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Release Five Elderly Marijuana Prisoners From Federal Prison


white house petition federal prisoners elderly marijuanaNo One Should Go To Jail For Marijuana Offenses

There have been a lot of petitions going around lately, and I couldn’t be happier. Even if the White House chooses to ignore these marijuana petitions, we need to keep shoving them down their throats to keep awareness up, and the pressure on. Below is language for a very important petition that I encourage everyone to sign:

A petition for clemency and commutation of life-without-parole sentences on behalf of John Knock, Paul Free, William Dekle, Larry Duke and Charles Cundiff. Each are serving life sentences without possibility of parole for their common crime: selling marijuana. These crimes in common and the criminal histories of these men involve absolutely no allegations of violence. Petitioners are well into their sixties, the age of normal retirement. Each has served at least 15 years in prison, exclusively for selling marijuana. Indeed, the average length of incarceration each of the five Petitioners has endured is 19 years. Without Presidential Clemency, each will die in prison.

Sign the petition here. Please see full petition request at:



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  1. Thanks WB, another great piece! Im 51 and I never heard of these people!

    The horrors of federal marijuana prohibition are lifetimes more dangerous than cannabis is to people.!

    How many people need to die to change something? good question for the US gov and the “FAILED DRUG WAR”
    HEY OBAMA “release all cannabis prisoners!” save your face and your ass at the same time.
    Think of it like “40 acres and a mule!
    do it for the choom gang!

  2. Lets try to free all races no just the whites for this is a world wide problem an in the US we have 8 out of 10 are Hispanic or Black so were does that leave us? The truth is that we have more of our people in the jail due to discrimination an what do you think their family’s an especial their children. The want to have a hug from their children.

    Pass on the message let our people free!

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