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Purchase A NORML Hemp Baseball Cap


norml hatBy Norm Kent, Esq. – Chairman, NORML Board of Directors

Dear NORML members and supporters,

First, thank you for supporting NORML’s public advocacy to reform marijuana laws.

No, I am not giving you a free joint. But I will join you on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., one day soon, when America realizes that responsible adults using cannabis is not criminal. Putting people in jail for smoking pot is what is criminal.

Since 1970 NORML has put the ‘grass’ in grassroots. We are America’s cannabis consumer advocacy organization, and we want you to wear our logo proudly when you go to your home team’s ballpark or your neighborhood supermarket this season.

In fact, you should probably wear your new NORML hat to one of those businesses that drug test their employees. See if they drug test their consumers before spending your money there.

We want you to root for personal freedom in 2013, and the best way to do that is to perch on your head the uniquely branded weave-woven NORML Home Run Hemp Hats, perfect for making a statement and helping NORML with our own.

This year I became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NORML. It has been a 40-year journey. I first joined NORML as a 21-year-old student when my roommate and 39 other classmates were busted in a raid at Hofstra University on Long Island in New York.

The only reason I did not get popped is because I was probably popping out in a college baseball game. The truth is no joint that ever got me high ever stopped me from getting a base hit or going on to a higher education. I became a successful lawyer, and many of you, who consumed cannabis just as I did, have become successful in all walks and ways of life.

Together, we know the drug war has failed, and our personal liberties, along with lots of good people, have been wrongly arrested for too long. This year, help Legalization win the pennant.

This season, root for NORML.

Wear a NORML Hemp Hat and hit a Home Run for Freedom.

These cool and aesthetically designed, artistically attractive hats were designed and donated to NORML, courtesy of Grassroots California of Denver. Some of you have helped NORML by volunteering at a festival, petitioning in a referendum, or arguing in a courtroom. Okay, some of you just smoke. That’s okay, too. We are here today to make that your right tomorrow.

Join NORML with a $35 donation*, and we will send you our new NORML Home Run Hemp Hat, shipping and handling included. Don’t let us stop you from sending more if you like. Hopefully, we have earned your support.

But just like those all night TV commercials, WAIT – THERE IS MORE!

I believe the best way in life to get something back is give something more to others. “We make a living by what we get,” Winston Churchill said, “but we make a life by what we give.”

For NORML supporters that want to give a little bit more, I want to give back to some of my own unique collectibles, gathered as a baseball fan and cannabis advocate for four decades, from the early 1980’s editions of High Times Magazines to complete sets of old baseball cards from the 1980’s, when the drug war began.

Yeah, yeah, I go back that far, but so do many of you. One day soon, no matter our age, we will all be standing and smoking, toking cannabis freely steps from the White House. Our day is coming, but we still need your help.

Make a donation of at least $100*, and in addition to your hat, you will automatically be entered into ourGrand Slam NORML Contest, making you eligible to win one of our unique collectibles. There are 25 items to be given away. Callers are standing by. Oh, you know the drill.

Please make a donation to NORML and receive a NORML Home Run Hemp Hat in support of our legalization advocacy.

Donate at least a hundred dollars and you will automatically be entered into our Grand Slam NORML Contest, and win a unique prize that will bring a smile to your face.

Source: NORML - make a donation


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