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Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – For The Love Of Bud


Bill Maher recently covered the topic of marijuana on his show, as he does from time to time. As usual, his bit was full of witty points mixed in with some insensitive ones, but that’s Bill Maher. At least he is consistent! I love that Bill Maher highlights Raymond, a military veteran who has been having problems in Kansas treating his ailments with medical marijuana, and when he tried to move to Colorado to do so legally, had his kids taken away. Also Bill Maher breaks out a doobie and smokes on camera, which is entertaining to say the least. Below is Bill’s recent segment. Enjoy:


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  1. If his children meant so much, why would you jeopardize the family for your need ” to get high” irresponsible and lame. Don’t fund this guy. send his butt to work. Welfare is welfare”VET” or not

  2. the point I think he should have made was….why does the 14th amendment not apply? Is it because it’s still federally illegal?

    If that’s not the reason… why couldn’t someone have a 14th amendment challenge in a state not being legal. like CO, WA, AK and OR..??

  3. Bill is cool , I think most things he says are on point. No worry on Canada getting ahead of US in this game currently it’s a race of moronic denial. Our new P.M. His wife and guests can enjoy a puff recreationally but we the public can not ! Huh ! Maggie has a script but a child with epilepsy can not. Thanks Bill ps Maggie is Prime Minister’s mother. And one of first script’s written in Canada.

  4. Big solids to Bill Maher !!!!! I also do not agree with Mr. Maher on most subjects, but on this when he is right he is right. Plus he is clever about the subject, I like clever no matter when it rises it’s lovely head. Federal Government, listen to your citizens, take cannabis off that half-witted schedule placement. Show a little integrity and compassion for a change on this important topic. See an inch past your next election. Do the RIGHT thing.

  5. States truly are “laboratories of democracy”, or at least they should be. I think any state should be permitted to expand rights. It’s restriction or denial of rights that becomes problematic. Power (think “Establishment”) grants nothing. What is won is won because it is demanded, because it is fought for. We have made significant gains in the battle to liberate Cannabis. The war is not yet won, and great battles lie ahead. If we remain steadfast in our dedication, we will prevail.

  6. Kudos to Bill Maher. I may not always see eye to eye with him but this is one time we are in complete agreement. Thank you Mr. Maher!

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