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Proposal In Washington To Shut Down Dispensaries, Legalize Cultivation


washington state marijuana regulationsThere has been an attack on the medical marijuana industry in Washington for quite some time now. Some blame I-502, some blame a lack of regulations, and some even blame members of the medical marijuana industry in Washington. Regardless of what you feel is the reason behind the attacks, I think we can all agree that they are occurring, which is bad for patients. There is proposal in Washington that would legalize cultivation for those over the age of 21 (good!), but at the same time would close all medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington (very bad!). Per The Joint Blog:

According to a press release sent Tuesday by Senator Kohl-Welles, the proposal would “phase out collective gardens and unregulated dispensaries”, while directing the Liquor Control Board to increase the number of licensees under the recreational cannabis system. Qualified patients would be given the opportunity to apply for a waiver to receive cannabis tax-free, and the measure would establish a “medical marijuana endorsement to the marijuana retailer license to allow retailers to hold themselves out as knowledgeable in the medical use of marijuana.”

In addition, the proposal would legalize the personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants for everyone 21 and older. This move would simultaneously decrease the amount of plants a patient can cultivate from fifteen to six.

“The main intent of my bill is to simplify and unify the two systems so that complex gray areas and dangerous illicit markets will eventually cease to exist”, says Senator Kohl-Welles.

I have long wanted to see Washington’s legalization law amended to allow home cultivation. However, I don’t want it to come at the expense of medical marijuana dispensaries. Yes, this bill is being proposed in a way that will ‘unify the two systems’ but I’d expect a lot of current dispensary owners to be on the outside looking in once licenses are issued. I support keeping the two systems separate, and getting clear, fair regulations in place for dispensaries. The two systems serve two different client bases, so it’s logical to keep them separate. Hopefully we see a revamped proposal that legalizes cultivation and legitimizes the medical marijuana industry in Washington in a fair way.


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  1. Dear cannabis profiteer. Any proof to back up your statement that ” 90% of ‘So-Called patient’s are no sicker than anyone else”? The sickest among us will always have special needs including separate medical marijuana dispensaries. I will always be one their side, not yours.

  2. A cannabis profiteer claiming to know what the Washington medical marijuana community needs/ doesn’t need. There’s no conflict of interest here is there ? Unbelievable!

  3. Why don’t you face reality.It has to be regulated. Medcal stores are in direct competition with 502 stores . That will just not work. This is a great bill. I hop they pass the homegrow part at least

  4. Dear rude david, 90% of so called patients are no sicker than anyone else. Legislators know this and you can’t bullshit them any more. I am a medical grower but would love not to need the paper. Herb is medicine for all people.

  5. I agree. Herb is medicine for all people so give us equal access Once herb is legal medical is not neccessary.

  6. Medical does not serve a different market johnny. Stop the b.s. They are all cannabis consumers.aI’m sick of med-rec division.We do’nt separate stores. This is a great bill. Im a medifal grower & would love to not need the damn paper.I could grow enough on 6 plants to last a couple of years.

  7. I’m not into dialectic. I’m into changing the terms of the political debate. Taxing and regulating is a bad idea. Because consumers will not be determining the terms. Is what I want a dream at this time? Yes. But so was legalization of any type ten years ago. If government gets addicted to high taxes and stringent regulation we will be in for another type of Prohibition. A very bad idea.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

    And BTW when it comes to politics Hegel was a fool.

    And another thing. If the high taxes and stringent regulations become de facto hemp doesn’t stand a chance. A very bad outcome.

  8. Oh I get it. Repeat something long enough and the people will believe it. Your feeble attempts at the Hegelian Dialect ( yes please Google it. It will be a real Eye-opener for you) are not only annoying but highly insulting. It’s bad enough that we are conditioned from cradle to grave by society without having to take it from an obvious tool such as you.

  9. Vitamin C is a miracle drug. It cures lots of things. It helps the body fight infections of all kinds. It is good as a wound dressing.Tomatoes are full of Vitamin C. I have never tried smoking them. Bananas though…

    In any case we were talking taxes and regulation.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  10. Wish I could upvote your comment a thousand times! It is indeed a pretty daunting task for folks that are incapacitated.
    Thanks for your post.

  11. You can get high from tomatoes? Do tomatoes have such medicinal properties as cannabis has been shown (at least anecdotally) to have?
    The comparison doesn’t quite work.

  12. Well people have been asking for taxes and regulation. This is the result.

    No more taxed or regulated than it was in 1936. Better?

    And just to set you off and reduce your equanimity. Tomatoes. Have a nice day. ;-)

  13. Here is what I don’t understand. If MJ is only legal if you grow your own, how is an old lady with cancer who knows nothing about gardening supposed to get out there and plant, cultivate, do whatever you have to do to turn it into something bakeable, smokeable, or otherwise ingestible? I will go to the store, I will buy from a dealer but here in Fresno CA, there is only one co-op that hasn’t been shut down and it is illegal to transport it I think, I mean if I get pulled over even with my weed card, the cop may or may not honor it. It’s a private matter, I don’t want the neighbors complaining or the gardeners “helping themselves”. It is an impractical solution that will not help the sick people since they can’t do it. It is a way around the law for stoners and people who want to make money. Why legalize it if you are only going to make it attainable to those who want it but don’t really need it? Sick people shouldn’t be required to make their own medicine and it was supposed to create tax revenue and jobs. Instead we are going to give all the revenue to the tribes like we did with the casinos which is great but I don’t see how it is helping the American economy. I will have it delivered but I can barely make it to the store.

  14. If you want to change politics first you have to change minds. I’m starting late. But we have had to get other things done first.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  15. Colorado has it right my ass. Colorado’s medical patients are disappearing fast. And that’s not because they’re growing more of their own, according to recent data, they’ve just given up, or moved. The Native tribes will be the final arbiter’s. Washington has a great deal of Indian lands

  16. Honestly, while I sit watching Washington’s medical dispensary system be unraveled before my very eyes, I’m tired of hearing about f’n tomatoes.

  17. Why would making the lives of the very sick only harder, please you? Why do you care so much about how, where or why a sick person obtains medicine. If you aren’t sick what difference does it make to you personally other than being a fucking dick.

  18. Awesome news! Finally all citizens will be treated equally and allowed to cultivate their own cannabis. Not fair that only MMJ patients were allowed to. Glad to see this being addressed!

  19. The seed to plant regulation does not have the consumer in mind, only pocket books. Lab regulation is plant regulation.

  20. Make it legal to grow for everyone over X Age and allow X Amount and if you have more face a tax and fine and possible income tax invasion if your dealing and not reporting your sales!

  21. The right to grow your own meds
    Is lifesaving for thousands of medical users
    If someone uses cannabis and feels better , sounds medical to me!
    Letting the “people who voted NO”
    Control the distribution of cannabis
    Will result in nothing but
    Block cheese
    COLORADO has the right approach
    CAL and Canada are both
    Peddling backwards

  22. I’m betting than some medical users just go to stores like everyone else. In part it could be because no one likes big brother looking over your shoulders. What would be nice us for the state and store owners to stop robbing people. But that won’t happen until the feds change there ways. I understand that there I s a certain amount of risk in owning a store like this. But until Marijuana is legalized on a Federal level people will suffer.

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