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Remove Marijuana From The DEA’s Schedule Of Drugs


dea marijuana marijuana policy project petitionA petition was created yesterday by the Marijuana Policy Project that has already received over 23k signatures. It calls on the federal government to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. The petition was created after President Obama’s recent interview in which he admitted marijuana is not more harmful than alcohol. Below is the language of the petition. I encourage everyone to sign it. As always, I’ll be the first to say that petitions don’t normally equate to action, but it’s still symbolic, and if it gets enough signatures it will raise a lot of awareness, which is well worth it.

In a profile published by The New Yorker magazine, President Barack Obama acknowledged the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol for the consumer. Yet federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, a category the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers “the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules.” It’s time for that to change.

The Controlled Substances Act gives the executive branch, led by President Obama, the legal authority to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. That authority should be exercised immediately. The president clearly recognizes that marijuana is safer than alcohol — which is not a scheduled drug — so he should do everything he can to ensure our federal laws reflect that fact.

Please sign our petition calling on President Obama to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. Marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol, and it is time for our government to start treating it that way.

President Barack Obama

In a profile recently published by The New Yorker magazine, you acknowledged the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol to the consumer. Yet federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, a category the Drug Enforcement Administration considers “the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules.”

Please exercise the executive branch’s authority to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. You clearly recognize the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol — which is not a scheduled drug — so I hope you will do everything you can to ensure our federal laws reflect that fact.

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  1. In fact, it was the prohibition apparatus, employing tens of thousands in the federal government, suddenly without a target, that was rapidly converted to persecute the newly criminalized cultivation and trafficking of marijuana.

  2. My father told me that when he was living in West Virginia in the 40’s where his aunt and uncle used to make shine out in the boonies there was a gas station that sold look -a- like marlboro 20 cigs to a pack rolled joints and labeled US GOV”T US ARMY. On the front label said satisfying hemp,in which it was not hemp at all. People were chewing it and smoking it. HMMMMM. Not really in a widespread area of West Virginia but a small closed community south of Charleston WV. Small community, sounds like guinea pig testing was done. The goverment says they don’t know enough about it <<<BS And the US Gov't could not keep the shelf full to sell. Sold like hotcakes and then never again did it come back to the gas station. The owner said he was forced to sell the weed. And said to have been paid very well for his endeavors. So it was sold for approximately a year like that. Eventually the store keeper closed the station and the food store and opened a liquor store and was paid to do so. Ba humbug…I'm 60 years old and a non curable very debilatating disease and have found it was healing me until I was to ill and scared to take chance of proccuring any more cannibis.
    I now just sit or lay and nothing else. Type some and can't eat well,nausea ,vomiting and diahreaa chronic. Please free the cannabis for . One thing many people do not mention is that well people should use cannabis also along with the ill. Most people that are in good health that smoke or however it is injested stay healthy all the time. Wonder wonder……….Free the cannabis please, for all.

  3. Would you consider Aretha Franklin jazz? Because it’s always the right time for Aretha. :D

  4. You might not be ready for Coltrane, but you could try some 60’s Miles Davis. Very pretty stuff.

    Satellite radio is another bill, but worth it if you’re in the car all the time, especially in areas where FM doesn’t work.

  5. Ah, jazz… I have tried to appreciate this genre of music, but I’m afraid I need more structure. :)
    I haven’t tried satellite radio yet — sounds like just another monthly bill to me. (Damn you Verizon!)

  6. We are lucky enough to have excellent jazz and classical stations in Colorado, and a couple of very good college stations within range. Just got a car with satellite radio in it – that’s pretty cool too. With satellite, I can always listen to Fox News if I need a laugh.

  7. Great point man. I have been clean of speed for 9 years, after 20 years of everything i could do to self medicate. Judging from what i’ve seen out there, I’m a miracle walking. There is also rampant pill abuse in our communities with people smoking and injecting prescribed meds when drs hand em out like candy.Street trading value is high. I know these people and they slip by CPS because their drug of choice is prescribed. It is an ugly world out there in some places and a weed is not their drug of choice. I have never known more peace and prosperity than after i embraced Mary Jane as my ONLY med of choice without having to have any addictive side effects, or criminal behaviors to get it. Stay sober man great job!

  8. The fact that MJ prohibition has lasted this long disgusts me, Prohibition is the only reason drugs are related to crime and violence, When cannabis is taken of the DEA list the police will be able to use more resources on organized crime, hard drugs, sex trafficking, and gang violence. The DEA and task forces around the country need more resources to combat The problems that Heroin and methamphetamine bring to communities, i have personally seen Heroin and Methamphetamine destroy families of all types of social and economical stature. To any law enforcement reading this, please focus more attention on Heroin distribution and clandestine methamphetamine manufacturing. As a 3 year clean recovering opiate addict i have been very deep into the world of illicit substances and i promise you cannabis is no threat to the safety of our communities.

  9. It killed my mommy I a car wreck 10 day’s before my 2nd Birthday. Then went on to cause liver damage to me.

  10. dont sign it , if it makes on the ballot vote no. its more restrictive than our present status, who are these rookies barging in to california. do any of them smoke pot? i don’t think so, age limits, 6 plant limit more police more criminality association.regulate and control freaks, control our lives. vote no tell your friends. dennis peron

  11. Considering that the War On Drugs is nothing more than modern slavery, it would be nice if our Black President would return a favor and emancipate all of us slaves.

  12. It’s help with the pain, these pain pil all there doing is messing up is your liver. Weed is’nt bad.

  13. It seems like everyone, around the world, has a story of how alcohol negatively affected their family. Peace.

  14. As I back away from my computer screen, in an attempt to escape your liberal use of caps, I thought I might want to mention that you don’t have to shout… And, welcome!

  15. Wish I may
    Wish I might
    Wish you really weren’t here tonight
    When I blink, you will be gone…
    People, it really works!

  16. You completely miss the point. Don’t you remember what happened during the alcohol prohibition? Prohibition of any kind! (excluding prohibition of “non-consensual” violence [boxing/MMA, etc. = consensual]) is nonsensical and simply does not work. You may not agree with alcohol, but banning it would not do us better, but in fact, cause more harm than good.

  17. You must be in the wrong place. I think you were looking for the angry-old-white-folks-who-listen-to-too-much-AM-radio discussion forum.

  18. Legalize it everywhere and illegalize alcohol there will be less deaths on the roads and highways and protect the world from drunk drivers

  19. I feel the same way….Drunks drink….Homo’s have anal sex….why can’t I smoke a stinking joint ? I’m not drunk driving on the road and I’m not filling up the garbage dump with dick wipes

  20. The hardest part of getting cannabis legalized is getting the rest of the ignorant public to do their own research and quit listening to all the made up bullshit. I talk consistently about legalizing cannabis at work, (kind of surprised I don’t have to piss in a cup daily, though I would pass because of course I can’t enjoy a twisted up fatty after work because it is illegal), and it blows my mind how uneducated and scared people are of cannabis. We are not getting the word out there, hopefully the right people start doing that. But, as for now all we can do is hope. Most of the people I work with drink, I myself, cannot stand the effects of alcohol and I don’t understand why it is legal, it is poison, if you drink something and you wake up the next day feeling like shit you have been poisoned that is all there is to it. They cannot wait to get off work so they can drink. Why the fuck can’t I get off work and enjoy a fat bowl or a big twisted up fatty?

  21. Ricky Ableidinger on


  22. Just makr it legal theres been more car accidents with alcohol. That how a family member of mine passed so i dont see how marijuana if it has cured a bunch of children in need of some type of medicine in always came to be THC..

  23. Robert Steven Knight on

    should have never been illegal to begin with but the Dupont family cartel wanted to kill off the competition to nylon!

  24. You’re joking right? Not funny but what he said, “no more harmful than alcohol” isn’t true either. Because it’s WAY WAY safer than alcohol. Too much alcohol too fast and you’re dead. Not remotely possible to with THC.

    The debate regarding this is a joke, The greatest harm that marijuana can cause a person is to get arrested for possessing it. Just having it in your pocket, not even using it, can make it “more harmful”. We are such a screwed up country.

  25. I was sure someone would say that….i too am in the middle of no where for a reason. I love the life of a hermit. follow God’s law Karma is better that way LOL

  26. nope you sure can’t =/ I was caught selling two ounces of weed 20 years ago, and even though I did 2 years in the joint for that (paying my “debt to society”) I still can’t Vote, Carry a Weapon, Serve on a Jury, or Sign a Petition. So I moved out into the woods where i can grow my own weed, kill foods with my rifle, and give much less of a fuck about voting, signing petitions … and laws. I live by the laws of right and wrong .. “Justice” is a scam

  27. Lol being a felon does NOT restrict your right to vote federally..only at the state level and only if your state prevents it.. please read this articlehttp://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/06/13/1215742/-Republicans-prevent-former-felons-being-informed-of-voting-rights

  28. Does my signature count if I’m a felon? Too many of us out here need to and feel that we can’t because our right to vote was taken away for some trumped up BS 10 or 20 years ago. Hoping everybody that counts will sign. I will encourage both of my now adult children to do so

  29. I want to sign that petition but it won’t work for me. Also I want to ask this question. The DEA says that Marijuana leads to the use of more dangerous drugs. How can that be? when they have marijuana is classified as the most dangerous on their schedule 1 list. I would like to tell you that the use of Medical marijuana has saved my life, and gave me my quality of life back. I don’t have to take a bunch of Proscription Drugs, that. Were killing me with all the side effects. Narcotics, Anxiety Meds, Barbiturates. They were killing my Liver, and eating up my stomach lining, and I couldn’t function, couldn’t stay awake. So was dehydrating. Not a good life. And was raising 3grandsons. Couldn’t even do things with our for them. Thank God for grandpa.

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