuana billboard go up in Portland, Oregon. The Marijuana Policy Project was responsible for putting up the billboard, which was right in time for alcohol awareness month and a popular alcohol festival in Portland. By the end of the day, the sign had been vandalized by someone that couldn’t handle the truth – marijuana is safer than alcohol. Below is the original billboard:

oregon billboard marijuana alcohol


Below is the sign vandalized, as confirmed by the billboard company:

vandalized marijuana alcohol billboard portland oregon


Below is the new sign. A press conference is schedule for tomorrow at 10:30 am below the sign:

marijuana policy project billboard alcohol marijuana portland oregon


Take that prohibitionists!!!! Another kudos to Roy Kaufmann for leading this much needed media campaign in Portland, Oregon!


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  1. My question for Spicoli/notSpicoli is why do you reinforce the ‘stupid stoner’ meme with your avatar and pseudonym ? Yes, I’m wrong to use the term ‘cunt’ in describing a person,and you did a nice job of taking me to school on that,but please explain your idea of not using your real name while placing idiot stoner thinking into the excellent comments from you on many media streams.?

  2. Sorry, but when I see his face those are the only words that come to mind. Political correctness is not one of my strong points. I’ll use a male friendly epithet next time.

  3. Anyone using the misogynist term “cunt’ as a put down to refer to a man makes for a terrible spokesperson for any movement or issue.

  4. Oh God, Please don’t let that Roy Kaufmann screw up the legislative session with his new Beltway employer MPP, & their nonsense in pristine Oregon. Lazy cunt Roy has no idea what’s happening in Oregonians minds ,or how to handle the liberal pro marijuana micro brew/vineyards who feel threatened/alienation from this outsider mindset. We don’t need to diss on beer/wine to get pot legal in PDX .

    MPP should just stay away from Oregon until 2015,and let John Sajo-Paul Stanford-Madeline Martinez and other great local cannabis activists handle things for 2014.

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