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Qrazy Train Marijuana Strain Pictures


Qrazy Train Marijuana Strain

This is another amazing strain created by the legendary Subcool and the great people at TGA Genetics.

“After the very succesful hybridization of our Black Train Wreck and Jack the Ripper we sat out to create hybrid with the potency that the Black Wreck passes on with the great taste of our Querkle. The resulting offspring are a match made in heaven with equal traits being passed from both parents.” – TGA Genetics

HERBal Healing Collective

qrazy train marijuana strain subcool tga genetics

qrazy train marijuana strain subcool tga genetics

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Johnny Green


  1. Hahaha ur smoked out SoCal is were the bomb is grown My TGA crop will shit all over yours ppppppwwwwwaaaaaa

  2. Midnight run on

    Now you guys are getting the hang of it!!!!tga subcool!!!

    Qrazy train has the most amazing oily flavor !! I know a guy who ordered one seed and got the most beautiful pheno ever!!!!!

    Cant wait for you west coast boys to pull your heads outa ur asses cuz nothing you got, especially BLUE DREAM will ever .hold a candle to the tga grow down here in south georgia.

    Subcool takes ur subpar clone only , improves them,.them.sends em to the masses.
    Eg..his newst cross the pre98 x jack the ripper .
    And pre.98 x space queen!!!

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