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Rand Pulls Dispensary Crime Study After LA City Attorney Complains


censorshipRand has pulled the well publicized study for “review” after the LA city attorney and other officials demanded its retraction, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The nonprofit think tank has removed the study from its website as of Tuesday night. The study concluded crime increased near medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles after they were closed down.

Warren Robak, a spokesman for Rand Corp., says the group is reviewing the study released last month and has removed it from circulation.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office claimed the report’s findings are “deeply flawed” and demanded a retraction.

“I can just say that a review is ongoing,” RAND spokesman Warren Robak said.

RAND’s study, which challenges the common wisdom that medical marijuana dispensaries promote criminal activity, affirms the findings of patient advocates.

“We have reached the same conclusions as RAND using a qualitative study of public officials with firsthand experience of how dispensaries reduce crime in their neighborhoods,” said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the country’s leading medical marijuana advocacy group. “Unfortunately, law enforcement has largely ignored or refuted these findings.”

According to a statement from RAND, the study “examined crime reports for the 10 days prior to and the 10 days following June 7, 2010, when the city of Los Angeles ordered more than 70 percent of the city’s 638 medical marijuana dispensaries to close.” Researchers analyzed crime reports within a few blocks around dispensaries that closed and compared that to crime reports for neighborhoods where dispensaries remained open. In total, RAND said that “researchers examined 21 days of crime reports for 600 dispensaries in Los Angeles County – 170 dispensaries remained open while 430 were ordered to close.

The analysis concluded crime increased about 60 percent within three blocks of a closed dispensary compared with those that remained open.

Score one for censorship I guess.



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  1. LAMedicalMarijuana on

    The RAND Pot Dispensary Crime Study was Retracted due to Political Pressure from Big Pharmaceutical Companies not because of a faulty study!
    If the RAND Pot Dispensary Crime Study was allowed to stay it would have created problems for many Judges and Politicians who like to claim that Medical Marijuana creates crime which allows the Politician or Judge to issue a ruling or create a regulation that keeps Medical Marijuana in a complete grey area legally with no structure so that society stay ignorant of its medical benefits!!! we won’t gain knowledge as a society this way!!

    Do you believe what the LA City Attorney was telling you in June 2010 or now in 2011?

    Most everyone has heard about the RAND study were there was a correlation between an increase in crime around areas where Medical Marijuana Dispensaries had been ordered to close in Los Angeles during June 2010. Most don’t understand that now the LA City Attorneys office is back pedaling on their statements from June 2010. JUST NOW IN 2011 LA City’s Attorney Jane Ushner was informing the people of LA that many of the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries remained open back in June 2010!!!

    BUT in June 2010 when LA’s new Medical Marijuana Ordinance went effective and over 400 shops were ordered to close CAN you recall what the LA City Attorneys office told the people of LA?
    DO you want to know what the LA City Attorney was telling the public back around June 2010 after over 400 letters went out?

    Lets first analyze NPR a fairly middle of the road slightly liberal media outlet

    NPR makes the declarative statement to the readers
    “Police officers will begin closing down 400 unregistered dispensaries now operating illegally.”
    Immediately followed by a direct quote from Asha Greenberg LA Assistant City Attorney

    “The sky isn’t going to fall down,” says Asha Greenberg, assistant city attorney. “LAPD isn’t going to go around kicking down doors, etc. Initially we’re going to be doing information gathering.”
    Greenberg says L.A.’s new ordinance makes it a misdemeanor to run a dispensary without city approval.
    “Anyone who is operating a medical marijuana establishment, who is violating the city’s ordinance is subject to arrest,” Greenberg says.
    The people of LA want to know did any of the things Asha Greenberg said actually occurred?
    Was anyone arrested ?
    —> Apparently Asha Greenberg says “we’re going to be doing information gathering.” <— where is this information? Was it done? If not why? Why was this statement made if there was no plan to actually do any information gathering?

    Here is another article from Fox News a right wing medial outlet
    "We will have a limited number of medical marijuana establishments that are not close to sensitive sites and are not neighborhood nuisances," she said

    Greenberg said that 439 shops had been ordered to close. Any remaining open after Monday face law enforcement actions.

    "As of today they should have their boxes packed and their closed sign up," she said.
    Did any of this occur or not? The people of LA deserve to know!!
    It is time for the City Attorney to answer questions and be responsible for its actions. The LA City Attorney is either withholding information in regards to how many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries were open back in June 2010, or they made a false statement and took no action concerning the information gathering back in 2010.

    Why is the LA City Attorney now making statements contrary to what it issued back in June 2010 for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries having shutdown and their "closed sign up"

  2. Rand corporation is a tool of the federal government and has a very long history of dishonest activity in support of prohibition.

    James A. Thomson, RAND Corporation’s president and chief executive officer since 1989 is also a director of Encysive Pharmaceuticals, which, in 2008, was acquired by 32 billion dollar per year- Pfizer.


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