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Putting Chickens On Hemp Diet Increases Health Of Their Eggs


hemp seedCourtesy of The Joint Blog

new study published in the Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety has found that chickens fed primarily with hemp produce healthy, omega-3 rich eggs that may provide more nutrients than eggs laid by chickens who are fed differently.

For the study, chickens were placed on a diet of linseed cake, rapeseed cake and hemp seed cake (“cake” is the byproduct of pressing the seed into oil). Researchers found that those fed with hemp seed cake produced healthy eggs that were higher in omega-3s. Feeding the chickens hemp seed cake also provides the “possibility of the enrichment of yolk fat with polyunsaturated fatty acids”, according to researchers.

The results of this study are similar to one published last year by the National Institute of Health, which found that placing chickens on a hemp diet leads to the “enrichment of the n-3 fatty acid content of eggs.”

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. firetheliberals on

    Hemp seeds taste nutty and smell earthy.
    Hemp oil is more like motor oil but it wont kill you

  2. Give it 20 years and cannabinoids are gonna be the main factor in almost every vaccine. Hemp and cannabis was put on this earth for a reason. FOR MEDICINE!!

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