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Public Testimony Should Be Allowed For Harmful Oregon Medical Marijuana Bill


oregon marijuanaAn action alert that I received from the Oregon legalization campaign below, in regards to Oregon Senate Bill 964:

Please help us right now.

Today at 5 p.m., politicians in Salem are poised to pass a bill that would partially dismantle Oregon’s medical marijuana system and ban state-regulated marijuana businesses. The Senate Committee on Implementing Measure 91 is planning to slip this by quickly, without any public testimony.

Public testimony is crucial because politicians need to know why this bill is so bad for Oregon. Please take a moment right now to call a few state senators and tell them them the public should have the right to be heard before the medical marijuana system is drastically changed. Phone numbers are below.

We voted to regulate, tax and legalize marijuana, NOT to have politicians push it into the criminal market and make it harder for medical marijuana patients to get life-saving medicine.

Senate Committee on Implementing Measure 91:
Sen. Ginny Burdick (D): 503-986-1718
Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D): 503-986-1704
Sen. Jeff Kruse (R): 503-986-1701
Sen. Ted Ferrioli (R): 503-986-1950
Sen. Lee Beyer (D): 503-986-1706

Senate Democratic Leadership:
Senate President, Peter Courtney: 503-986-1600
Senate Majority Leader, Diane Rosenbaum: 503-986-1700
Senate Deputy Majority Leader, Arnie Roblan: 503-986-1705
Senate Majority Whip, Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward: 503-986-1717
Senate Majority Whip, Mark Haas: 503-986-1714
Senate Assistant Majority Leader, Michael Dembrow: 503-986-1723
Senate Assistant Majority Leader, Sara Gelser: 503-986-1708

We will continue to update you on the Measure 91 implementation process and attempts to hinder Measure 91. Thanks for helping us protect Measure 91 and the will of the voters.


Anthony Johnson
Measure 91 Chief Petitioner


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  1. E-mails work best b/c it gives them an actual record of the contact. They like to print them out and hold them up as evidence of constituent support. But a phone call works too if that’s all you can do.

  2. Mike Johnson on

    I don’t think any more public testimony will do any good..minds are pretty much made up by now.. Columbia County legally had to hear us to enact their ’emergency’ ban on outdoor grows, 90% were against it, but they did it anyway. Emails and phone calls work best.

  3. Bongstar420 on

    How does it ban state regulated businesses again? It adds inspections, certifications, and reorganizes the structure of produciton…It is in line with HB 3460 as far as I can tell, and thats the only way to be a legal business anyways.

    So if someone could chime in with an actual reference and not rhetoric, it would probably be good.

    Individual OMMP patients now have 6 OMMP plants and 4 M91 plants.

  4. I’m sorry but what kind of sheep does anyone expect we are to call our legislators and object to changes to the OMMP when we don’t even know if those changes are good for medical marijuana users or not. Voters institute changes and it’s up to legislators to implement them. We don’t need a statewide vote on everything that comes up. What are the changes? This is like voting on an international trade agreement when the details ARE ALL SECRET. If you want supporters for a cause, it becomes necessary to keep them informed instead of ordering them to object when they don’t even know what they are objecting to.

    Remember the beginning of the Iraq war? Sometimes people lie to you to get what you want.

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