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Republican Candidates For Vermont Governor Support Marijuana Legalization


vermont marijuana decriminalizationThis Tuesday is the Primary Election in Vermont. While marijuana legalization is not on the Vermont ballot this election, the issue is a hot topic in candidate races. Vermont may possibly legalize marijuana via the Legislature this next session, so how candidates feel about the issue is very important. Three Republican candidates for Governor are on board with marijuana legalization. Per Reformer:

Steve Berry of Wolcott, Scott Milne of Pomfret and Emily Peyton of Putney, all on this coming Tuesday’s primary ballot, appeared on Vermont Public Radio to air their views about those and a range of other topics.

On marijuana, all three agreed Vermont should move to legalize it, something which is expected to be debated when lawmakers return in January. Peyton and Berry spoke strongly in favor; Milne said, “If a bill reaches my desk from the Legislature to legalize marijuana, I will do that.”

The next Governor of Vermont could very well be the first Governor to sign a marijuana legalization bill from a state legislature. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Republican Party, I do like candidates that support marijuana legalization, especially big party candidates. There are always third party candidates that support marijuana legalization in statewide races, but unfortunately, they don’t win very often. I’m curious to see what Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin has to say about the GOP candidate’s stances.


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  1. Exactly! Let’s not forget the current occupant of the White House made a lot of positive noises about cannabis reform when he was running — and occasionally still does — and we see how well *that* has worked out …

  2. While we are seeing more and more politicians seeming to throw their hats into the race with legalization of marijuana as their stance. What really is still up in the air is after their elected who will follow through with their promises .The claiming to be for certain stances and behind passing new laws has been used by many politicians as a ruse to get elected since the first politician crawled out of the muck. Being for the legalization of marijuana should not be contingent if only elected. They should be pressing the point to all the members of their parties. Not using it as political convenience just to get votes. Few have really shown to be people of action. Most will not jump up on their soap boxes and press the point they’ll stay quietly in the background waiting for someone else to step into the spot light. And then only if it looks politically safe will they step out of the shadows. Being elected shouldn’t be the soul reason to be for legalization of marijuana or changing the laws. They should regardless of winning or not stay on the issue and add their voices. Most will crawl back into the shadows after the elections are over and wait in silence.

  3. When I first heard the news that some republicans were starting to support Pot Legalisation I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that the Pot “Train” is now unstoppable.

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