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Rep. Steve Cohen Grills DEA Administrator Leonhart Over ‘Dangers’ Of Marijuana


Congressman Steve Cohen (D.TN) Grills Michele Leonhart On The Dangers Of Medical Marijuana

By now, we have all seen Congressman Jared Polis dominating DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart. But a video you maybe didn’t see was Rep. Steve Cohen (D.TN) also dominating Michele Leonhart, on the ‘dangers’ of medical marijuana. Please spread it far and wide, we need to keep the pressure on this idiot! Thanks to TWB reader Paul for sending this over!


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Johnny Green


  1. It does surprise me she says its between a patient and doctor especially when her agency is the one raiding dispensaries and patients and ruining lives as they go. The more video we can get with this lady spewing BS the better for our movement, she just looks and sounds like an a** everytime she opens her mouth.

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