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Republican Support For Medical Marijuana Bill Continues To Grow


medical marijuana new yorkIn a meeting with the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, Senator Joseph Robach  (R, C, IP – Rochester) stated his support for the Compassionate Care Act, a bill that would allow New Yorkers with serious and debilitating conditions to access to medical marijuana under the supervision of their healthcare provider.  Senator Robach is the third senate Republican to announce his support for the Compassionate Care Act. Last week, two Western Region Republicans — State Senator George Maziarz (R – Newfane) and State Senator Mark Grisanti (R, IP – Buffalo) – declared their support and called for a vote.

The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester has worked tirelessly to secure support for the Compassionate Care Act and released a statement today with comments by its leaders and members applauding the Senator’s leadership in supporting a comprehensive legislative solution to help seriously ill New Yorkers. Caregivers and patients also applauded the Senator’s support.

“As a constituent and a mother of child with a severe seizure disorder that would be alleviated by the use of medical marijuana, I am thrilled that Senator Robach stated his support for the Compassionate Care Act.  Too many seriously ill New Yorkers, including my daughter Julia have suffered long enough,” said Christine Emerson of Rochester. “Now, it’s time for the rest of the senate to stand up for compassion, join Senators Robach, Maziarz and Grisanti, and pass this bill now.”

The Compassionate Care Act has passed the Assembly four times, and Governor Cuomo’s administration has said the governor would sign it, but the legislation has long been stuck in the Senate. In recent weeks, support for the legislation has been growing as more and more Republicans announce their support and more and more organizations endorse the measure.

Today, Us TOO Rochester NY, a peer networking group for men concerned about prostate cancer in Rochester & The Finger Lakes Region of WNY, announced their endorsement of the Compassionate Care  Act, joining over 60 organizations who support the bill.

“With the announcement of support for the compassionate care act from Senators Robach, Grisanti and Maziarz, I am seeing the light for a day when seriously ill New Yorkers are no longer denied access to medical marijuana that could greatly improve their quality of life,” said Susan Rusinko, an Auburn mother who is living with multiple sclerosis. “I hope that Senator Klein and Senator Skelos will continue this act of courageous leadership and bring the Compassionate Care Act to a vote on the senate floor.”

Support for medical marijuana spans the political divide. Recent national polls show that a majority of Americans – right, left, and center and in every region of the country — support allowing patients to access marijuana under medical supervision. In New York, a recent Quinnipiac Poll found that 88% of New York voters support medical marijuana, including over 80% of Republicans and Democrats.

Former U.S. Senator Al D’Amato, long an opponent of medical marijuana, stated his new position of support for the Compassionate Care Act in an op-ed that appeared in this weekend’s Long Island Herald.  D’Amato wrote: “But times are changing, and marijuana has become a viable form of alternative medicine for those suffering from many debilitating diseases such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, cancer and others. When traditional medicines fail to offer relief, why not give patients alternatives?… I believe our legislators should consider supporting Cuomo’s Compassionate Care Act, a bill that is currently before both houses of the State Legislature.”

“Compassion is a bipartisan issue, and we applaud Senator Robach. Senator Maziarz, Senator Grisanti  and former Senator D’Amato for supporting for the Compassionate Care Act,” said gabriel sayegh, state director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “Momentum is definitely building for this comprehensive bill. There is no longer any dispute that when a vote is taken, the Compassionate Care Act will pass with strong bipartisan support. It’s time for Senate Co-Presidents Klein and Skelos to let the bill come to the floor for a vote.  Lives of New Yorkers are hanging in the balance.”

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  1. Hey, tishacruzan, I just checked out your Facebook page, and it looks pretty good! You’ve really done a lot in a short time — lots of good info on cannabis, with interesting graphics. Of course, I love the way you used the picture of the pretty green leaf. :)

    Is this really true: “Samsung is endorsing this project, why can’t you?”

    I’m really glad that cannabis helps your back pain. I guess I would just emphasize that, if you’re going to go around the country talking about cannabis as a pain patient, you understand the audience you’re talking to. Chronic pain patients won’t believe anything else you say, if you begin with a story about a disappearing act for your pain.

    Anyway, it looks like you have a good, basic platform. I wish you all the best! After you meet President Obama, come back here and tell us all about it!

  2. I just want to make a difference so people can get legal weed and wouldn’t have to deal with dirty chemicals. I never got to experience black market weed but I heard from other people that chemicals like speed & coke can be found in weed when you deal with drug dealers you don’t know. No my back pain is constant. It’s completely gone when I smoke marijuana. Thanks for the advice. I added this picture on Project Marijuana Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/projectmmj

    I also created an infographic to paint people the big picture. What do you think?

  3. By chance will you be home tomorrow between the hrs of 0500 and 0700. I would like to stop by for a pick up. Is it ok I bring some friends. Just one favor, can you please tie up your dog. One of my friends is allergic to dogs. Please contact me, I can be reached at # (202) 305-8500 ask for Lion Hart or my assistant Dea. to confirm.

  4. Is there some reason you want to leave Texas? I mean, I can understand if you do — heck, if ya’ll are going to Colorado, stop by New Mexico and pick me up. :)

    Also, if you are a veteran, I want to thank you for your service.

    Regarding your experience with cannabis, it’s a little confusing to me. First of all, chronic pain doesn’t just disappear. So, if your back pain is gone, whether you’re allowed to medicate or not, then we’re not talking about chronic pain.

    As to the kind of bud that is available on the black market, well, I don’t necessarily agree with you on that. I’ve read that the black market has stepped up its game, growing the same quality that you can find in dispensaries.

    I like this picture better, but now that legalization is upon us, I’m thinking that our graphics need to be updated. Take a look at this stock photo, which I found over at a cannabis article on the Consumer Affairs website. It’s clean, pretty… natural. You could add text to something like this, right? Anyway, see if you like it. I have some other ideas, if you’re interested.

  5. Thank you for commenting. Yes I live in Dallas. I want to drive to Colorado to do a documentary there so all the states will legalize weed. I’m doing this documentary with my partner Trip Ghetaway. I hurt my back, serving the military few years back. Through two year of therapy, my back has not been better. So doctors started prescribing pain killers, and those were not helpful at all. I would get so many side effects such as dizziness, headaches, and stomach cramps. When I got out the army, I heard weed was good for chronic pain, so I tried it. My back pain was instantly gone without any side effects.
    My parents used to always lecture me about weed is so bad but when my back pain ended, I couldn’t possibly think weed is a horrible. I think it’s a miracle plant.
    Now that Colorado and Washington legalize weed, I think other states should follow suit quickly. Other states can’t follow suit if they don’t know how life is where weed is legal. I smoked marijuana from dispensaries and street marijuana. It’s a BIG difference. Weed from dispensaries are cleaner, unlike the weed from the black market. Drug dealers put different chemicals in weed so people can get addicted such as speed, coke, and more.
    I got comments about that photo too so I replaced it with this picture. I’m glad that you gave me some feedback, painkills2. I really appreciate it.

  6. So, you live in Dallas, and you’re going to do a documentary about Colorado? Also, I was just wondering if this was your first effort through indiegogo?

    (And I don’t want to be critical of your efforts or anything, but your meme is a little like tripping — but without the LSD.)

  7. NYrs! – As long as the corporations and insurance companies are running the lives of all our (so-called) physicians, passing laws letting the doctors prescribe marijuana for patients will be an exercise in futility. They won’t write the scripts. The doctors won’t bite the hands that feed them, and the hands that feed won’t cross the feds or insurance corps., nor would they profit from it…so they don’t care. The most doctors fuck the oath they all took. Have you ever read it? http://cannagramma.com/2013/11/08/hippocratic-oath-are-some-doctors-hypocrites/ They should have to read it every day. Twice if needed. Or whenever they feel the fucking pain.

    I can’t let my rant go without saying NYers are fighting the fight awesomely. (is that a word?) ¡Viva la New York!
    Fight to win!

  8. Andrew Zebrun III on

    New York led the nation with the 1980 law the governor is rolling out 34 years later! Several states started medical marijuana programs patterned after NY’s 1980 law, which turned into medical marijuana in every state that has it! So NY has led the way to medical marijuana, please don’t stop now! Call or write your politicians to support the Compassionate Care Act and give mercy to those in need, please!

  9. This country need more push for legalization. The problem is that not a lot of people have the right education on marijuana. People don’t know the chemicals in marijuana has been placed in there by drug dealers. I currently doing a project called Project Marijuana, which is a documentary on how Colorado is like after the legalization. If you want to support the cause, visit this website http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-marijuana/

  10. It is good to see more signs that the Republican party is aligning themselves with current realiity. The old religious based haters that have been hanging their agenda to the Republican platform are dying off. If Republicans stick to fiscal conservatism and a mind your own business approach to meddling in people’s personal lives, they will return to relevancy.

  11. Remember who stands in the way of passage in November! It’s time we throw out EVERY incumbent, even YOURS, and start all over. Our Representatives are “Elitists” and no longer listen to the people. They Vote laws upon the American people and then EXEMPT themselves from the law. This has GOT to stop and will only stop when “We the people” MAKE the change. Don’t sit on your ass! VOTE!

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