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  1. Ridiculous, Nazi Raves? What kind of blog is this? An anti-recreational drugs blog? Thought not, so why post this BS?

  2. Legalize the movie “BUDZ HOUSE” 

    Budz House

    In theaters April 13th


    A Hilarious New Comedy
    Starring Wesley Jonathan, Faizon Love, Luenell and More

    April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Court
    Productions and Phase 4 Films are proud to announce the opening of Budz House,
    a comedy starring Wesley Jonathan, Faizon Love, Luenell, and Emilio

  3. Concernedhuman on

    Is this a piss take? Things are only funny if they are true, and this is so far removed from the truth it sounds like something the government would hand out in schools. What a load of waffle. I will refrain from using the language I want to use to describe this piece of faeces…..

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