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Racial Bias In The Enforcement Of Marijuana Laws


Marijuana prohibition is a racist public policy. That’s clear to anyone that looks at the math. The percentage of African Americans that consume marijuana is roughly the same as the percentage of white people that consume marijuana. However, African Americans are almost four times as likely to be arrested for it on average in America, and there are parts of America where that discrepancy in enforcement is even greater. Attorney Justin Meehan and reporter and drug war casualty LeShea Agnew discuss racism in the War on Drugs in the video below. Show-Me Cannabis board chair Dan Viets moderates.


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Johnny Green


  1. “If you don’t intentionally break the law…” Are you joking? Tell that to all the victims of botched police raids. And a court appointed lawyer will tell you to plead – to keep the line moving. People with $$ get better representation. And they have friends in high places.

    You aren’t one of those copsuckers are you? Government is not your friend. They have an agenda. And protecting you is not it.

  2. If you don’t intentionally break the law you don’t need a lawyer.
    And if they do, there are court-appointed lawyers to defend them, and if lack of $$ is an issue they’ll receive the service for free.

  3. It may not be race. It could be economics. Poor people do not have the means to fight back (lawyers, friends in high places etc.). Matt Fogg discussed the dynamics in one of his videos – he did ascribe it to race though.

  4. It’s clearly stated above that they’re not breaking the law 4x as often — it’s just as often as white folks. But for *some* reason, they’re busted for it far more often. Anecdotally, I can tell you cops are more likely to let white kids go than black kids, especially in the South, no matter the infraction, whether it’s possession or speeding.

  5. Maybe you need to consider the obvious reason, they are breaking the law 4x as often and getting caught.

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