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Proposed Ban On Cannabis Concentrate Sales In San Francisco


marijuana hash ballCannabis Concentrates To Be Banned In San Francisco?

On Friday, March 16th, San Francisco Americans for Safe Access learned that the San Francisco Department of Public Health plans to issue an “advisory” claiming that sales of cannabis concentrates should be discontinued in San Francisco. Here is the quote from an email from Larry Kessler of DPH:

“…Dr Bhatia has issued an advisory that will be posted on our website soon. In the advisory he states that concentrates should be discontinued….”

The proposed advisory document is below:

Please attend the meeting of the Health Commission tomorrow Tuesday, March 20th at 4 pm in Room 300 or 302 (most likely 300) at 101 Grove Street and let the Health Commissioners know during public comment that this advisory is unacceptable to the many patients who depend on cannabis concentrates (e. g. tinctures, edibles, hash oil, hash, kief, etc.) for their medical needs.



Please attend the hearing tomorrow to help support safe access to cannabis concentrates in San Francisco. Let the commissioners know that any proposed regulations or advisories from DPH should be vetted with the medical cannabis community before implementation.


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  1. its simple tell them we will stop promoting medical cannabis… if they take the pills they want us to… sort of like the vaccine companys not willing to take them or give them to family.

  2. what a horrible thing to suggest! these mindless people thinking they know what is better for person’s that have fucking NOTHING to do with them!

    concentrates are a much more healthy way to medicate with cannabis. you have to take in less plant matter and get better medical results. not that taking in the smoke from the bud is bad anyway! people that have been smoking for 40+ years have no sign of lung problems and no reports of cancer. i’m tired of this reefer madness bullshnit!

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