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Purple Haze Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Purple Haze Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

A lot of people get the Purple Haze strain history mixed up. The Purple Haze marijuana strain was named after the Jimi Hendrix song, not the other way around. Many people think that the song was written after the strain, not the other way around. Jimi Hendrix’s song was written about LSD, not marijuana. However, that doesn’t diminish the awesomeness that is the Purple Haze marijuana strain. The Purple Haze marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that gives the user a euphoric, energetic high. The Purple Haze marijuana strain is great for dealing with numerous ailments such as stress, depression, and loss of appetite, as well as for unwinding after a long day.

Check out the Purple Haze marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Purple Haze,  and how Purple Haze affects various ailments.

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purple haze marijuana strain


purple haze marijuana strain


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  1. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    I was able to try some of this variety from a person having dual residency. Mind you, I have had none (of any variety) since 2006. It began to hit and continue for about 2 hours when I stabilized on it. I forgot to take my evening morphine and needed none of my tranqs, for a wonderful, peaceful night’s sleep!!! A chronic pain sufferer NEVER forgets their dose, so I look forward to moving or changing laws so that I can get off opiates semi-permanently to permanently. Haze or not, it was high grade!!!

  2. The purpose haze strain from prostonispcs is bullshit.I know how p.haze taste,smells,smokes,and whatever the hell I bought from them deffinetly wasn’t real purple haze.

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