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Product Review: HealthStone Vapor Rig Prototype


Today we’re checking out a new prototype rig from HealthStone glass. Looks like we’re going to be seeing lots of new things coming from their camp in the coming months. These little rigs are definitely a good start, adding some versatility to their lineup.


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Johnny Green


  1. You got that right Johnny! The right to smoke the sacred herb is a God given right for every single human being. We were all put here to love one another, Treat everybody like your sister and brother!

  2. Johnny Bloomington on

    Stoners fighting with other stoners about who should and shouldn’t smoke? You all sound like children! Everyone should be able to smoke! Its just the laws have not caught up with society yet.

  3. Yeah, and all of use stoners voted for it because you deserved it first. But now it’s our turn. Time for legal weed for ALL then the medical people can relax because cops won’t have to figure out who’s sick enough to use weed. It’s a win for everyone. You need to chill or get checked for brain damage yourself.

  4. So you’re mad that someone else is using marijuana, and you think that they should have to go out onto the streets and find it instead of getting it legally. You understand that people like you are part of the reason why even medical efforts fail? Why? Because you’re jealous that they used the current laws to their favor? I don’t see how they’re affecting you so terribly that you need to go on profanity filled rants.

  5. I cannot use my real name but I know both of these stoners very personally, So go fuck yourself and mind your fucking life. I have a handicap placard and have MS you dumbass!

  6. So, by your reasoning, you’re capable of pointing out everyone who has cancer? PTSD? Glaucoma? How are they scamming the system? They’re paying for it, yes? So if anything, they’re supporting the system, and as more people are added to the system, it becomes cheaper per person to produce the medicine in bulk. So…where’s the issue? Do you also harass those who have handicap placards but you don’t think look sick enough to warrant a handicap spot?

  7. Freedom Marcher on

    Fuck the morality and censorship police that run this stoner controlled website WOW UM PEACE YA KNOW UM DUDE. What happened to freedom speech you fuckers!

  8. Kill the Hippies on

    Ya know, Um, Ya know, Um, Kinda, Um, Ya know, Um, Ya know, Yes these guys are Mentally ILL , from the way they talk it is clear they are Brain Damaged

  9. These guys look so sick, This is what is wrong with the medical marijuana movement, Too many otherwise

    healthy people taking advantage of the states marijuana laws. Fuck the people what just want to get high! Go buy it on the black market and quit scamming the system.

    The laws were drawn up to help the truly sick!

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