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Republican Grover Norquist Speaks Out Against Drug War At SSDP Lobby Day


Last week an outstanding event was held in Washington D.C. in which college students, senior citizens, military veterans, and other cannabis activists lobbied Congress on behalf of marijuana legalization (recreational and medical). The event was organized by The Silver Tour and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. It was one of the greatest lobbying events in the history of the marijuana movement, and I hope to see more of them in the future. It’s a very powerful thing to see such a diverse group of Americans all calling for sensible marijuana laws. I guarantee the message hit home with a lot of members of Congress, and with the American public that saw the news coverage.

Below is a video made by WeedMaps showing Republican Grover Norquist speaking out against the drug war at the Lobby Day event. WeedMaps stepped up and made a sizable donation to sponsor this event, and I tip my hat to them


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  1. When the enemy of my enemy is an ally but remains my enemy. More mood altering than ANY drug I’ve taken.

  2. Politics makes strange bedfellows. But if the prohibitionists and DEAdenders think there’s any hope left in sustaining their war on marijuana, they can forget it. When Grover and I are sleeping together on this, even if it’s a relationship of convenience, your war is dead in the water.

  3. This is NOTHING but GREAT news for the Cannabis Industry! 48% of ALL Republicans WANT marijuana to be available Medicinally, while only 36% Oppose. It’s a slightly less margin of Republicans that want it 100% LEGAL!!

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