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Reasons Why Marijuana Dealers Cut Off Customers


marijuana dealer cut offHow familiar are you with this scenario – you have been buying marijuana from someone, and out of nowhere they quit answering your calls and/or texts. You know they are still in business because they still hook up people that you know, but for some reason the marijuana dealer is ignoring all communications from you? You have been cutoff. But why?

Below are some reasons that marijuana dealers cut off customers. If you are guilty of any of these things, chances are you have been cut off before. If so, consider this a public service announcement. Don’t be ‘that customer’!

Constant Pestering

What is an appropriate amount of communication to a marijuana dealer? If you call and/or text once a day, you are fine. I personally think that if you hit someone up in the morning and wait til the afternoon or evening to try again, that’s OK. But if you are sending multiple texts or making multiple calls in the same hour, you are not helping your cause. And if you are that person that hits someone up multiple times within’ a ten minute span all day everyday, you are dramatically increasing your chances of being ignored and probably cut off forever. Trust me, I’ve been on the other end of those harassing communications, and all it did was make me want to turn my phone off and never talk to that person again.

Showing Up Unannounced

No one wants people showing up to their place unannounced, and in the marijuana world it can be the deathblow to any business relationship. The ‘I was just in the neighborhood’ excuse only works with family, not customers. Controlling foot traffic is vital to any veteran marijuana dealer I’ve ever known, and if you throw that off by showing up unannounced, you might as well delete that dealer’s number from your phone.

Bringing Other People Without Notice

If you are going to a dispensary, then by all means bring a buddy. Chances are the dispensary will be glad for the referral. But on the black market, where people are trying to duck narcs at all costs, bringing a buddy unannounced to pick up your sack is a no-no. The relationship between you and your dealer is built almost entirely on trust, and that goes away when you bring a new face around. The proper way is to let the dealer know ahead of time that your best friend or cousin is coming with you, and if the dealer is OK with it proceed. If not, they will let you know, and then you get to decide what is more worth it – getting your sack, or letting your guest hangout at your place until you get back. LEAVING THEM IN YOUR CAR WHILE YOU RUN IN IS NOT A VALID SOLUTION!

Telling People Who You Get Weed From

Idiot, rookie marijuana dealers are OK with you shouting from the rooftops who you get your weed from. They want everyone to know ‘who has the danks’ and aren’t thinking about maintaining a low profile. But any marijuana dealer that is worth their weight in nugs knows that loose lips sink ships, and no one should ever say who they get their marijuana from. Back in the day I cut off people more for this reason than any other reason. If someone came to me and said, ‘oh, so you are who he gets his weed from,’ that virtually guaranteed that ‘he’ would never get his weed from me ever again.

Trying To Lowball The Price

I understand that everyone wants a good deal. After all, marijuana is definitely not cheap. However, unless you buy your marijuana from a pawn shop, haggling about the price and/or quality is frowned upon. Don’t get this confused with people trying to get a price on bulk, and there is room for negotiation. I’m talking about the person that always complains about every bag and is always trying to lower the price and constantly complains about the quality. I used to hook up a guy that started out at say $200. He wanted five dollars off after every visit, and by the time he got down to $150, it was no longer worth it to me to answer the guy’s calls anymore. I’m sure in his mind he is thinking about how great of a negotiator he is at the time, but he will regret his actions when he is going on day 4 with no weed.

Asking For Other Drugs

Picture the scene on the movie Pineapple Express where two guys come to buy marijuana, and one of them asks for painkillers. The dealer gets upset and asks ‘who told you I sold shit like that?’ He slams the door in disgust, and if it were real life, I guarantee he would never sell to either of those guys again. Solid marijuana dealers only sell marijuana, and maybe rarely mushrooms. There are marijuana dealers that will get you other stuff, but chances are they are going to get busted soon and/or put you in some rough situations that should be avoided at all costs. If you can buy crack from the same guy you can buy weed from, there is something wrong there, trust me.

Getting Busted

If you get busted, even if it’s not your fault, even if you are a great person, chances are your marijuana dealer will cut you off. You are tainted, you have the marijuana scarlet letter, etc. Once you establish that you are not a narc, which is difficult no matter what, you may be able to reconcile things and start purchasing again. I remember seeing one friend tell another friend after he got busted, ‘It is nothing against you, I just cannot deal with you anymore. Who knows if anyone is still watching you, among other things. We can still be friends, but I cannot sell you anything anymore.’ If you are legit, chances are you won’t get busted. But if you do, and you are legit, understand where the dealer is coming from.

Bad Business Practices

This is kind of a catch all for other stuff. If you show up trying to trade a toaster for nugs, you will be cut off. If the dealer catches wind that you rip people off, or have in the past, you will be cut off. If you don’t pay back the fronts you owe for weed on loan, you will be cut off. Etc. Etc.


What other reasons do marijuana dealers cut people off for? Have you ever been cutoff? Are you still wondering what you did? Have you ever cut someone off? If so, why? I look forward to reading your comments.


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  3. years ago, before i had my medical card.. we had some lame who would sell us some pretty decent bud, he would hook it up, but then after a few months he started skimping us all.. so we asked him for a $100 worth, rolled up to his spot with my car full of people so he couldn’t get in, and I gave him a 1 dollar bill (it was night time so he couldn’t really see it) .. he just tucked it in his pocket and rode off on his skateboard.. he started blowing our phones up like 5 mins later saying it’s only 1 dollar..

    karma is a bitch lol

  4. A Fox Among Wolves on

    Then try not selling swag bags at dank prices. If I am spending 300 a month on this shit it needs to weigh, and it needs to be the right shit for the money.

    My dealer tried this shit… and when I told him I would take my business and the 3 other people who I networked into his little group with me he changed his tune real quick. No dealer wants to sit on a QP of swag bullshit… but what really scares them is not being able to GIVE the drugs away because his entire clientèle knows his weed is pure SHIT!

  5. What if they have to travel to come give you the weed and you only asked for an eighth? Would they be mad?

  6. Fucking piece of shit tangela fucking stood me up! I’m sooo heated! I Invest a lot in that bitch and for what? I swear j can’t depend on nobody. Feel so stupid befriending a crack head.

  7. Never been cut off, And never had any issues with my “Weed dude”. He weighs it up right in front of me, or if he already has my order set aside he’ll ask if I want to check the scale. We have no issues. I know not every bag will be the best Bud I’ve ever smoked, and he’ll adjust the price. And I know that sometimes it’ll be a few bucks extra if he’s got some killer buds.
    We keep it simple, honest, and as professional as buying weed can be. I come through once a week, Pay up and go on my way.
    It’s all about trust people. You have to keep in mind your Dealer is risking a lot to keep YOU supplied. Respect his or her privacy, and keep your mouth shut about your dealings. Simple.

  8. talking about other peoples prices…..if you want their prices then go buy shit from them and fork off already.

  9. Anyone who wants to question the weight/quality can go on. My scales are mine. If you want to bring your own and break them out after you OWN the product that’s fine

  10. TRUTH^^^^ Never really fully trust anyone, federal’s will go as far as it takes to get their man, even if that involves getting blowed with your “dealer”.

  11. Try freezing your ass off in Wisconsin watching it all on the news. $12,000 in restitution for a misdemeanor, my first born on his way, and just enough money to pay bills and keep some bread on the table. I’m not going very far. I hear Wisconsin will most likely start THINKING about legalization within the decade. I type this as I scrape my bowl.. :'( Sad day

  12. Yeah right? Theres this kid I used to work with who’s exactly like that; it’s just easier to help him out and kick him out right away. I bet this robby guy has been cut off for texting too much, notice where he says “if they are dicks about fronting…” gotta bark up the tree to get a “dick” response, kiddo.

  13. Man! Does that bring back memories! I am very grateful to be in a place where I can get my medicinal herb legally, and free of all of this hassle. But it USED to be like this here, and I lived with it for many years. All of the advice is VERY true, if you are not in a legal state. And it is easy to understand why.

  14. I knew a former dealer back in the mid 90s who was caught dealing short eighths to the wrong guy and ended up in the hospital fighting for his life. A good, competent dealer will make sure they sell you what he advertises and will scale in front of you if you question them. Don’t be surprised if they cut you off after that.

  15. weed guy is a cop on

    u fuckin dumb ass tryin to sell weed over the net that a bust u r a shitty dealer if u need to do that shouldnt even be on or u got 5-0 writtin all over u get off this site fuckin CI

  16. Dustin Wedgewood on

    actually you are wrong there, there are undercover police officers that are required to do whatever it takes to avoid blowing their cover. After their case is over, they usually get a month paid leave in a rehabilitation center. Always remember, a snitch is a bitch. Bitches will do anything

  17. I’ve cut people off for all the reasons listed. Had a guy show up with an undercover that I knew was a cop once so he got cut off and and outed as a rat. Had a guy bullshit me into fronting a QP and decided to not pay me so I made up flyers on my computer with his name, face, address, picture of his car and where he worked. The flyer said he was a confidential informant, he eventually had to move away, but not before I took his mini 14 and 9mm.

  18. Some dealers do short bags, either by incompetence, such as not owning a scale, so they eyeball it, or just because they’re miserly fucks that don’t realize they’re ruining their reputation, but most reputable dealers will let you weigh the first bag if they have the scale available, and they are at your place. But once you have a trustworthy dealer, asking to weigh every bag is tedious and insulting. I’ve offered to give the money back and taken my weed back for stuff like that. But only if it’s right there in person. If the customer takes the bag, and then comes back complaining it was short, when I know I just weighed it out properly, then it’s likely they pinched it, or let someone else hold the bag and they pinched it, and there are no refunds in the weed biz. It all depends on circumstances though. If it was a really good friend that I did trust and they told me that, and I hadn’t just weighed the bag out, then someone is pinching from my bags, which would piss me off, but I would make it right, and then cut off my roommates or whoever might have had access as they are stealing from me.

  19. Another reason is Age man. I had a small business in my 20’s starting out just so I had some for my head (just about everyone starts that way I believe) I was doing well until these teenagers started calling me. I found out who was giving my number to kids and cut her. Selling to adults is one thing minors is another thing entirely. Besides, Kids should be focusing on school and dealing with puberty not thinking about getting baked. They have plenty of time to experiment in college with more experience to handle it if things get hairy. Over 21 no excuses!

  20. Don’t forget age man Age is a HUGE factor Back in my 20’s I ran a small business was doing it for my head you know that’s how EVERYONE starts. Anyway I was always getting these teenagers trying to buy from me and I was known as “That Dick who won’t sell to me” Not about being a dick it’s about jail time man. Getting caught selling to an adult is one thing but getting caught selling to a minor? No way Jose’. So if I found out someone was giving my number to kids they got cut. 21 and over man no excuses! As well as maturity, these kids are growing up and need to keep focus on school there will be plenty of time in college to experiment. I was never busted cause I got out when things got hectic. Lotta my competitors were getting busted and it was harder to procure goods. Plus I was working full time as well got to be too much work and risk for the return.

  21. DirtyBongWater on

    I live in the South. It’s hard to find who’s holding here, and I’ve been cut off before without doing any of the things you listed. There are various reasons for this, one of them being heavy police crackdown in small towns around here. That also means high turnover rates – it’s hard to keep one guy who deals because guys get busted.

    To the guy who said he cut customers off who asked to use his scale, I’d cut you off if you didn’t let me weigh my shit in front of you. I have my own scale, but prices are high around here…I’m not paying $60 for an eighth (standard price here) only to come home and weigh 3 grams on my scale.

    Don’t act as if dealers never screw people over or rip them off.

  22. I just cut a guy off for constantly haggling price/quality and his passive/aggressive bullshit when asking for front on top of that!

  23. All you fools tryin to sell bud over the internet are stupid HT already posted your ads are fake stop tryin

  24. Your marijuana dealer cuts you off for a lie that is made up in his head because he is a meth head. Shouldn’t buy from him any how

  25. This has happened to me, straight smoked a blunt with this chick and the fucking cop for our school walks in her room and just looks at me then leaves. Was shot as hell.

  26. High times just posted an article on facebook about this. They are straight up con artists.

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  29. Gabriel Vanerstrom on

    Seriously! Getting your med card and being able to walk into a shop that is 9-5 is amazing. Usually they have security so you feel safe while doing it. And they also have different strains with different prices. Keef, Hash, Pre-rolls, Swag, Mids, Chronic, Kush all in the same cabinet. First time walking into a club I had to take a deep breath and slow down because I wanted to buy a gram of everything (which we all know is BEYOND expensive) just to try them all out.

  30. Thanks. I felt bad last time I spoke up. But we all do it when we’re in a hurry. I bet Johnny (and you) would find some issues on my blog too.

  31. Got cut off cuz I WOULDN’T trade my pain meds for herbs.. I was only doing the cat a favor.. actually glad not to have that person in my life.. if you’re real, honest and not a pain in the ass.. you’ll get taken care of.. above all.. if you can, buy from a REAL friend, or take the time to get to know the person unless they make it clear, it’s all business(which if that’s the case.. you could get cut off or set up so be careful of “friendless dealers” Either way if your dealer asks you for drugs at any point(even after 10 yrs) find a new one

  32. I get the feeling your dealers are glad when you move along to someone else. I’m also guessing they do shit just to get you to go away because its easier than the drama of cutting you off.

  33. This is probably one of the nut cases that wouldn’t have a damn clue as to why he got cut off. I can hear him cussing out his dealer behind that person’s back, and talking smack about him throughout the ‘hood.

  34. My girl and I have to cut off dealers because we smoke so much. If they are dicks about giving us fronts in the middle of the week, then we’ll take our $ a few more miles up the road that weekend instead. If they jack the price up to 60 a eighth, then we call somebody who still sells theirs for 50. If they try charging a few extra bucks for delivery when we really need one, then we’ll visit their competitor for a while instead. Too many stems, visit competitor. Take too long to call back = go with competitor, etc. etc.

    You can play the same game right back when you purchase regularly.

  35. Never front anybody anything ever. You start fronting people weed and half your customers are scavenger bums you end up spending 3 times as much time chasing dudes down to collect than you’ll spend actually dealing to people who pay right away.

  36. The only people that do this sort of stuff r YOUNG AND STUPID. Or looking for ‘girl’ or ‘boy’, that shit will MAKE u do some bad shit,,,hahaha But weed,,come on,,ONLY IF UR IN PAIN, the pestering would be tolerated, or maybe not, depends totally on ur dealer.

  37. The only people that do this sort of stuff r YOUNG AND STUPID. Or looking for ‘girl’ or ‘boy’, that shit will MAKE u do some bad shit,,,hahaha But weed,,come on,,ONLY IF UR IN PAIN, the pestering would be tolerated, or maybe not, depends totally on ur dealer.

  38. I knew a few guys who got busted for that. They were greedy and dealing out of an apartment or rental home and thought selling anything from nicks to quarter pounds was OK. So everyday they had a steady line of people buying nicks and dimes so their neighbors complained. Now they were holding some heavy weight for their QP customers and their nickel and dime customers were a big red flag to the cops. Nicks,dimes and dubs are for corner street dealers, dealing out a backpack at parties or tailgating at a concert/sporting event, Dealing directly out of a home stick to eighths up to an ounce per person and they can’t come back 2 days in a row. People buying nicks, dimes and dubs tend to want to pop in and pop out again. Customers buying an eighth up to an ounce are usually easier going and will chill for 15 or 20 minutes so the front door isn’t constantly opening and closing.

  39. Johnny, I appreciate your blog, and approve of the activism for legalizing marijuana, for multiple reasons I will not take time to enumerate. As a writer, I have a pet peeve I wish you’d consider fixing. People are who. Objects are that .”The buyer WHO gets busted,” as opposed to” the buyer THAT gets busted.” There. At least one other of your readers will poke fun at me tomorrow, or when she reads this. Love you, J.

  40. johnny nosepikin on

    Not being a dealer
    No i wont go to the club 4 you
    Tray bags? Really
    Grow some good meds and everyone wants a hookup
    Calling you from jail could be a reason
    Thanks mmj for dispensaries!
    Keeps people from coming to your house!
    Showing up with no call looks lije a jack!
    REGULATE! People .not plants!

  41. What a load of crap! Who wrote this shit! Iooks like someone does not know anything about the topic probley got info. from movies, tv or some dumb ass probley stoned.

  42. Your name is Officer Robert Stedenko, and you need to get off this site and go train for a real job. Legalization is coming soon!

  43. i would cut people off for not buying enough….. coming back everyday and only getting a dim or a dub gets pretty fuckin old, dont need the constant traffic

  44. It was the opposite for me. When a dealer back in the day told me that he was against legalization because it would hurt his business, I cut him off.

  45. Back in the day when I sold and grew(1990s) I cut people off the most for bringing people around without notice for an introduction or often refusing to meet their friend/brother/cousin or whatever and having them bring them for the introduction anyway like I would magically change my mind. People would bring girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses without even thinking it was wrong at all. I also cut people off immediately if they started talking about buying a huge leap over their normal amount. If the guy buying a quarter ounce every week suddenly wants to talk prices on a quarter pound then he just got cutoff especially since I never sold more than an ounce at a time.
    Asking to use my scale would get most people cut off as well, it was a pet peeve of mine.

  46. Jamie Creason Reed on

    Sometimes, the weed man (or woman ) cuts you off because you’re simply so annoying that seeing you isn’t worth your business. Unless asked, don’t come in and make yourself comfortable like you’re best friends with the dealer, and never hit the weed person up to smoke with you unless you’re just taking a hit or two to try the product.
    People that do this are pretty generally disliked, and if you’re always looking for a free high, don’t be surprised when no one wants to help you.
    Calling and texting (and most definitely just coming by) at late hours will also get you cut off. Traffic is riskier late at night and, just like you wouldn’t want to go to jail, your dealer doesn’t want to bring heat on themselves for the sake of your high!!

  47. Calling and texting past a certain time is always annoying too. Maybe this isn’t the case with all dealers but in the city I live in more cops patrol at night, and having traffic past ten or so would be risky.
    Just remember your weed dealer is a person with emotions and needs just like yours, and one of those needs is not going to jail over you or anyone else lol

  48. I was nearly cut off by a guy once for complaining about quality but you need to let it be known that you wont accept crap

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