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  1. Dude… you misunderstood me… That reply wasn’t intended for YOU! I was basically adding on to what YOU had said, utilizing the R/x Drugs. I was asking if Bre supports the same testing for R/x drugs as well

  2. Jetdoc: I’m on your side. I think testing for drugs for welfare recipients is nothing but humiliation just because people need a buck.

  3. Would you support testing for Prescription drugs as well? If not you’re a DOUBLE HYPOCRITE! You can’t say with ANY authority that 50% of all Welfare recipients are on drugs. Floridas Drug Testing of recipients PROVED THAT number is WAY OUT OF LINE!

  4. Would you support drug testing for alcohol and tobacco as well? If not, then you’re a hypocrite.

  5. I grew up in ghetto as a child, ended up living there as an adult for a while. About 98 percent of families living there on welfare. If you took a walk in that particular neighborhood every adult you greet is on some type of drug. Most residents in that area do not work so how can they afford any drugs. Everyone in that neighborhood loves the first of the month. The mighty ETB Card is load with cash and food stamps. By the third of the month the cash is gone and now they proceed to sell there food stamps. The only reason most people are able to get a decent amount of cash is because they have young children living at home. So you would think the recipient of food stamps would do the right thing and pay the rent,bills, and stock the refrigerator and pantry with food, but they don’t they call there local dealer and buy eight ball, dub here an oz there and who gets the short end of the bargain the children do. Then when mommy or daddy come down from there weekend high an eviction noticed on the door, they don’t have power, no gas, and worst of all the children have to go to bed hungry. I’m all for the drug testing to get welfare. Half of the people on welfare don’t use the funds the ways it is intended to be used anyways so why the hell should hard working people be taxed like crazy to support someone’s else’s next fix.

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