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Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Campaign Releases New Ad


“It’s Time” – YES on Amendment 64 Ad

By Mason Tvert, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

I just wanted to give you a sneak preview of our campaign’s latest television ad, which will hit the airwaves Tuesday. We are releasing this political-themed ad to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, and it will air on CNN and MSNBC across Colorado from Tuesday through Thursday.

Watch “It’s Time,” below and then use the tools on the page to share it with others.

The goal of this ad is to encourage thoughtful viewers to contemplate the differing ways in which we as a nation treat marijuana and alcohol consumers. Toward this end, it highlights the false pretenses under which the war on marijuana was established. We want voters asking themselves why it is okay for our nation’s political leaders to publicly use alcohol as a way to connect with voters, but it is a crime for adults to use marijuana – an objectively less harmful substance – in the privacy of their homes. As the ad says: “It’s time for a more sensible approach. It’s time to regulate marijuana.”

Please share this ad widely – especially with any Colorado voters you know who might still be on the fence about Amendment 64.

Thank you for helping us get our message out, and again for being a part of this historic campaign.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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  1. Johnny Bloomington on

    Watch it again. It didn’t say anything about ending beer summits. Quite the opposite. I like it cuz it shows how nonchalant our government is towards beer but weed is a different story.

  2. Rosto… I’m a Conservative… I’m in my 60’s… and I remember Dick Nixon starting this FAILED war on drugs. I was against it when it started…. I’m still against it… and I think you’d be surprised to learn how many conservatives like myself there are. True… I’m not an Ultra-Right Wing Conservative like Pat Robertson… but even HE has spoken out against our countrys drug laws. Imagine that… The leader of “The 700 Club” speaking out to his National Congregation, against our countrys laws prohibiting the use of Marijuana.

  3. Tony, I’m not sure what you are driving at here? Are you suggesting that because I watch Fox News I’m against the legalization of Marijuana? Are you suggesting that members of one particular political party are against the legalization of Marijuana, and members of another are “Pro-legalization”? President Obama is a Democrat is he not? And in his auto-biography he writes about smoking and selling Marijuana in High school and college (Oh… let’s not forget Cocaine)…. yet he is not only against the legalization of Marijuana, but has directed the justice department to crack down on legal Medical Marijuana dispensaries and growers. In Fact, his administration has raided more legal dispensaries and growers than the Bush administration did. Which choir is it that needs preaching to?

  4. Overall, good job and great to see commercials! However, I like their other commercials better: They should not have used a reference to Nixon, because this could alienate some Conservatives who would otherwise vote ‘Yes.’ (I don’t think the use of Obama alienates Dems however). The message seemed slightly disconnected too: I’m not sure what “ending beer summits” or “behaving on campaign trails” had to do with using marijuana in the comfort of your own home. I understand the message is “regulate marijuana like alcohol,” but the words used could have been more on point. Just some constructive criticism and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK A64!

  5. I don’t like the ad — it’s the voice perhaps; or maybe the lack of facts — hard to see this ad being very effective.

  6. One day marijuana will be legilized every where! The thing that gets me any way is… there is no such thing as illegal or legal. There is no such thing as the government, police, prisons etc. It’s all just a fucking game and they have brainwashed the entire world thinking we have to follow their rules. Why should we love our prime minister/queen/king/president what ever? They are just people playing a game thinking they are some one and brain washing every one to follow.


  7. On Toke of the Town web site, they have not run this story and are running stories against 502 legalization bill. I think it is becoming clear where Steve Elliott stands on legalization.

  8. Sweet Anxiety Meet 4Twenty on

    This is what i am talking about!!! We need to educate the public about the difference of meidcal marijuana and alcohol… Marijuana when compaired to alcohol is a shining star!!!! Anyways, please stand up with me and create awareness of positive sides to medical marijuana. Please check out my blog!

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