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Proposal To Protect Medical Marijuana Filed In Washington State


medical marijuana washignton stateCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A legislative proposal to protect medical cannabis patients and collectives in Washington has been filed in the state’s House of Representatives, according to the nonprofit organization Sensible Washington.

Under the proposed law - House Bill 2233 - medical cannabis patients would finally receive defined arrest protection, as would medical cannabis collectives who receive a simple business license from the state. The measure was formulated by Sensible Washington in conjunction with Americans for Safe Access.

The measure, which is sponsored by Representatives Sherry Appleton, Luis Moscoso, Roger Freeman and Jessyn Farrell, has been assigned to the House Health Care & Wellness Committee.

The bill is necessary given that under current Washington State law, although medical cannabis is “legal”, the possession, cultivation and use of cannabis is only an “affirmative defense” for patients, meaning that they can technically still be charged with a crime.

A different medical cannabis proposal - House Bill 2149 - has also been assigned to the House Health Care & Wellness Committee, though medical cannabis advocates are staunchly opposed to it, given that it would negatively alter numerous aspects of the state’s medical cannabis law, including reducing the cultivation limit to 3 plants, down from 15, and forcing all patients to join a mandatory registry to receive legal protection.

House Bill 2233 would provide arrest protection to any individual who receives a recommendation from a physician, with no requirement of joining a registry. The current possess limit of 24 ounces, and the cultivation limit of 15 plants, would remain unaltered.

The full text for House Bill 2233 can be viewed by clicking here.

Those in Washington State who support protecting medical cannabis should contact their district’s legislators – which they can look up by clicking here - to urge them to support House Bill 2233.

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  1. Opponents of I-502 knew this would happen if the initiative passed. You didn’t listen. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Why are you placing blame on the casinos? Was this industry part of the negotiations in passing the legalization bill? I mean, I understand the comparison (especially when we’re talking about cannabis equality), but I don’t think it’s fair to paint other industries in a bad light because of what is happening with legalization in Washington.

    I think a better comparison would be how MMJ patients are treated under the law, as opposed to how patients taking prescription medications are treated. I know MMJ patients would like as much freedom as possible, but we are talking about tracking a chemical/drug treatment here. When you take any prescription medication, you are tracked by various insurance and healthcare/drug companies, along with lots of governmental agencies, so I don’t understand the problem with MMJ patients registering with the state.

    Also, I don’t see any mention here about the ridiculous driving restrictions placed on cannabis users in Washington (although I didn’t read the bill, so maybe it’s in there). This is an important part of protecting patients. Of course, it would also help to have employment protections, but it appears no one is willing to go that far just yet.

  3. I don’t think this is what the citizens of Washington had in mind when they voted for legalization of cannabis back over a year ago now. I KNOW this isn’t what I voted for – liquor price rigging state bureaucrats controlling access & prices for patients to medicine (that makes the black market look almost inviting comparatively speaking) that should be managed by health care & medical professionals and/or the patients themselves.

    It seems downright funny that they (the state) fucked up and let the indians and their rigged gaming casinos off the hook when it comes to….social damage vs taxes they don’t pay. And here they are (that same state) coming after sick people and their medicine of choice instead of going after the place & people where the real money is located – indian gaming casinos. So when it comes to which entity has some kind of semblance of a conscience social or otherwise (conspicuously absent at casinos) this just proves to everyone that the state (no matter how hard they try) still doesn’t have one – just like the Libertarians and Ron Paul have preached since I can remember….

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