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Rally In Portland For The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program


Oregon capital cannabisAs a long time member of the OMMP, you better believe I will be attending this thing. Between raids, HB 3664, and the doubling of program fees, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s time to hit the streets! Even if you are in Washington, it’s time to come across the river, have a good time, be heard, and try to make some change with your Oregon medical marijuana family.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Rally


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Johnny Green


  1. Thanks Kevin! You’re awesome, as were all of you that went even if you weren’t impressed. We all must work together, like Johnny Green of the Weed Blog has, to promote events like this so that the turn out is as good as possible. I think people are too quick to blame those that are active for cannabis law reform for things that don’t get done in the way that they want them. To them I suggest they get involved and start doing the things they want others to do. Lead by example and someday someone will imitate your work and more can get done.

  2. i went , i am sure if there was police and took pix, then they got me , i am thru hiding , i want out of the closet. i am tired of smokin indoors, like plants. i thought it was good turnout for a sunday.

  3. I disagree. A lot of information was given at the rally. The heart of the rally was between 5-6 and we had at least 100 or so people there. Having such a public event meant that a lot of passers were confronted with our messages and we usually don’t have access to people that are not activists. I think it was a success and really appreciated the unity among the many organizations.

  4. i went for an hour and it was nothing. just people playing folks music and cops taking pictures.

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