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Purple Urkle Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

Purple Urkle comes from Mendo Purps pheno and is native to the notorious green triangle in northern California. It is characterized by unusually long orange hairs covering small, dense, purple nugs when properly grown and harvested. The color is a purple much like that found on quality strains of Lavender, although despite common misconception, the two are not related.

“Much like many of the purples circling CA at the moment this one smells, you guessed it, like purple! Appears to be a vibrant purple and the taste is like that of some really good purple kush i’ve had back in my day. Secretly keeping a big nug in my hidden stash for those rainy days.” – Bates1974

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purple urkle marijuana strain


purple urkle marijuana strain


purple urkle marijuana strain


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  1. Terpenes, Cannabanoid content and fragrance are genetic traits, they are what they are, color (purple) doesn’t have anything to do with these things, other to say, they took good care of the plant and it was a happy guy and is now waiting to get you happy too! Genetics, nutrition, light cycles, temperature, stress, water, AND CURE, all have a part in determining the overall quality of the medicine.

  2. I’m not trying to be argumentative, I believe you, but I’m also wondering if the colors of the bud have anything to do with it’s fragrance, which might mean pretty colors equals more terpenes. What do you think?

  3. purples just a temperature thing when growing. they do it for aesthetic. it doesnt mean itll get ya more stoned it just looks pretty

  4. It kinda looks like candy, no? Although these kinds of colorful pot are very, very pretty, can anyone tell me if the color of the bud is indicative of a stronger THC strain? In other words, when I look at this gorgeous specimen, what is it saying to me? What are the colors supposed to mean to me, the patient?

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