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Release People Behind Bars For Nonviolent Marijuana Offenses In Oregon


jail prison daniel chong deaOregon voters passed a marijuana legalization initiative on Election Day 2014. It was the largest margin of victory ever for a statewide marijuana legalization vote. While it’s great that marijuana legalization will become a reality in Oregon in July, it still doesn’t address the issue of people being locked up for non-violent marijuana offenses. I received a message from the Bus Project yesterday, which involved a petition calling for the release of marijuana prohibition prisoners in Oregon. Below is the e-mail, and I encourage all Oregon readers to sign the petition:

This is outrageous. At least some of the 200 people behind bars for nonviolent marijuana offenses should be let out. And nobody should be burdened with criminal records and fines because of obsolete marijuana offenses. But the two bills that would start the process to change this — Senate Bill 364 and House Bill 3372 — don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Sign this petition.

  2. Forward this email and ask your friends to do the same.

  3. Share the petition — http://busproject.org/freshstartoregon/ — on social media with the hashtag #FreshStartOregon.

Lawmakers have made it clear they’re not going to make this issue a priority unless we can show them these changes have major support. Our petition has gotten 1,331 signatures so far, which is a great start, but we need your help to get many more.


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  1. Bongstar420 on

    Thats because it doesn’t take much for a professional horticulturalist to produce the flowers.

    So when someone shows up to the hospital in “pain”, they are supposed to let the patient control how much Morphine is administered for that “pain?” Patients have unlimited “medical necessity.”

    The child you are showcasing represents less than <5% of the entire "medical" population. There is no way this person wouldn't be supplied absent prohibition, and in the case of prohibition, it really only takes being competent and keeping your mouth shut to supply medical necessity.

    Yes…I have a felony for having had sold OMMP produce to recover my compensation for labor and expertise- I refused to carry a growers/caregivers card just to be legally protected from prosecution for profiting and earning a salary (theres no way to get busted with a growers card and a couple zips no matter how much you sell of it unless someone rats you out). No, I don't sell on the black market now because HB 3460 allows for compensation and profits. My last 3 sales were 'ACDC' at 20% CBD 1% THC 1% CBC, 'Cannatonic' 11% THC 13% CBD 1.3% CBC, 'Cannatonic' BHO 38% THC 48% CBD. We sold it for much less than we would get on the black market (of course who's gonna buy this stuff anyways?), it had been moved and tested in chain of custody, and it will be taxed in the event that salaries or profits are paid.

    I do have a B.S. Degree in Horticulture if that is what you are referring to.

  2. No..the 11 year old spoke THE TRUTH.
    SSomething that would seem out of character for a schlongsucker like you who CLAIMS to sell weed “out of the goodness of heart”….for 12–16k per annum… then I see your a doctor as well…”BTW..I have found 1 patient with a actual serious medical condition out of dozens..I give him 2-3oz per month of fire for free.”
    But with all that growing and doctoring, he STILL has time to troll the weed blog….amazing.
    Remember, people, next time this guy posts a comment bashing the OMMP or the black market…he just claimed to be working as PART of this medical program he disdains, and DEFINITELY admitted to being part of the “black market” he wants to attack.
    What else would one expect from a rainy-day 12–stepper?
    So which is it, BS? Addict or alcoholic? (Your initials of BS certainly suit you)

  3. Shit not in Louisiana I got caught wit 2 grams went to jail had to get bonded out had a 800 dollar fine an 1 year or supervised prohibition no medicine for a whole year had to drink an do pain pills to take the pain away

  4. Bongstar420 on

    LOL…so the 11 year old you spoke of chose to risk their welfare making other people happy?

    BTW..I have found 1 patient with a actual serious medical condition out of dozens..I give him 2-3oz per month of fire for free.

    My income has been $12-16k per annum while I served OMMP patients. I frequently cut deals with OMMP people which left me with less than 50% of the harvest value and I always sold the cheapest on the market for the quality..go fly a kite.

    I plead no contest because OMMP strictly says you cannot earn a living or distribute outside of OMMP- both offenses I was guilty of.

    So basically, I am the bad guy because I didn’t get rich lying about producing “medical marijuana,” I actually helped a lot of people as consequence of my not taking much price from my own product, and I owned up to my charges for getting caught earning less than minimum wage growing marijuana?

    By “hoop jumping,” I meant going to rehab as a result of a court order after having been convicted of delivery of marijuana that I plead guilt to because I did sell ounces and dubs every few days or so.

    Yep…I’m the bad guy and your motives are pure.

  5. yup. it means youre a spineless douche who is willing to say what they want to hear to save your own ass. i just read about an 11-year old this week, one with MUCH more courage than your comment shows you have.
    the ones in jail are the ones with the courage to NOT jump through their hoops OR parrot their lies.
    (was name-dropping one of the hoops, there, dongtar?)

  6. Bongstar420 on

    I was convicted of delivery of +1oz felony…just a night in the drunk tank and a bunch of hoop jumping including steep fines and rehab.

    You gotta be more than a small time pot dealer to actually be in jail for the stuff…think about what that means.

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