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Proposal Would Deter Trampling Of Medical Marijuana Patient Gun Rights


handgun and weedIt was a huge week for marijuana reform. New York is poised to pass a medical marijuana bill. The bill is far from perfect, but is better than nothing. Philadelphia is going to decriminalize marijuana, which is fantastic. Hillary Clinton supports letting states legalize marijuana, kind of. The United States Senate is likely to vote on a bill that would defund medical marijuana raids in medical marijuana states. And that’s just a handful of the highlights that happened in the world of marijuana reform this week.

Lost in all of this news was a great development in the United States Senate where John Walsh, a Senator from Montana, introduced a bill that would stop the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives from using appropriated money to deny medical marijuana patients the right to own firearms. Medical marijuana patient rights has been something that has traditionally been considered a liberal stance, while gun rights has always been championed by conservatives. When medical marijuana patient’s gun rights are involved, it becomes a bipartisan issue. Per National Journal:

Marijuana Majority spokesman Tom Angell, for his part, says the partnership isn’t particularly unlikely. “Marijuana policy alone already brings together an interesting progressive-libertarian mix of strange political bedfellows,” he told National Journal in an email. “When you add in gun rights, we should see a very, very interesting bipartisan result.”

In my home state of Oregon, medical marijuana patients in at least two counties were denied concealed weapons permits solely because they were medical marijuana patients. A similar case is going on right now in Seattle, where a medical marijuana patient had her concealed permit application denied because she is a medical marijuana patient. What the odds are of Senator Walsh’s bill passing are undetermined right now, but it’s fantastic to see a United States Senator introduce a bill like this. This story is worth following.


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  1. I don’t see how our government is managing to constantly enact new complete removal of rights after a conviction, either. Removal of the right to vote? Removal of the right to bear arms? I’m pretty sure they were only meant to be temporarily suspended while actually serving a sentence. This whole removal of Constitutional rights and branding as a criminal for life was supposed to be impossible, per the Constitution.

  2. I should hope that this shows everyone just how out of touch politicians are with not only this issue, but other’s, as well.

  3. Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug which means you can not possess any guns. That is one of the reasons they are trying to reschedule it. You can own a gun if you have coke or meth in your possession because they are schedule 2 drugs! Stupid regulations!

  4. This has ALWAYS baffled me! I’ve gone over and over the Constitution and have found no where… it States that I LOSE ANY of my Constitutional rights, for doing ANYTHING that I’ve NOT been convicted of. NOTHING that States “…I lose ANY Constitutional rights due to my using a LEGAL substance. This’s ONE reason I don’t purchase guns thru a Gun Store. ALWAYS a “Private Sale”.

    Addressing what “The truth” said… All the extraneous charges that are piled on you, if caught with cannabis and say they find an Antique Shotgun, that was given to you by your Grandfather. You haven’t really fired it for years, it’s just an heirloom. Let them FIND that and they just pile shit on you that there’s NO WAY you’ll ever get out of it. Now you MAY have been caught with only 3 grams of weed on you, but you’re doing 35-LIFE w/out Parole. That’s CRAZY and MUST BE STOPPED!

    Write your Senators and Congressman and tell them to SUPPORT this Bill. PUSH the fact that it’s a non-partisan issue. We CAN win this!

  5. This is a great amendment for MJ users everywhere to cancel this nonsense of taking away your 2nd amendment rights if you use cannabis. This has never made any sense to me. If you are caught with a joint and a gun it triggers mandatory minimums, but a fifth of jack Daniels and a gun gets you a pat on the back. Meanwhile in Louisiana we’re still living in the 1950’s. We will only be set free by federal legislation since we are governed by the tea party baptist church ministers association.

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