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Protect Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights In Washington State


Sensible Washington medical marijuana patientsBy Sensible Washington

Recently the Washington State Liquor Control Board – which is tasked through a budget proviso to give recommendations to the legislature for medical cannabis regulations – released their initial draft recommendations.

In these recommendations, the Board calls for:

  • The removal of a patient’s right to cultivate their own medicine, as well as the removal of a caregiver’s ability to cultivate cannabis for a qualifying patient.
  • Putting medical cannabis under a similar tax-structure as recreational cannabis (25% at three different stages, which would greatly increase prices).
  • Shutting down all collective gardens.

These changes would be a huge step backwards, are unnecessary, and would have a drastic impact on medical cannabis patients. Now, more than ever, we must stand up and fight for the rights of patients throughout the state, to assure that our medical cannabis law is protected.

We strongly encourage you to contact your district’s lawmakers; if you click here, you can fill out a form which will instantly send an e-mail to your three district legislators, urging them to protect patients’ rights – it only takes seconds.

You can also call the legislative hotline at 800-562-6000.


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  1. I am interested to know if the medical marijuana businesses need a medical biller to work for them. I am on the east side of Washington state

  2. Steve you of all people should be visiting with dispensaries here in Western Washington – they are, to a dispensary – NOT going to the rallies AS PATIENTS.
    We’re going back underground – how INSANE is that !

  3. To Legislators:

    Please retain “Compassionate Care” as a standard in our state. Don’t deprive patients who rely on cannabis medical treatment. Don’t discourage research into further legitimate medical uses.

    Give people who are in pain an alternative to addictive narcotics.

    Don’t force sick people to pay exorbitant prices for their medicine. Don’t make disabled people labor to get to a state-run liquor store for their medicine.

    Don’t discourage doctors who wish to work in the cannabis line of treatment.

    Don’t allow the liquor board to get away with lying to the public and to the medical community.

    Don’t pass any of the proposed legislation to the medical cannabis industry. The industry has a conscience and polices itself.

    For God’s sake, don’t give the liquor board armed enforcement officers!

  4. Just call….we’ll be happy to help you help the patients. We’re determined to WIN this.

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  5. Christine Chapman Chapman on

    I run a collective over on the Eastside and would love to help any way I can. I can pass out brochures, buttons, place a donation jar in our access point and so on…..just let me know.
    I am also a patient and all this mess they are talking about has only caused me more pain and sleepless nights.


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  7. We are talking about Marijuana legalization! People are so stupid! Marijuana is the best stress reliever in the world. Drug makers for prescriptions shouldn’t be allowed to vote against or for Marijuana legalization, because it conflicts against their profit, selling man made drugs to the public. Now we don’t have freedom to be free because the US Government and States are trying to make it a profit margin by making it their drug to tax it and keep growers from growing it. As a Government we should make it cost $1.00 a gram and stop illegal marijuana trafficking and underground sales to gangs and such. Make it cheap and legal will kill the market to the criminals seeking profit even the Government. The Government and Prescription drug makers are the ones that are doing the damage to the public. If it was legalized then it would be less prisons and less court hearings and plea bargains the states and Governments cant use more tax money to fund their pockets for their Jobs. So many people are out of Jobs and tax dollars are slim and it’s biting the system in the butt. So now they are trying to take over the marijuana market to survive. That will bite the States and Feds soon too. Because its not going to end crime, but create cheaper underground market. Nobody will buy from the States because they want to make it too expensive. It’s a trick by the Governments, who has a brain anywhere that can see this happening? End the crime, don’t make more crime for the profit. I’m ashamed of our own Country for lying and setting up the American People. Our own Country Men are taking out our own People that work hard to survive and live good lives for the benefit of Pay Offs by the very Gangs that Pay our Government. Cops don’t make enough money so they take bribes. Cops and Lawyers call it Job security. I pray for those that smoke marijuana that is being persecuted and consumed by our own Country Men to line their pockets.

  8. They’ve declared war on the most vulnerable segment of our society because they figure that we can’t, or won’t, fight back. That alone is reason enough to, a the very least, throw them out of office. But they have a surprise in store for them this year. We’re going after their jobs! We’re going to replace these heartless, greedy bastards. Patients have finally figured out that they have to stand up for themselves or lose their medicine and their rights to a defense in court. They’d like to turn cancer sufferers into felons and deny them access to their medicine. Do you think it’s time for them to look for a new job? I plan on making that happen!

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  9. This all about greed and control of the market. People are allowed to brew beer, make wine and hard liquor in limited quantities. There should be no difference for the general public concerning marijuana. Medical patients should be left alone and allowed the same laws that currently apply. If these laws pass the black market will thrive, in effect putting things backwards to a time before medical marijuana legal. The tax base suggested is absurd. Something has to give!
    Its time to stand united to protect the rights that we have fought so hard for.

  10. I have been telling you from day one that WA put an incremental prohibitioner in charge of this committee.

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