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Quadriplegic Medical Marijuana Patient Fired For Using Legal Marijuana In Colorado


Drug TestingIf you are a marijuana consumer that is a customer of Dish Network, you might want to reconsider your purchasing decisions. Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic medical marijuana patient in Colorado. He was recently fired as a customer service representative for Dish Network Corp. after failing a random drug test. A lot of people don’t know that they can be fired for using medical marijuana, even in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal.

While such public policy is legal, it’s not moral. The Colorado Appeals Court ruled in April that a company has the right to fire people based on marijuana use, even though it’s legal for both medical and recreational use in Colorado. While companies have the right to fire quadriplegic medical marijuana patients for using their medicine, it doesn’t mean that they should do so. If they had any compassion, they would never do such a thing. Shame on you Dish Network. I’m so happy that I’m not one of your customers. If I was, I would cancel my agreement as fast as my phone would allow.

“Employers ought to reconsider their drug testing policies in states where medical marijuana is legal,” Lewis Maltby, president of the National Workrights Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “Why discriminate against marijuana users? They’re not different than beer drinkers.”

I absolutely agree with Mr. Maltby. I will not support a company that fires people for using legal marijuana, yet has no problem with what alcohol consumers do outside of the workplace. If you live in a state that doesn’t have a ballot initiative to vote on, realize that you can still vote with your dollars. Don’t support companies that don’t support you.


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  1. I am happy the company doesn’t show favoritism. He deserved to be fired! They can’t change their policy because its Colorado. The guy should not have been smoking pot!

  2. Well, it’s hard to tell who we are all actually talking to here on TWC, no?
    But yeah, you’re right, AS IF…

  3. Wonder where these idiots get the idea that they’re even believable in the first place? Any employee of that company caught saying one word publicly about this case would be pink-slipped ASAP, and … on a WEED blog?! LOLOLOL

  4. Hopped up on canabis you are an idiot canabis does not “hop” you up! And he was probably doing a better job than most of your other eorkers that I’ve had to smoke canabis just so i wouldn’t try to reach through the phone and strangle the idiotic morons you have working for you in customer service!! Shame on you “Christians” for being so hypocritical

  5. Everyone Boycott Dish Network Corp.
    See our site at Facebook Freedom for the American People

  6. It’s easy! LOL. And I had him pegged on the first post. Like Dishs’s CEO would hang here? lol
    If he did they guy would never have been fired! (still laughing)

  7. smoking is NOTHING like drinking but still shouldn’t be used/tolerated during work by MOST people. Medicinal use not being one of them.

  8. Hello Mr. Sneed, my name is Mary Carpenter and I represent DirectTV. Dish violated the Americans With Disability Act, which is not only illegal but just plain wrong. So we at DirectTV have decided to offer a promotion for all Dish customers to make the switch to DirectTV. We are offering free minimum service for one month in this promotion. In addition, we are offering all disabled customers free initial service for three months. We welcome cannabis lovers to DirectTV with open arms (and free service).

    Mary Carpenter
    Vice President in Charge of Customer Relations

  9. P.S. Cherokee, if that was you, please disregard my post and accept my thanks for supporting cannabis freedom.

  10. stellarvoyager on

    Satire?! Well you sure had me fooled! You do play a pretty convincing right winger, I’ll say that. Good one!

  11. I have a hard time believing that you are the COO of DISH. I suspect that you are a bogus imposter having some fun on this site at Brandon’s expense. A truly professional COO would never post something that stupid. However, if indeed you are, then I hope Brandon Coats sues the hell out of you and your company for posting something defamatory.

  12. Just having a little fun, I have been a warrior for the right to smoke, I have been arrested several times. I have grown for people too sick and to poor to afford their meds. I have went to jail for this. I will continue to be a martyr for what is right. Please share this mindset , These are my own words. ” We were all put here to love one another, Treat everybody like your sister and brother” I am really known as Cherokee

  13. Vernon, you are quite the joker! I appreciate your advice, “Do not believe what you read on your pc.”

  14. Vernon AKA "tHE GRIM REEFER" on

    I like the pictures and I have a taste for the really stinky stuff, I do have a doctors order for its use. Dope smoking must really damage your brain for any of you stoners to believe I was real. Cmon!

  15. Mr. Coats must have been pretty high, considering he is a quadriplegic. And just out of curiosity, why is a nice Christian gentleman such as yourself frequenting a den of iniquity like this website?

  16. Mr. Coats was also staggering around the work place playing air guitar to some song called sweet leaf, All you dope smoking hippies that look at this weed porn website

  17. I replaced Mr. Han about 7 months ago. Do not believe what you read on your pc. I live in Fort Collins. My family is praying for your soul sir. In jesus name

  18. Alcohol is legal, too, but if you show up to work buzzed up on liquor you are going to lose your job. What we need are better testing techniques. There is a difference between having THC in your system and being “high”. If one bus driver smoked marijuana yesterday afternoon and is driving my bus today, and one smoked a big fat joint on the way to his route makes a BIG difference. But either driver, upon getting tested, would come up positive and suffer the same consequences.
    I don’t smoke marijuana, but what someone else does with a LEGAL substance on THEIR OWN TIME is up to them. But smoking at work is the exact same as drinking at work and should not be tolerated..

  19. A search of Dish Network’s website did not find anyone named “Vernon Sneed.” Their Chief Operating Officer is a guy named Bernie Han. There are nine people in the US that are named Vernon Sneed, but none seem to live in Colorado, where Mr. Coats was fired.

  20. Mr. Coats was fired for watching the food network after smoking marijuana on his lunch break, he then ate a huge amount of junk food from the vending machine and feel asleep at his desk. This type of conduct will not be tolerated by Dish Network. I hope all you addicts all hopped up on dope know better than to act this way at work. We are christian company with strong family values.

    Vernon Sneed

    Chief Operations Manager
    Dish Network

  21. Was he fired for being under the influence of marijuana or not? If not then Im cancelling my Dish subscription.

  22. As long as the government classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, companies that do business with anybody tied to the government will not bend on their drug testing.

  23. I agree that Medical Marijuana patients should not be forced out of the work place due to a positive drug test. Although, large corporations and small companies will continue to do work place drug tests because it all comes down to liability on the companies part. Any type of liability equals a loss of revenue for the businesses. I hope when the Feds finally get on board, more companies will rethink their policies.

  24. This is morally wrong period….a disabled man trying to work gets fired for taking his medicine….I worked with quadriplegics for awhile…I can tell you that marijuana helps greatly with spasms…shame on Dish network…They will never get my business…

  25. I only have one option for a cable hook-up. Yucky Comcast (yeah, no thanks). But I will certainly remember this ridiculous action on Dish’s part if I ever consider satellite.

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