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Prosecutor Goes On Witch Hunt As NJWeedman Trial Begins


Ed ForchionNJWeedman’s Trial Begins

Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion has large, painful tumors in his leg. NJWeedman also suffers from headaches, depression, and stress. NJWeedman uses medical marijuana to treat his symptoms, rather than use harmful pharmaceuticals. “I smoked a joint this morning, and I’ll probably smoke one at lunchtime,” NJWeedman told Philly Burbs. “I don’t pop a Tylenol. I just twist one off.”

NJWeedman is facing charges in New Jersey for a traffic stop in which medical marijuana was found in his car’s trunk two years ago. He faces 10 years in prison if convicted. I know that NJWeedman’s California medical marijuana card isn’t valid in New Jersey, but as NJWeedman told Philly Burbs, ““I don’t see why I have to change my method of treatment every time I cross state lines. The marijuana was for me.”

Anyone with compassion would hear NJWeedman’s words and take them at face value. But apparently Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Luciano doesn’t believe in compassion. Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Luciano is ‘gone off the reefer madness.’ This is how Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Luciano described NJWeedman in court, “Mr. Forchion is a charlatan. He is a wolf in hemp clothing.” In a case that has NOTHING to do with hemp, the prosecutor is trying to inject his own political views by saying tongue-in-cheek comments to jurors.

Prosecutor Michael Luciano had the audacity to claim that NJWeedman wants to, “couch his criminal activity into some political discussion. … He wants to turn it into a referendum.” Really Mr. Luciano? I would argue that your witch hunt is more of an attempt to get into ‘some political discussion.’ NJWeedman is barred from discussing New Jersey’s medical marijuana act in court. NJWeedman is also barred from arguing that New Jersey’s criminal code is unconstitutional and conflicts with the medical marijuana law. Mr. Luciano can hurl comments about hemp in court but NJWeedman can’t argue legal merits of medical marijuana in New Jersey. How is that a fair trial? Below is a video of NJWeedman on the Glenn Beck show, which still blows my mind:


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  1. Harvey Shenton on

    who is any body say what we take for pain and discofmat and put chemical that might cure when i grow it and know what in my body nuff said

  2. nhjurydotcom on

    Whether you like Ed Forcion or not, every person in a free country has the right to decide what they will or will not consume.  This is the real issue.  Any jury that convicts him is being used as a tool of aggression against a man that has the courage to stand up. 

  3. Mjjoan 123 on

    you keep on keepin on NJweedman!!. What a crock of shit you are going through. Best of luck to you tomorrow. We are going through alot of crap here in Mich too due to an overzealous state attorney general. Know that you are part of a much larger movement. There are soooo many peeps that have been treated unfairly, many have lost their children, homes, jobs, friends due to being a medical cannibis patient. We all need to stick together here not criticize and put others down for their plight Jt.

  4. Speaking the truth – I find it funny so many people you’d think would be my supporters call me a joke or a negative. Ha ha lol in this part of new jersey I’m a bonifide hero/ folk hero and I’m positive I’m going to walk on Tuesday!

  5. revraygreen on

    cannabis is not a drug, a scientist told me so….herb is a plant..

  6. Dave Barnes on

    I admire his bravery and his cause. It’s time that Marijuana becomes legal for everyone. 

  7. Jt Cheaptrips on

    Dude keep cracking jokes…an admitted drug user! What a joke he is!!!!

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