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Reminder: $20 For Seven Grams Of Marijuana At Participating Oregon Dispensaries On ‘Green Friday’

green friday

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A little less than a week ago I posted an article talking about ‘Green Friday’ in Oregon. It’s a straightforward event – participating dispensaries in Oregon will be selling seven grams of pre-packaged, top shelf sungrown marijuana for just $20. There’s obviously not an endless supply, so get the deal while you can. Below are FAQ’s about the Green Friday effort, via the event’s website:

Q: What’s a “Green Friday”?

A: It’s like the “Black Friday” sales, but for cannabis. On Friday Nov. 27th, about 25 dispensaries around the state are going to be selling quarter ounces from Southern Oregon for $20. Each quarter will be packaged in a glass jar, and comes with a directory of all the participating farmers. As with all cannabis sold in Oregon, it will be lab tested for potency, and screened for pesticides, molds, etc. Thanks to our always awesome lab partner, OG Analytical.

Q: Wait, $20 for a Quarter ounce? I’ll take 3 pounds, please.

A: Sorry, as with all Adult Use cannabis purchases in Oregon, you will need to be 21 and over with ID, and you are limited to a quarter ounce purchase per day. OMMP cardholders are limited to one quarter of Green Friday flower, but can purchase additional products from the Dispensary.

Q: Is this schwag? I don’t smoke schwag, man.

A: I hear you, and no, it’s a curated collection of Southern Oregon eco­friendly cannabis. We’ve partnered up with 50 farms, and they are sending up a wide variety of strains and types of flower. Sun grown cannabis is fantastic, and we wanted to showcase it with this year’s kick off of Green Friday.

Q: Do I buy a ticket? Make a reservation?

A: The participating dispensaries have been allocated 2 pounds each, which equals 128 quarters per dispensary. When they sell out, that’s it. Find a dispensary near you, (we’ve listed them here) and arrive early. But not too early. Sleeping overnight on Thanksgiving night, on the sidewalk, to obtain a deeply discounted quarter isn’t the best call, on several levels. And to avoid Black Friday­style bad manners, be cool. No cuts, pushing, etc. You know how to behave, so behave.

Q: I still have questions.

A: Excellent, Seeker of Knowledge! Send them to Josh here at info@greenfridaypdx.com

Below are the participating dispensaries as of this post:



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  1. You must have addiction problems and a lack of ability to produce your own…otherwise, why are you so concerned with the price?

    I know I am only concerned about it to the extent that I can profit since I can self supply on one plant as a heavy user.

    And unless you understand what you are doing, your money will end up in the same place anyways. All cannabis marketed grow stuff is over priced and pushed by the same growers you dog on (which I don’t like either, but C’est la vie). Are you growing your pot with your own hand turned compost and never buying nutritionist beyond basic miracle grow?

    There is not a single cannabis product at the hydroshop that I cannot replicate for at least 10x lower price than they sell for. These people are making more money selling nutes than I make selling top shelf flower.

  2. You are posting multiples of the same asinine comments. Keep it down to 1 post per comment.

    But yes, the cannabis industry has image control problems. My posts frequently get deleted or the page I posted on is reposted with a different link instead of the author giving a reasonable response as to the error of my opinions.

  3. If you want pot that cheap, you can get a license and sell it.

    You do that, and I will future contract all the $1600/lbs you want. I am willing to go lower to the extent that I control the shelf price. I won’t go lower now because dispensaries never lower the shelf price with my wholesale price. They always sell it at almost the highest price tier. I just sold some ‘Gorilla Glue #4’ @ 29%THC with very good flavor and a very smooth finish for $1100/lb to be nice to a new client. They still sold it for $12/g or should we say for $3500-$5300/lb. This guy can’t match me grow for grow either. If I sell it for $1100/lb, the least ethically offensive mark up would be $2200/lb, and that is pushing it. Retailers are just not worth it. If they think they are worth it, they need to get jobs that require more skills than being retailers. I am not a retailer nor do I wish to waste my time doing retail work because my skills are worth more than that job is. If I am a good grower, how is my time better spent doing other things than growing?

  4. If you paid $80/oz in 1966, thats like paying $580/oz for low grade product now.


    This is something that is irritating about people hearkening back to the “good ol days”

    Pot wasn’t cheaper or better in the past. If anything, it was more expensive and of lower quality and growers back then actually got more respect and profit than todays best growers.

  5. If you pay me, I will compile the spread sheet. Since I a a grower with a degree in horticulture and a decade of pot growing, this kind of thing is something they would have me do in class.

    Otherwise, you have to take my word for it when I say $40-80/oz is the cost of production for top shelf outs.

    Mid and lower grade outs can be done for $20-40/oz

    The lowest quality stuff can be done for something like $20-60/lb (assuming spray and mold standards). It gets cheaper if you allow spray and mold in the product.

    These prices are based on not raising standards for product or labor in the industry. Basically, you have to get everyone to work for near standard agricultural rates which God knows why anyone would work producing pot (a very high value product) for the same price as corn. Its as if people have no self respect or concept of objective value.

  6. saynotohypocrisy on

    It would be fascinating to read a rough breakdown of the total cost of outdoor growing into the various expenses involved.

  7. How about some reports about the product? I didn’t try the stuff though I’m by a vendor on that list.

    These are at cost or slightly below for many outdoor producers.

  8. The new Oregon cartel used some of the biggest abusers of the medical marijuana program to help write the new regulation and taxation laws … Now if that isn’t a cartel move ……

  9. Wow! That’s what we use to pay for an oz. back in 66. OR sounds like a nice place to “grow” up.

  10. Closet Warrior on

    I feel ya Dev O, I live in West Virginia and we’ve voted down mmj 5 yrs in a row and we are in desperate need as well. Although it’s not hard to find here, it is grossly overpriced for quality.

  11. I’d be happier today if I could FIND a Qtr (for a $100). I just need my meds and cannot find any. Illinois sucks in this regard. Waiting for my card for medical, but don’t know how long that may be. NEED it now!!! I’m not soliciting…just sayin”

  12. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Cannabis is so easy to grow! Grow your own to disempower market meddlers!!!

    The products advertised in this posting are still way overpriced. Prohibition style pricing had skewed what people think herbal cannabis is worth. Every taxpayer in the United States has been robbed and people sitting in jail are propping up prices. If you advocate for high herbal cannabis prices you ought to take a turn in jail yourself. White collar crime creates a lot more hunger than people acknowledge.

    I would not trust an organic label on a product from the type of people who ban hemp. Or do they not even claim it is organic? Are these cartels the ones who put the pathetic 4 plant limit in place too?

    Growing ones own is the best way to disimpower those who would put gas wasting self growing limits in place.

    Will they be giving away some hempseed protein powder or some other hemp food products with their “sale priced” still expensive product? Or do they not care about the fact that people need to eat and that hemp is a particularly healthy food?

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