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Remove Cop Who Said Cannabis Activists Are Stupid Welfare-Sucking Potheads Who Probably Can’t Read


kevin glaser missouri marijuana show me cannabisBy John Payne

The following is an open letter to Vice President of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association Kevin Glaser. It was published on our blog on Tuesday and circulated to the media. As of this writing, it has been covered by the Riverfront Times in Saint Louis and in a front page story in the Southeast Missourian in Cape Girardeau on Thursday. So far, Glaser has not responded to me, despite the fact that I emailed him personally.

Sgt. Glaser,

I was pleased that you attended Show-Me Cannabis’ town hall meeting in Cape Girardeau last Monday, October 21. Believe it or not, we really are attempting to create a rational dialogue between the most ardent cannabis law reformers and prohibitionists and everyone in between. Despite our deep and passionate disagreements about how the law should treat those who use cannabis, I thought the discussion at the meeting remained civil and in good faith.

That is why I was deeply disappointed when I saw this on your public Facebook page on Wednesday:

kevin glaser marijuana comments missouri officer

First, I believe it is completely inappropriate for a man who has supposedly dedicated his life to public service to treat a broad swath of the public with such disdain. Just a few days after the meeting in Cape Girardeau, Gallup reported that 58 percent of the American public believes that cannabis should be legalized for adult use. Do you really mean to imply that 58 percent of the country has never visited a library, lives off welfare, and should be discouraged from voting?

Such comments are thoroughly unprofessional and unbecoming of a government employee, and I believe you owe the people who attended the meeting and Missouri taxpayers generally an apology.

Moreover, I worry what the sentiment expressed in your post says about your motivations for enforcing the laws prohibiting cannabis. You seem to be motivated primarily by sheer personal animus against a group of people whom you obviously find distasteful. As a private citizen, you are of course free to dislike or even hate anyone you so choose, but as a public servant, you are supposed to be held to a higher standard — one that treats all citizens as equals before the law. Given your stated feelings towards those who advocate reforming our cannabis laws, I question your ability to enforce the law equitably and to respect these reformers’ Constitutional right to freedom of speech.

This post also raises questions about the sincerity of your statements at the meeting. I distinctly remember you saying that some of the laws are too heavy-handed, that there is a distinction between marijuana and industrial hemp, and agreeing with me that our laws have been ineffective at stopping people from using cannabis. For my part, I agree with you that any sensible cannabis policy needs to keep cannabis away from kids and keep impaired drivers off the road — I simply don’t think a legal prohibition on responsible, adult use accomplishes either of those goals. I do not expect to fully convince you of my position, and I’m sure you feel the same about me, but I thought we had found some points of mutual agreement that could form the basis of a meaningful dialogue. It now appears to me that you are more interested in disparaging your opponents than taking part in a rational discussion.

Finally, I believe you are correct that the overwhelming majority of the participants at the meeting have made up their minds about this issue. I would have preferred it if more undecided voters had attended, as they are the group Show-Me Cannabis most wants to reach. Regardless, your criticism cuts both ways: Your mind appears to be just as closed — if not more so — to pro-reform arguments than the reformers’ minds are to your arguments.

For instance, right off the bat, you boldly asserted that no country in the world has legalized marijuana. Many in the crowd said you were wrong, but you persisted until I stated that, as a simple point of fact, Uruguay had just launched a program legalizing and regulating the cannabis market in the country. Legalization in Uruguay has been a major topic in cannabis policy circles for the past year, and the fact that you were unaware of it strongly suggests to me that you do not know the facts on this subject as well as you think you do.

I fully believe that the more people know about this issue, the more they will be convinced that a system of legalization and regulation is a superior policy for dealing with cannabis than prohibition. I presume that you believe the inverse. If that’s the case, then let us both put our convictions to the test in an open public debate.

Show-Me Cannabis just booked the Tinnin Center at Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff for a town hall meeting on December 12 at 6:30 p.m., and, if you are agreeable, we can hold the debate there. However, I am open to your suggestions regarding date and venue. You can contact me at john@show-mecannabis.com, and I look forward to your response.

Let Glaser and the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association know that Glaser’s libelous comments will not be tolerated by signing our petition demanding that he either apologize or step down as Vice President of the organization and then share it with others! Help spread the message of reform to the most conservative parts of the state, by making an online contribution now!


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  1. I applaud you for your message and what you are trying to do. It seems like his views of hate and intolerance seem to be crumbling worldwide, and if he had listened at all or bothered to get facts on MMJ and not factless stereotypes he’s held his whole life then maybe he could in turn help his fellow officer’s expend there time, effort, and the states resources on crimes and real problems! Eitherway keep up the good fight! The people of Colorado support your goals and wish to see an end to all states senseless prohibition!

  2. The most important sentence in Officer Glaser’s letter was, “It scared the hell out of me that these people actually go to the polls and vote.” Officer, it should scare you. After all the rhetoric, name-calling, lies and half-truths, the bottom line is still: we the people control who is elected, and who stays in office.

  3. We should try to educate him with the truth, and we should do it with kindness, not fighting back. That’s the only way we will get the message across. Let them be the ones who are rude and arrogant.

  4. Robert Dewayne King on

    Are there any moderators for this site , If so will you please KICK THESE SCAMMING , SPAMMING POSSIBLY UNDERCOVER COPS OUT !!!!

  5. Scott Sherwood on

    J you know better, this is the first time I’ve seen Kosher oil…lmfao. This is one of those send me your money and I’ll rip you off deals. Like that other clown who advertises weed all over this paper in the comments. I think he is on his 3rd email account

  6. What is Indian and Black oil? Are they draining body oil from people of color? And I’m guessing that the Kosher oil has been blessed by rabbis. If science can drain the oil from B.S., well, that would be something. :)

  7. Scott Sherwood on

    Unfortunately brothers and sisters 70 years of anti pot rhetoric can’t be overcome in a few years. Granted things are going our way and that is indisputable. 2 states fully legal, 20 more have Medical MJ, Ballot initiatives in CA and OR for full legalization. Internationally the legalization movement has been going gangbusters. In another 5 years people who think this way about cannabis will have gone the way of the Dodo bird.

    However, for people of his ilk, the failed War on Drugs is just that, a war. The reality is that once weed becomes legal nationwide forfeiture of properties for marijuana cultivation will end. This goes directly to the bottom line of small town police forces wherein they get to keep 80% of the property they seize. The militarization of our local police is a huge danger to us citizens. In my county alone they were able to wrangle a grant to purchase 4 Humvee, 2 with 50 cal. machine gun turrets. Tell me why would a mountain area with less than 100,000 in the entire county need machine guns on military vehicles? I have no answer to this dilemma. Yes it is a dilemma, When the war on pot is over the police will have to focus on real crime. Once that happens they will have to find ways to acquire that income they will lose via forfeiture.

  8. Even if you changed his mind about cannabis. He’d still be an ignorant hillbilly who thinks the elderly and handicapped are lazy and can’t read. Obviously that’s what he thinks of people on welfare. And that is exactly who is on welfare. The elderly and handicapped. You can’t fix that level of right wing nazi ignorance.

  9. I’m not sure what a “proxy” IQ test is, but interesting post. I think you would be surprised at the use (abuse) of analytics to determine employee eligibility. This happens everywhere, not just in government. Instead of looking at people individually, hiring managers count on tests, statistics, and numbers to choose employees. But a high IQ does not an intelligent person make. IQ is just a number from a test that was created long ago for other (nefarious?) purposes. You know there are other ways to measure intelligence, don’t you?

  10. Right again, Kathy. The oil is natures’ anti-inflammatory. Decrease the inflammation, the pain will decrease with it.

  11. You’re right about the oil, Kathy. Far superior liver-killing, constipation-causing narcotics. Just had another patient take some of my RSO for her stage IV cancer. It was just supposed to help with the pain, right? Three weeks later her oncologist told her she was cancer free.
    And for the record, I’m a highly addictive personality. I use cannabis daily to keep my cancer away. I never wanted to try harder drugs. There goes the “gateway” hypothesis (I say hypothesis as it doesn’t even qualify as a theory).
    About 1/2 of all my patients are higher educated and more intelligent than I am. There goes the uneducated, ignorant idea.

  12. Please provide link. I didn’t think that you had to take an IQ test to be a police officer, but I could be wrong.

  13. How can you say only people who do man made drugs are criminals? Does it seem fair or like a good way to treat addiction to any drug or thing as a crime? To treat illness with punishment? Furthermore cannabis is man made just as wheat is, way before Monsanto or lab based genetic modifications, humans have been selectively breeding plants for our use for thousands of years making them completely separate from the organisms they had once been, and yes that is genetic modification and is essentially no different than what we do in labs today.

    Modern wheat was made through the breeding of wild wheats and quackgrass to produce fast growing, high yielding, disease resistant strains which is what essential began wheat farming as far back as 8000 BC. I get that you would consider this process to be within the confines of ‘nature’ though I submit that we are from nature and the most poisonous things ever known to man are from nature (Alpha Radiation,Rabies, Cyanide, Ricin, Strychnine, Anthrax, ect.) so that argument holds absolutely no credibility and it is inaccurate. It doesn’t matter what is ‘natural’ and what isn’t, that won’t determine the safety of anything and is a complete misnomer.

    I kind of got on a rant but my only purpose was to express that I don’t think anyone should be punished in any way whatsoever for any drug use, they should instead be helped and treated as Portugal has done. No one is ever going to get better if you make their life even shittier.

  14. I like how he waits until after the meeting to go home lock his doors and slag you off on facebook. He needs to chill……smoke a joint and put bob on Kev, life will seem much nicer then. ass hole

  15. I would welcome a debate between Glazer(or someone from his organization) and a spokesperson from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

  16. Actually not too long ago there was a media story about applicants being turned down for Police jobs because they scored too high on the aptitude tests(IQ test).

  17. If Officer Glaser wants to “destroy the Mexican drug cartels” he should find a job where his work doesn’t involve acting as part of their price support mechanism.

    After 40+ years of the present policy, to keep repeating Officer Glaser’s high-paid failure amounts to insanity. The surest way to destroy illegal cartels is to legalize marijuana, much as that idea makes his head spin.

  18. Ah, but you missed the way in. Right there in your post. You said the officer is feeling unnerved. Which could explain his behavior (in part). Fear makes people act crazy sometimes. Who knows, maybe he has an addict in his family (and not just Fox on the screen). I’m sorry, but the man is human, isn’t he? (Please don’t say he’s from Mars because I think I might be afraid of aliens.)

  19. Now wait a minute, there are police officers (granted, ex-officers) and also veterans who don’t think like that. I’m thinking the only way to go here is to make some brownies for the nice officers. They won’t know they like it until they try it. :-)

  20. Optimistic, but unlikely. It’s hard to imagine Officer Glaser going into his office and announcing to his fellow (ex-Marines?) officers that he has decided that marijuana isn’t so bad after all. Logic, science and common sense are not part of their worldview. It’s all about “Drugs are bad. Marijuana is a drug. Therefore…” Sadly, the only thing that might change his mind is an illness that can be treated with cannabis.

  21. People like Officer Glaser, who not only are content with the status quo of cannabis prohibition, but are also gleefully enthusiastic about its enforcement against “the wrong kinda people” are going to fight efforts to end prohibition kicking and screaming. Officer Glaser is waging that fight by trying to play up the false Fox News stereotype of the drug-addict welfare queen. It unnerves him that 58% of the whole country wants to put an end to his easy days harassing peaceful cannabis advocates.

    So I suppose I *am* saying there’s no hope for this police officer. He didn’t go to that town hall meeting to learn anything at all. He went there with his mind made up because the status quo is what he finds most attractive. Interventions are for people who are willing to talk — cops aren’t celebrated for that quality. This cop, least of all.

  22. I figured, I mean who else knows the name Nadia? She was great. But the recent American winners have been the best ever. :)

  23. So you’re saying there is no hope for this police officer? No hope that he could see the light? Instead of pushing ignorant people aside who don’t agree with us, can’t we… I dunno… do something different? An intervention?

  24. Where did you get your manners, huh? I’m not a fan of the police, but I don’t think it’s okay when a cop accuses a cannabis lover of being intellectually-challenged, so it’s not okay for the reverse to be true. That is, if you really are a cannabis lover.

  25. Nadia was my hero when I was young. I used to have posters of her all over my bedroom walls, along with Olga Korbet, if you remember that name. Now I don’t just feel old, I feel ancient…


  27. not true. i didn’t say i was sedated, i said the pain has gone away. i am still cognizant of my knee and i know it isn’t healed as in surgery, but it is pretty darn close. i do watch out for it, however. i am not ‘nadia comaneci’n’ it, if you know what i mean.

  28. not being able to read is called dyslexia something that you cant take classes for and cant just be medicated and go away, some people need that crutch to make it throw the day, maybe if he wasn’t a cop people would actually talk to him and he would see that he doesn’t no half the stuff he thinks he knows like how to work on cars, how to do wiring, concrete, pluming, history, math, or science……… and the people who r real criminals r people doing drugs that r man made……… cops don’t go around arresting people for doing natural things like eating, sleeping, and breathing…. whats the difference with smoking a flower “the high” ? you would feel a lot different if u didn’t eat or sleep so as far as i see it, its the same thing.

  29. CitizenProgressive on

    This guy shouldn’t be asked to step down. He should be thrown out on his ass. Prejudice has no place in authority and it’s obvious this guy is about as prejudiced as they come. In his post he didn’t speak to any of the issues but only ranted about how the cannabis community isn’t worthy of being heard, much less respected as citizens taking civic responsibility seriously. Such behavior shouldn’t be tolerated from a public SERVANT.

  30. That’s hilarious. Having a cop — a cop in Missouri, no less (I have family in St Louis) — say boo about the education and class of cannabis law reform advocates is quite amusing.

    First of all, tax dollars go more places than just welfare — like Officer Glaser’s paycheck. People who need government assistance to make endsmeet don’t frustrate me nearly as much as people who want government money to push around “stoners” instead of real criminals.

    I’m guessing Officer Glaser’s dream in life wasn’t filling speeding ticket quotas. Odds are, seeing as how he became a cop, either his dream didn’t involve many books, or he wasn’t too diligent about reading them. Takes a lot of audacity for this cop to crack jokes about seeing the inside of a library.

    Besides — it’s 2013. Most folks with an IQ above 100 know how to find books and articles on the internet. Yes, Officer Glaser, the internet is for more than just porn. Officer Glaser must think those tablets he has seen around are just props from a Star Trek convention.

    Anecdotally, the people I’ve known who use cannabis surreptitiously are far more intelligent, responsible, successful, and happy than your average beer drinker — or your average cop.

  31. I can see a clear picture of the scene in my head. And it’s funny. :)
    (Except, of course, you shouldn’t drive baked. I felt like I had to say that.)

  32. As a pain patient, I am a much safer and patient driver when I have had my medicine. Otherwise, watch out, I may shoot you the bird and yell obscenities out my window (which is rolled all the way down to enjoy the beautiful New Mexico fall breeze).

  33. Ah, but Miss Kathy, if you don’t notice the pain, there is a risk of re-injury. Your knee says, hey Kathy, watch out, I’m not as healthy as I used to be. :)

  34. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I smoked weed and drove, I always thought the wheels were falling off the car when I was stoned so I drove below the speed limit on residential roads and always the exact limit on the highway in the “slow lane”. Actually had a cop stop me in a speed trap on a really curvy road after a rain and thank me for driving 15 miles under the limit with my four ways on….I was baked out of my gourd and scared to drive any faster. I was shitting my pants trying to stay cool through the whole conversation. At about 23 I grew up and stopped driving baked.

  35. excellent! if you can, take cannabis oil vs smoking (not sure how you take it). you will have a more profound relief from pain that way. i have a bad knee and i no longer realize i have a bad knee. the pain is gone. a miracle is putting it lightly.

  36. yes, you are correct in that statement. i guess one could venture the statement, “you drive even more safely ‘high’ than when you are ‘straight'”.

  37. 60 year old long time cannabis consumer,. In my youth I did it for the high and now I use it for the pain.I took a 27 year hiatus from cannabis due to required drug testing. By the way I am a college educated military and private sector retiree. Cannabis is much better in my opinion than alcohol.

  38. maryjanecannabian on

    Great letter! But please don’t give this ignorant cop fuel for his fire – the very beginning of this post has quite the obvious typo: Vice “Preisdent”. Sorry, can’t help myself, said with love. <3

  39. Samuel David Shaw on

    Well Mr Cop if you where concerned about the drug problems then you would be out trying to find drunks on the road killing people everyday. Mr cop show me an accident where pot was used to cause injury; YOU cant because all you have been taught in law enforcement is to combat it and that is all you know. I too have served this country been in two combat zones, don’t collect welfare and come from a family of who my father is a retired federal marshal. Open your mind a little before you open your mouth next time. Being a law enforcement officer is not easy you see so many things. Worry about the crackheads, methheads and all the prescription drugs that are killing our children not someone smoking pot. Read, Read, and Read and you will understand that top educated people smoke pot along with many cancer patients, PTSD patients among thousands of more uses that this wonderful plant can do. But better yet next time you pour yourself a drink or pop a beer with your buddies remember this is the number 1 killer in america what is left of it. Legalize it, tax it and draw revenue for this country who is in bad need of it right now. God Bless America, God Bless the police who serve and protect and God Bless the veterans of this country.

  40. You don’t need facts to have an opinion. However if you have the facts, you are more likely to have an opinion that doesn’t make you look stupid and uninformed..

  41. I have to disagree with the statement high drivers drive the same way as when they’re straight. I have done it. I found when I was straight I would drive fast and was always in a hurry. When I was high I wasn’t in a hurry. I would look at the signs and then the speedometer and would be doing the speed limit. Whether it was 50, 60, 70 or whatever the speed limit I was doing it. I was more in tune with the car. I could feel the correct speed. On the other hand. Don’t drink and drive.

  42. I bet Glaser went home and got drunk when he posted that facebook message. He’s probably hiding in the bottom of a bottle hoping the whole thing just goes away now. He’ll check into alcohol rehab and some police publicist will make some mealy mouthed statement in Glaser’s absence. The big bad law enforcement officer can’t just stand up and take responsibility for his words. All the guy has to do is stand up admit he was out of line and issue a public apology.

  43. i also want to add: if a child has cancer, one should not ‘keep cannabis away from children’. it will save that child. a cbd strain called charlotte’s webb that gives NO high is given to kids all the time to keep their massive seizures at bay. the only true medicine that can do that without any side effects at all! i would also have contention with ‘impaired drivers’. This is not alcohol folks. When true tests are done on a closed course of people that are ‘high’ vs people that are ‘drunk’, you will see the ‘high’ driver drive the same way they do when ‘straight’. The drunk, however, will definitely hit cones. We need to understand the compounds we are talking about to truly have an intelligent conversation.

  44. Boski Kabzinski on

    This fucking cop is a god damn idiot, if you dont know the facts then you dont have an opinion. Period fucking dumb ass pigs

  45. gee, that’s funny, I am a successful entrepreneur, a
    creative, and yes I read, I have never been on government assistance (not that that is a
    bad thing when it helps a human being to a better place), I educate people every day on the miracle that is cannabis
    and plan on continuing in that vein. This police officer is obviously
    what he thinks everyone else is. Poor, deluded human. There are so
    many deluded humans on this planet…. What scares me (referring to your pathetic letter) is that you are a Sgt on a police force. You are allowed to carry a gun and enforce ‘law’ or what you think is right, I should say. That is scary. You are a relic from the past my friend. Your words are myopic (you can look that up) and you are a petty, simple fool. Best of luck to you and YOUR narrow-minded, uneducated view point. When you get cancer and you find out that cannabinoids via our endocannabinoid receptors can kill cancer without any need for chemo or radiation, then maybe you won’t be so quick to be so stupid and ignorant. When one consumes cannabis oil, one lives a healthy, balanced life of well being. No dis-ease has a chance at attacking any body that has cannabinoids within it. This, dear heart, is SCIENCE. Pick up a book about cannabinoids, research online and then please, for the love of all humanity, shut up.

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