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Rahm Emanuel Wants To Decriminalize Marijuana In Illinois

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Marijuana decriminalization is clearly not as good as marijuana legalization/regulation, however, it’s obviously better than treating marijuana possession as a crime. No one should ever be arrested for possessing a personal amount of marijuana. No one should be arrested for marijuana period (any amount), but certainly not for a personal amount. More and more areas are pushing for decriminalization, which is a great step in the right direction. Rahm Emanuel announced yesterday that he is pushing for marijuana decriminalization statewide in Illinois. Per the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today called on the General Assembly to decriminalize marijuana possession statewide and to reduce the penalty to a misdemeanor for those caught with 1 gram or less of any controlled substance.

During 90 minutes of testimony before the House-Senate Joint Criminal Reform Committee in Chicago, Emanuel encouraged lawmakers to challenge the “assumptions that are embedded in the criminal justice system.” The mayor argued that reducing the penalties for minor drug possession would allow the city and state to focus their efforts on more violent crime.

As I stated, marijuana decriminalization is a great step in the right direction, but is definitely inferior to legalization and regulation. Marijuana opponents like Kevin Sabet, knowing that support for marijuana prohibition is eroding by the minute, have changed their rhetoric to say that marijuana decriminalization is enough. Of course, when asked if Kevin Sabet then supports marijuana prohibition, he never answers because deep down he knows that he doesn’t support marijuana reform in any way. I hope Mr. Emanuel’s efforts in Illinois work out, because as I said, no one should ever be arrested for possessing marijuana.


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  1. I agree. Racism is still present in cops,lawyers,judges,military,white religious people,(Oath Keepers) and a lot of other people. I live in Arkansas and I see people still writing letters to the editor that are constantly trying to tear down and demean President Obama and spew vitriol all while pretending to not be racist but that is just veiled racism. Also just look at the situation in Ferguson, Mo.

  2. Exactly, a publicity stunt indeed. It’s unfortunate that we’ve plummeted to this level of mindset, but these days everything out of the ordinary that any politician suggests or does has to be evaluated for its potential for political gain.

  3. It’s just a publicity stunt. Rahman could get the cops to stop arresting minorities at such high rates TODAY.
    Marijuana is supposedly decriminalized now in Chicago but Black and Brown people are ARRESTED for possession at much higher rates. Get rid of the racist cops (the majority of the pigs) and the racist War on Drugs, which has largely been waged on Black and Brown people..

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