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Recreational Marijuana Sales Increase In Washington


washington state marijuana regulationsRecreational marijuana sales have been legal in Washington State for more than two months now. The roll out of legal recreational marijuana sales in Washington has been racked with delays and hurtles. There are still not nearly enough stores open or supply to meet demand. With that being said, things are improving in Washington, albeit slowly. Per Seattle PI:

Retail sales of state-licensed weed in Washington topped $12 million by Sept. 8 … and sales keep climbing. The improvement of sales in recreational marijuana here mirrors the steep growth in sales in Colorado, where the recreational market out-sold medical for the first time in July (the latest numbers from that state).

In Washington, there are now 55 fully licensed retail outlets with another five approved and waiting on final licensing payments, said Mikhail Carpenter, a spokesman for the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Imagine once things are in full swing in Washington. After all, Seattle only has one licensed retail store open right now. When all the stores are finally open, and gardens are pumping out supply at full force, it will be very interesting to see how much marijuana is sold, and how much revenue is generated for the state. Oregon, just south of Washington State, will hopefully legalize marijuana in November. I’m curious to see how that affects things in Washington. Will people stay in Washington and continue to deal with the sticker shock? Or will they move to Oregon, where, if the initiative passes, they will be able to buy ounces for $140 and/or grow up to four plants. Washington does not allow home cultivation under current law.


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  1. naw, there are 55 companies who have been told by the state that they may operate , but most of those are being blocked by local cities and counties that have out right banned them , placed a hold on them or have made up a bunch of rules designed to ensure they will struggle long term.
    Now add to that the lack of growers who have gotten past the hurdles and you have almost no stores and most of those that managed to open lack a good supply.
    Other states should take note that WA state gov was greedy and refused to share any taxes with counties or cities thus ensuring many decided to ban weed at every level they legally can.

  2. How’s that a boost for the economy. Remember this is taxable money not black market. Everyone bennifits in the long run

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