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Republican Senator From Wyoming Supports Medical Marijuana


senator bruce burns medical marijuana wyomingWyoming is a harsh place when it comes to marijuana. Reefer madness has been alive and well in Wyoming for a long, long time. However, there appears to be some light growing at the end of the tunnel. At least one politician from Wyoming is willing to stand up for what’s right and expressed his support for medical marijuana in Wyoming.

According to Public Pulse:

The topic of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes came up recently on our Public Pulse news talk show, during a conversation led by Host Kim Love with state Senator Bruce Burns of Sheridan and Representative Rosie Berger of Big Horn.

Love started the conversation by asking what would be the problem with having marijuana available through a pharmacy, by prescription. Burns said he supported the idea, based on a personal experience with a family member. But when Berger was asked to weigh in, she said she’d need more information.

Kudos to Senator Bruce Burns. I know it’s not easy going on the record in Wyoming supporting medical marijuana. On the flip side, shame on Representative Rosie Berger for trying the oldest trick in the book for medical marijuana opponents – the stall. If you don’t know about marijuana’s undeniable medical benefits by now, it’s likely because you have tried as hard as you can to cling to failed policies of the past. Saying ‘I need more information’ is basically the same as saying ‘I do not support it’ in my book.


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  1. Sadly, the NC Gov has had no qualms signing things into law he needed “more information” about. Art Pope probably owns McCrory as well as the state legislature. That’s the same legislature that shot down a medical cannabis bill last year to stop people from calling their offices in *support* of it, claiming the public outcry constituted “harassment” from the constituents who were telling their own representatives what they wanted. That’s what NC politics has become, post Citizens United — Art Pope purchased a super majority of *representatives* who ignore and resent their constituents.

    I don’t know who the local cannabis advocacy groups are in NC, but local officials have been desperately trying to protect VOTING RIGHTS for young people and minorities from Art Pope’s legislature. So getting a cannabis bill through NC’s travesty of representative government in 2014 is about as likely as Obama finally growing a spine/conscience on this subject before waltzing out of office in three years.

  2. Saying ‘I need more information’ on this issue at this time is the same as saying ‘I wanna be a politician, but I don’t believe that means I have any personal responsibility to inform myself on the pertinent issues of the day.’ I’d be willing to bet the big bux she’s similarly vague on fracking, but supports it entirely.

    NC Gov McCrory used this dodge within the last 2 months as well.

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