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Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin In Oregon This Week

silvertip marijuana strain

(Silvertip strain from Panacea dispensary in Portland, Oregon)

When Jay and I created this blog in January 2010, we created a sort of ‘blog bucket list.’ The items on the list were reasonable we felt, including seeing marijuana legalized across America, and specifically Oregon. The United States legalization item of course is still on the list, but we were able to scratch off the Oregon item last November. This week we get to cross off another item, as we are both going to be able to go into a storefront on Thursday October 1st and make our first recreational marijuana purchase in Oregon. We have done it in Washington and Colorado, but since we were born and raised in Oregon, this week’s legal purchase will mean so much more.

Recreational marijuana sales will be limited in Oregon at first. People can only purchase flower (no edibles, topicals, dabs, etc.), clones, and seeds. Every other form of marijuana will have to wait until 2016 to be sold for recreational purposes until the state can get more rules in place. Flower is fairly straight forward to regulate, but edibles and other products have to have packaging rules, dosage rules, and other rules in place before sales can begin of those products.

Where do Oregon TWB readers plan on making their own purchases? As I stated in a previous article, I plan on driving up to Portland after work and visiting Panacea on NE Sandy Blvd in Portland for my first purchase. You can read that article at this link to see why. I urge everyone else to go out and support Panacea too, as they are some of the nicest, most compassionate people I have ever met. Do you have any other plans? Do you plan on going to any of the number of recreational sales launch parties? If so, where and why?

What an exciting time to be an Oregonian!

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  1. How does New Law affect Workplace Drug Screening ?As a Former Resident of Oregon, I saw first hand the Hypocracy of Pre-Employment and ” Random Drug Tests” In a State that was decimated by CRACK. Which only stays in the Body 24 – 36 hours. While Marijuana, can Last for Months. Once you fail a “Drug Test” for Weed,You have a permanent Stigma attached to your Work Record. — “Category 1 Narcotic”. What a Hideous Joke!

  2. Good food, Live music & Comedy on saturday at The World Famous Cannabis Cafe! Open to everyone 21 and over! usaworldfamouscannabiscafe.com

  3. I have been looking for any events being planned for October 1st. So far, the only one I’ve come up with is at a dispensary called Cannacea. So you know that will be a zoo. I have noticed though, that some dispensaries appear to be beefing up their menu items for the big day, which is great. I admit I was expecting a bit more hoopla from the dispensaries – events welcoming recreational users, big sales, something. To me, October 1st is as big or bigger than July 1, but apparently dispensaries don’t feel the same way. I’ve put together a spreadsheet of the dispensaries I intend to visit on October 1st, complete with menus, so I know what is available and the pot I am interested in. I have to review it daily, because menus are changing frequently.

  4. I don’t think there are any parties in my area and I know there’s no public transportation in my area. I think I will party over the weekend if the opportunity presents itself. I have waited so long I won’t notice a few more days. Thing is, if I leave the house to party, the Beagle has to stay behind in her kennel telling the neighbors what a cad I am…so best wait until lines shorten.

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