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Proposal Announced To Legalize Marijuana In New Jersey


new jersey marijuana legalizationCourtesy of The Joint Blog

New Jersey Senator Nicholas Scutari has announced that he will hold a press conference at the State House Monday in order to formally introduce a new proposal to legalize recreational cannabis.

“We’re not delusional about how simple the effort [will]be,” says Senator Scutari. “But I think from a standpoint of moving this state and this country forward on its archaic drug laws, I think it’s a step in the right direction.”

According to Scutari, the measure will be modeled after Colorado’s Amendment 64; it will legalize the possession and state-licensed distribution of cannabis for those 21 and older.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney says that he’s “open to the idea”, and praises Scutari for having “the courage to talk about marijuana”.

According to polling released last year, 59% of those in New Jersey support the legalization of cannabis.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. The world needs to just go green maybe if you studied it more you wil understand why people love it has it’s own special abilitys to make you happy , joyful , productive , active , dedicated , and etc. the world can tell you now there are other things out there that harm lives yes! But marajuana has no withdraw , you can focus better , makes your life feel so much easier.

  2. vote christie out his thinking in all things marijauna is so out of touch. to him its still a gateway drug whatever that means. does it still cause birth defects. to this day i have never seen pot turn anyone into a complete idiot as alcohol does. perhaps alcohol is christie’s drug of choice. i mean he is a complete idiot. good news he won’t be governor for ever

  3. Cristy is a huge pompus loser that IF elected to the whitehouse as many wish he would weed will indeed change. Forget any opportunity for more legalization

  4. I would like to know how can the politicians let Christie putting the blame on other. With not only for being behind ( Mastermind) this whole closing of the bridge but the money that he Used or Stole from Storm Sandy`s Relieve!!! He used a lot of that money for re- campaigning to get re elected? Why doesn`t he have to resign or step down or get kicked out?

  5. It’s really simple solution in order to battle inept or defiant elected officials. The power of recall.

  6. YEA. Maybe we need some type of midway check point, so if a politician can get kicked out of office.

  7. If the Democrats are smart, they’ll back the NJ legalization effort, fully. There are a lot of Joe Republicans out there who believe the GOP is as open to legalization as the Democrats. Perhaps that’s true when talking voters, but there’s a severe gap in the number of actual men and women in office who back cannabis law reform between the two major political parties.

    Chris Christie, when questioned about cannabis legalization, said “Not on my watch.”

    Hardly anybody at the federal level (or even the state & local level) are fully embracing cannabis law reform — at least not yet. The polling numbers across the nation indicate they can’t keep ignoring this issue for much longer. Thankfully, we’ve gotten to a point where politicians can’t simply laugh and joke their way around serious questions about cannabis law reform, anymore (looking at you, Obama).

    Fact is, cannabis prohibition (and political hypocrisy) was only viable back in the days before the internet. Now, information moves too quickly for anyone to recast it, easily. The truth about cannabis is out — there’s no undoing it. By 2016, cannabis reform *WILL* be a national issue with the old guard prohibitionists and easily manipulated know-nothings on one side, and 70% of the country on the other.

    It’ll take a Republican with some real chutzpah to save the GOP from self-destruction by taking a firm stand for legalization. Christie may only be able to salvage his 2016 aspirations by being that guy, by daring to “evolve” on this issue. IMHO, that’s the only route to the White House any GOP candidate has in the next general election. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz are going to rip each other apart in the primaries to the point where none of them are electable. Boldly supporting cannabis legalization, nationally, could save one of them.

    However, this legislation could be Democrats setting a trap for Christie. If he comes out against this legislation, he’ll be putting an invisible noose around his neck. He may not feel the noose tightening for two more years, but it’ll be there. Polling trends don’t lie. And the polling says his most recent comment, “Not on my watch,” will be very damaging for him in 2016 unless he changes his tune.

  8. Awesome idea…Except he just was reelected. And four years is too far away to wait for the next change because there will plenty of lives destroyed during that time. This is the inherent flaw in the political process.

  9. Then it will be time to vote fat ass Christie out of office. he needs to put down that shovel he eats with do what the people want. The only people that I am going to vote for from not on is people that stands up to legalize weed.

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