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Rain-Soaked And Oil-Soaked At The 710 Cup In Denver


I’m in Denver for something called “The 710 Cup”.  It is a festival for the celebration of cannabis concentrates, which are the extracts of oil from the cannabis plant.  Concentrates are, as the name implies, highly potent forms of marijuana, known also as hash oil or “errl”.  (See, OIL rotated 180 degrees reads 710, clever!)

However, the 710 Cup was blasted with a July monsoon leaving most of the vendors to tarp up or pack up.  The collected oil aficonados, or “dabbers”, all rushed inside one of the two pavilions set up for the event.  Shoulder to shoulder, rain-soaked attendees huddled together.  Soon enough, the urge for errl overcame the hardcore dabbers.  The butane torches began sparking up and I wondered how this was going to transpire without someone getting burned.

Fortunately, all the dabbing only led to some extremely high people.  In fact, unlike other cups I have been to, I don’t recall seeing anyone passing out from a dab.  This is the difference: at this 710 Cup, I saw mostly younger people who have clearly been engaging in dab culture.  At the other events where there have been hash bars, the crowds are a bit more varied in age and experience with concentrates.


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