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Republicans Want To Sue Obama For Not Arresting People For Marijuana


enforce the law act marijuana obama republicansUnited States President Barack Obama has been a mixed bag at best when it comes to his marijuana policies. I remember when he was elected in 2008. There was so much excitement because there was the possibility that Obama would be the first President to take a rational approach to marijuana policy. Unfortunately there have been some big mistakes by the Obama Administration since 2008 in the area of marijuana policy. However, his respect for the roll-out in Colorado is worth commending.

Some people are not so happy with the Obama Administration’s handling of the situation in Colorado (and soon to be Washington). United States House Republicans passed a bill demanding that President Obama crackdown on recreational and medical marijuana sales in states that allow it. The Enforce the Law Act was passed by a vote of 233-181 last week. The bill was originally introduced by Representatives Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Jim Gerlach (R-PA), and it would allow Congress to sue the President for failing to faithfully execute laws.

“The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to write the laws and the Executive to enforce them,” Gowdy said Wednesday in a statement according to Raw Story. “We don’t pass suggestions. We don’t pass ideas. We pass laws. Regardless of our politics, I hope my colleagues have enough regard for our work to expect those laws would be faithfully executed.”

Oregon’s legendary Representative Earl Blumenauer gave his opinion, which is an opinion that is supported by a majority of Americans:

“It doesn’t seem right to me to continue to waste our limited resources punishing people for doing something when it’s legal under state law, the majority of Americans want it to be legal, and much more dangerous drugs like heroin are making a comeback,” Blumenauer said, according to the Huffington Post. “I’d rather stop arresting two-thirds of a million people a year for marijuana possession and generate $100 billion over 10 years through taxes and savings.”


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  1. Ted Mishler on

    i used to own a gta-1000 metal detector and once found a liberty sitting quater in an old church yard
    i found that once, the property used to be owned by a circus in town, that is why it was so hard
    for me to learn, that after toking up, my thirst at the mall, i found myself purchasing a mountain dew from a vending machine at eastland plaza
    accidently, i spent the libertyy seated quarter for the dew and all that horrible drama lol
    i will have to get another detector some time
    might be able to look for meteroites, and gold ahh! no canna-med for my head, so no more rhyme
    what a waste it is unmedicated here in this city
    i really think they treat the cannabis community pretty bad here in bloomington indiana;-)
    so much to do in denver, and canna-medded, i will have the energy to do those things too
    with no mean ill spirited politicians telling me i am prohibited from hash etc, can not wait! 17 more days – 17 more days of feeling BLUE
    there really needs to be something the cannabis community can do
    may the 7 year old rest in peace, i believe the politicians and the church folk pushing their anti constitutional agenda are the criminals, don’t you?

  2. Agreed. If a single-payer healthcare system (such as Medicaid) could have passed, it would have been much better for everyone. Eventually it will come to that, if we want to remain a first-world country. In the meantime, the ACA is still probably better than nothing.

  3. and they wonder why there grand old party falling apart. are courts and jails, have been keeping there self in business for to long off drug laws. good way to divide the people, and take a lot of people out of the voting booth. time to clean house and send them old prick’s home. and take back or country . all they care about lining there own pockets and keeping the people divide for they can do what they want and keep the rest of us under control. NOT ME FUCK THEM I,AM SMOKING A FATTY AS I RIGHT THIS GOOD OLD NOR CALIF GREEN BUD GROWN IN THE BACKYARD . SO GOOD

  4. It will be interesting this next major election. To see who and how many of our so called “elected officials” have the guts to come out and give this god given plant roots and power as an issue important to the majority of citizens. It could be enormous!

  5. This is absolutely the case down here in FL., where in I just read in the Amendment 2 vote coming up in November 2014:
    Article X, Sec. 29, (c – Limitations)
    (1) Nothing in this law section requires the violation of federal law or purports to give immunity under federal law,

  6. yes Jane,, it still astonishes me when people say the ole’ my vote won’t matter’ crap,,,and I always say ‘ maybe, just maybe it will’,,,so I totally agree w/u,,,VOTE!!!

  7. That’s it! There’s no excuse for ignorance on ANYTHING in today’s society. Information is at everyone’s fingertips. It’s FREE as well. Public Libraries are Air Conditioned and Heated. So there’s no excuse for ignorance. However it runs amok in today’s society

  8. You’re exactly right. The only thing that gets attention in Washington today is MONEY and the tens of thousands of LOBBYISTS who “contribute ” the money to our greedy politicians

  9. Johnny Bloomington on

    You’re right! Now smoke this =)-~ …….that should fix your CAPS issue.

  10. Johnny Bloomington on

    What the hell are you talking about? We really have become the country of stupid. I don’t care that much for most democrats but the Fox news crazy republicans are in a league of their own!

  11. They pretend to be interested. Once it dies down (this esp. Goes on month’s close to election year/month.) they we will forget about it. You know exactly like the Dream Act. Which in fact was written by two Republicans. Dissed by many a liberal, we who were just voted in that year when it came across the table soon after. Most of them who claimed were for or against went the opposite…..many didn’t even bother to vote.

  12. I think you mean the democrats, right? After all aren’t they the very one’s who tell us that will vote one way and all of a sudden, the day of reckoning comes, and the stand down. Or flat vote the opposite of what they promised. At least most of the republicans told us flat out what they intend to do. Not much guess work. With e democrat, you can bank on the fact that they are in it for themselves. If a law we as a majority support and can insure them a seat and both their hands in your pockets.

  13. Jetdoc, that is exactly my point. No one bothers over trivial things like their voting records! Don’t want to do the research, do yourself, and the rest of America s favor……don’t vote!

  14. Jay, first you have to realize that you shouldn’t go by any particular party. Vote for the candidate who you study their voting styles and how hard they try to back up what they are supposed to stand for. This is exactly why we need to do away with the parties, and get back to We The People. A lazy person who doesn’t take the time to investigate by at least the last 10-15 year’s……..shouldn’t vote. Then again I agree, the time our votes actually counted are long gone. We need to all stand up and fire every single one.

  15. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    The District of Columbia has decriminalized Marijuana. That means, outside Washington State and Colorado, the drug laws in the US Capital are more lenient than anywhere in the country. But, heres my problem:

    The DEA allowed the Sinaloa drug cartel to carry out
    its business between 2000 and 2012, in exchange for
    information on rival Mexican cartels. The ATF have been entrapping minorities with fake drug raids and raiding simple gun part stores to seize information on thousands of law abiding citizens.

    I think the wrong people are being ‘sued’. The DEA and the ATF know their time is up. More and more, tobbaco is being pushed from our society. 28 Attorney Generals already told 7 of our major retail chains to stop carrying cigarettes in the same shopping centers that provide health care services. And CVS have already said, they will stop selling cigarettes at over 7,900 of their retail chains across the country (By october of this year).

    17 States have decriminalized, 2 states have legalized and more states just passed ballot initiatives to push legalization into their state senates. Which means some states are just one State Senate Vote away from being the next Colorado or Washington.

  16. Our soldiers are dying protecting Canabis and Opium Poppy fields in Afghanistan. Guess where the Heroin in this country comes from.

  17. You had no intention of looking at them anyway! Blind voting got us where we are today. Sound byte politics is what sold America on Obamacare and now our Medical care system is turned upside down. ALL in order to insure 20 Million people. Who 99 out of 100 times wouldn’t purchase insurance anyway and STILL HAVEN’T! We could’ve added ALL of them to Medicaid and NOT turned everyone’s insurance upside down.

  18. That sounds good on the sound bite but history has shown us that minority rights would be trampled under the Tyranny of the masses, ie national religion.

  19. Legalization is only the first step. Next, we will expose the liars and profiteers who have perpetuated this marijuana prohibition. Hopefully, they will be arrested and brought to justice for committing High Treason against the American people for throwing us in cages because we consumed a wild non-toxic plant, and for causing suffering and death upon the sick by knowingly denying them one of nature’s best medicines. They should be placed in supermax ADX in Florence, Colorado.

  20. From statistics we know that the larger the sampling size is, the more accurate the reflection of the underlying data you are sampling is . The anomolies cancel one another out and the TRUE majority is clear to see.

  21. I guess it boils down to whether you want a small group of fairly well-informed people voting in accord with their own personal benefit, or a huge group of mostly ill-informed people voting in accord with their own personal benefit.

  22. Philip Daniels on

    Better make damn sure you vote out these prohibitionists, now that you know how nasty they can be …

  23. Don’t waste your time learning all the ins and outs of how our government works because it doesn’t work for you anymore. That ship sailed 40 years ago. They are more than happy to watch us try to wade through the quagmire of government bureaucracy while they ignore us and go about doing the bidding of the criminal elite. Its all the distraction they need.

  24. Congress needs to pass a law that decriminalizes it because it’s obvious by now that Obama isn’t going to follow through on making it happen as promised numerous times while campaigning. He conveniently uses an Executive Order on an issue that is of actual interest to him, and apparently this one isn’t. Arbitrarily marking a voting ballot for all candidates of on party or another doesn’t help the problem go away, it merely guarantees the current gridlock. I’m an Independent, have been registered as one for nearly 15 years, and attempt to get some sense of how a particular candidate may vote on a variety of issues that are important to me. Otherwise, it’s a guarantee that I’ll get what others have chosen.

  25. This country would be better off if we created a national governmental web site where THE PEOPLE voted on all the important state and national initiatives and tell the politicians in Washington to run along home. Their services are no longer needed. If American Idol can do it why can’t we! Then everyone goes into work Monday morning and changes their W-4 withholding to 10. That would immediately shut off the tax revenue going to the government every single day from your paycheck! We’re sending a billion dollars to Ukraine when Detroit and all their pensioners are CIRCLING THE DRAIN! Come on people!

  26. I hope this backfires on their asses. It would poetic justice. By backfire i mean that it would just take a stroke of the pen to defeat the fundies stupidity.

  27. Lord Fartel Roy on

    I agree with YOU something has to BE done ABOUT this BULLSHIT . The war against CANNABIS is a WASTE of Taxpayers Money and HAS to END now. If Your State REP is not for Legalization DO NOT vote for THEM! The AMERICAN public that consumes CANNABIS is SICK and TIRED to being LIED to and TREATED like Children. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  28. Please see George Carlins “Illuminti Rant” on You Tube. Not only will you get a great laugh you will see what has happened to this once great country over the last four decades.

  29. By giving you two parties to choose from they are giving you the illusion of choice. Rep, Dem etal. They are all the same and answer to the same elite ruling class ( the infamous 1%). In reality yu have no choice, and neither do the pawns we naively vote into office.

  30. Johnny Bloomington on

    Repubs don’t care. I don’t even think that the government shutdown will effect them in the midterms.

  31. So in other words anytime they dissent, they should be sued? Next you want to infringe upon Free Speech by suing them anytime they insult our King? errrr President? I’m tired of watching people who don’t know SHIT about what’s happening other than what they hear on “The Daily Show” or “Colbert Report” try to opine on the Constitution If the President didn’t decide to SUBVERT Congress as many times he has and continue to THINK that he has the power to do these things by “Executive Order” there’s a chance that THIS law wouldn’t even exist. But because he can’t get it through Congress, he doesn’t just have the authority to declare an EDICT on people. Executive Orders were intended to happen, SOLELY in the event that there’s a National Emergency in which Congress could NOT be convened quick enough to act on the emergency. That law was written into the Constitution when Senators and Congressman still rode horses to a session of Congress and could not be quickly convened. Executive Orders are NOT intended to be used because your Bill or Law SUCKS and you can’t get it past Congress. He doesn’t just have the authority to declare a law invalid. That’s Congress job! Let’s also not forget that the Democrats STILL control the Senate, and Harry Reid has kept MANY a Bill that came from the House from ever seeing the light of day and then blames the Republicans for inaction. It’s not ONE side or the other… it’s BOTH!

  32. Paul — this is the Weed Blog. Reagan oversaw the darkest days cannabis prohibition ever knew. You’re not going to recruit anyone into the Reagan fan club, here.

  33. Rob, states can’t nullify federal laws. Most laws that appear to go against a federal law are carefully worded so that they don’t violate federal law EXPLICITLY. For example, every cannabis reform law passed at the state level is specifically worded to avoid doing so — it’s easy to have proposed legislation and ballot initiatives thrown out if the language used clearly conflicts with Article 6, clause 2. It’s currently illegal at the federal level for a doctor to prescribe cannabis — which is why medical cannabis legislation at the state level uses the language “doctor recommendation” instead of “doctor prescription.” Any medical cannabis measure that uses the word “prescription” gets tossed out almost automatically. Opponents of medical cannabis used this tactic to defeat measures proposed at the state level quite successfully until the wording was changed from “prescription” to “recommendation.”

  34. Michael Boldin on

    He actually swears to uphold the constitution, not merely all laws passed by congress. the proper thing for Obama to do would be to declare full nonenforcement based on his duty to uphold his oath to the constitution, as Thomas Jefferson did to “arrest the enforcement of” the sedition act.

    Then there would be no ambiguity. there would be a battle, because so many in congress hate the people of the states for resisting and defying them. Eventually, it might just come to something like this if anyone good is ever elected to the presidency.

  35. That’s nonsense. The worst President in US history was the man who started two wars on false pretenses with no exit strategy, the man who allowed TORTURE to become policy, the man who was on vacation for the entire month leading up to 9-11, the man who allowed hundreds of people to die fumbling Hurricane Katrina, the man whose administration oversaw the worst economic crisis we’ve experienced in 40 years — the same man who is now painting pictures of himself trying to get clean instead of being extradited for war crimes.

    All of your blusterous hype about Obama has gotten so old and tired that it’s gone from unnecessary to obnoxious in only five years. Our political process is so clogged up with know-nothing ideologues that nothing gets done anymore. Vaguely pointing your finger at the Constitution to validate every argument you make is not only lazy, it doesn’t work on anyone who has actually read it. And yes, I’ve read it. And no, there is no provision that mandates enforcement of all laws, nor does his oath of office compel him to do so. As I’ve already said elsewhere, were there such a provision, there would have been over a dozen indictments for taking us to war under false pretenses.

    This new talking-point is cute, really, but it’s going to fade away in the next news cycle, just like all the other “throw it at the wall to see what sticks” attempts to hurt the administration. The problem with limiting the discourse to easily regurgitated talking-points that aren’t grounded in reality? It eats up the real conversation time. There are dozens of reasons why the Obama administration is far from perfect, but we can’t talk about any of those things because his legitimate failures aren’t nearly as marketable as half the meaningless sound-bites you just formulaically parroted back to me.

    Every time an article is posted to the blog that mentions Obama, a few of you fellows show up to say the same vague, meaningless tripe, over and over and over. It makes me wonder if you just sit at home googling Obama all day long, looking for ANY outlet for your misdirected rage. Not many people on this blog have very much love for the President, but at least our gripes with him are grounded in REALITY.

  36. But then the next President could RE-schedule it. It’s going to take an act of Congress, to do this once and for all. We need to quit putting this on the President and start DEMANDING that even YOUR Representatives either back legalization or they MUST be voted out of office! I don’t care if your Representative’s your DADDY, it’s your duty to get off your asses and DEMAND legalization or vote against them. Not only vote AGAINST him, but get your like minded friends to put down the pipe and VOTE against him too! Until everyone does that we’ll be STUCK with politicians who don’t give a shit what YOU want. They’ll vote against everything YOU believe in and STAY in Congress doing that shit for 60 fucking years! Term limits MUST an issue going forward. Until you work AGAINST a politician in an election who opposes legalization, things won’t change. I always say… “… there’s no magic pill for anything!” Whatever you do takes hard work! Call your Representatives and voice your displeasure with this bill. Bitchin about it on a website is fun, but I guarantee you that there’s not ONE U.S. Representative that reads theweedblog. Sorry guys…. I wish they DID but they don’t… Johnny… :-D

  37. Lot of bs stories on coast to coast am, and a lot of enlightening good ones too, but the other nite, the one entitled

    Election Fraud & Financial Corruption, the guest of the show, if he is not lying in some false flag way suggested that politicians have stolen monies from starving countries, and from us, if all what he said is true, it seems to me that any effort for a true election to where the votes are not manipulated seems impossible
    they take oaths to protects everyone’s’ constitutional rights
    do they serve and protect
    or illegally rob, plunder, and disrespect?
    it was predicted that the government would try to take us to another world war
    and sure enough, it looks like that is what they are trying to do, what for?
    to line their greedy pockets with blood money?
    when will people – well, i dont know the answers either but lying under oath i think is called perjury and it is not funnyhow are the american people to feel
    that any honor in usa society is real
    when we have liars thieves and hard handed jerks
    who give each other blood moneys and kick backs and steal from starving countries, and give each other perks

  38. Like I said, I’m no scholar :-) But I also believe that states can nullify federal laws. I’m not sure of the process, but I suppose it would take politicians who have a backbone…i.e., a mythical beast :-)

  39. Yeah a govt that will LEAVE me alone to seek my prosperity not continue this path of the nanny-state always telling me what to do and how to live. Democrats will only provide you with more rules and regulation even if they were to pass a marijuana law which will never happen without republican support. Why do you want to govt constantly looking over your shoulder?

  40. I disagree, Reagan helped get us out of the horrible situation Carter had brought to the country.
    JFK would be considered a republican today.

  41. Valient,
    You have been terribly misinformed, there are what can be called death panels in the legislation. Some govt crony not elected to their post will get to decide whether or not you are worth allowing life saving surgery. That person doesn’t like what they had for lunch and from no fault of your own you’ve been denied Chemo because your not productive enough to save. Hope you got a great job and can show your viability to get that treatment or surgery. They are not called “Death Panels” it’s worded in legalese, but the basic idea is sound.

    No one holds down another member of this society unless they want to be held down or don’t really realize they are being held down. That’s what those crafty democrats did when they passed the War on Poverty to get and keep the black community voting for democrats. Before the 60’s black folks voted republican and in order to break that up the govt became Santa Claus which has re-enslaved the black community. What’s worse, they happily go along never understanding why they can’t seem to break the bondage of poverty.

  42. Actually, I think you misunderstood me…To frame/phrase this in a positive manner: What is the mechanism (is it Executive Orders?) that allows the president to instruct those agencies in the executive branch to ignore a law in such a way that it would force congress to rescind, or at least re-visit, that law? i.e. Can the president say: “I believe this law is wrong and not only will I not enforce it, I’m telling you (congress) to repeal it”? I don’t know if such a mechanism exists.

    And I agree with you that the GOP is being disingenuous. Their only goal is to force all of the ACA to go through on the assumption that it will so anger so many people that they will vote for Republicans…A bad strategy all the way around being pushed by a bunch of ignoramuses who apparently feel they have nothing to offer the country except the argument that Democrats are bad people because of Obamacare. The Democrats of course are now countering with: But Obamacare is really just a Republican plan…what a bunch of maroons… :-) The bill is really just another meaningless gesture because it will never pass the Senate and the President would never sign it, so it’s just more pointless grandstanding by idiots with nothing helpful to offer.

  43. WOW,
    Couple of things. The mechanism for the President to follow the law is the Constitution. He swears to uphold EVERY law that has been passed by the Congress. He can not ignore or put off a part of a law to suit his parties needs, that is a clear violation of the Constitution and his oath of office.

    Why on earth would anyone want to elect a man to the most powerful office in the world knowing he’ll violate the very oath he swore. I’d rather have someone who will uphold the law of the land because you know what your getting and how to deal with him/her.

    The GOP can be easily convinced to pass marijuana legislation once the tax dollars are part of the conversation not to mention all of the functions of hemp production. I want a president who is against bigger and bigger government as well as more regulation to stifle our means of production. If allowed to drill on govt. land this country would be the world’s #1 producer of oil & natural gas. Imagine how the Europeans would feel to know they have a stable steady supply of oil instead of relying on Russia and Putin’s ability to shut off the pump.

    Bottom line Obama has been the WORST President in the history of this country, hands down. Jimmy Carter looks like the brightest bulb in the room compared to Obama.

  44. Actually, the SCOTUS didn’t do that, the Constitution did. It’s Article 6, clause 2, also known as the Supremacy Clause:

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”

  45. The way you’ve phrased the question, you’re shifting the burden of proof in such a way that you’re framing a negative argument. You say because there is no specific mechanism for him to NOT do something says he should be required to do it (enforcing all laws, all the time). What you should be asking is this: what is the mechanism that requires him to enforce all laws?

    Fact is, there is no such mechanism. Presidents don’t enforce every law under the sun every minute, of every day. For one branch of government to try forcing another branch of government into an action violates one of the most central tenets of the US Constitution, which is the separation of powers and the delicate system of checks and balances that maintains the balance. For example, the President cannot sue Congress for not doing their jobs, despite the fact that they’ve legislated less than any other Congress in US history.

    The fact also remains that Obama has been the #1 enforcer of Federal cannabis law in history — his record does not (not even slightly) imply his administration has been “lazy” in this regard. National arrests for cannabis offenses have been consistently high for the last five years, and the amount of tax dollars dedicated to cannabis enforcement since 2009 is in the billions. Obama had more SWAT-style cannabis enforcement operations in his first four years in office than GWB had in both of his terms, combined.

    I’m sorry, but this is just a show the GOP is putting on. They know fully well that their bill won’t become law. The Senate won’t pass it, Obama won’t sign a law that allows Congress to sue him whenever they feel like it. This bill is nothing more than a stunt by the GOP. If Obama wanted to enforce ALL laws, half of GWB’s administration would be under indictment for war crimes and high treason for tricking us into the Iraq war and subsequently allowing torture and publicly outting a covert CIA operative.

  46. Also, one other thing to note is: The Supreme Court has, mistakenly in my opinion, ruled that federal law trumps state laws (see: Federal Preemption in wikipedia).

  47. I guess the republicans dont realize what effect this will have on them in the elections. I’m not even going to look at the candidates they have, not even Rand Paul who is in favor of mmj. Checking the spot for dems or independents on the ticket… hate dems too tho, tough one.

  48. I’m not a constitutional legal scholar so I don’t know the answer to this, but: What is the mechanism that allows the POTUS to NOT enforce laws that he/she deems to be unjust? I assume that there is some way for him/her to do this, but I don’t know what it is. He/She can’t veto a law if the law was already signed into law prior to him/her becoming president.

    But if there is a mechanism to do this then the question becomes: Would Obama write an executive order to nullify all current laws on marijuana prohibition (including telling the DEA and other federal law enforcement agencies to “stand down” on marijuana arrests) and push for congress to legalize it? I doubt it. He hasn’t seemed willing to do that in the past. But he shouldn’t selectively ignore the law, instead he should force congress to repeal the existing laws.

    And I do agree that the GOP just wants to push Obama to enforce the ACA as written, instead of continually ignoring parts of the law for the benefit of Democrats in the 2014 election cycle (very short-sighted since the most it will accomplish is delaying the backlash – kind of like novocaine :-). The GOP’s goal isn’t particularly noble, and neither is Obama’s, since this really has nothing to do with what is good for the people of the U.S. and is solely for the benefit of political parties who want to shift power along party lines.

    Ted Cruz was, in a sense, simply being consistent when he threw in marijuana laws, i.e. if one wants to “ding” the president for ignoring federal laws, then one must “ding” him/her on all federal laws that he/she may be ignoring. He’s consistent but ignorant :-)

  49. Of course they feel they are above the citizens. This is why our country has sucked for the last several decades. Everything has been down hill ever since JFK was assassinated.

  50. If they were bothered by that, they would give up their government paid health care and benefits. (AKA we’re paying for their oppression. Yay!) They won’t. They also have no problem abusing tax loopholes, further showing that it has nothing to do with money. Most of them believe themselves above the lower citizens.

  51. You can’t sue because those in power have written the laws in ways that indemnifies them from having to answer for their actions. Elections have serious consequences especially when both parties lie through their teeth in exchange for votes.

  52. Don’t act like the GOP has a patent on being morons. Bitches like Feinstein and other Dems just love the fact that the government can spy on you. Both parties are the real problem in politics. They only support and stand for whatever will get them elected. You better believe if the country was 95% against cannabis use every fucking Dem would be against it too. Remember Dems loved slavery at one point but now supposedly are the party of the minorities. Funny how political gains can influence party beliefs.

  53. Cruz cited it as an example. Obama could avoid issues over marijuana legalization by simply removing it from the Schedule I. So failing to do so leaves him open to this type of scrutiny.

  54. I don’t think they are bothered that poor people are getting healthcare. I think they are bothered by having to pay for someone else’s healthcare who can’t afford it on their own. If you disagree with this principle, then please start giving away some of your grows for those who are incapable of growing successfully.

  55. I don’t believe marijuana is the driving force behind this law but rather the GOP’s attempt to reign in Obama and the way he delays whatever parts of Obamacare he wants to. Also failure to follow the law by not securing our borders is another reason for this law. The issue of marijuana legalization is truly a state’s rights issue and any rights not delegated from a state to the federal government cannot be enforced according to the Constitution. Colorado and Washington made their choice. The citizens of those states voted to assert their state’s rights and did not grant the rule of law on marijuana legalization to the federal government to decide.

  56. The president should pass an executive order responding to this stating that Congress can be sued for every bill it ignores/tables/goes on vacation over. Retroactively. Also for every blatant lie they tell. Oh, and every time they insult their President.

    At least this story is relevant. They actually mentioned it. Unlike when they just started making stuff up about death panels, etc with the ACA.

    I see they’re still upset that poor people are getting healthcare. That’s really what it’s all about. Holding the lower class down any way they can, be it through keeping them from getting healthcare or keeping cannabis illegal.

  57. firetheliberals on

    Do you people even watch the news? This bill was in reaction to Obama’s gross misuse of executive orders. More specifically, because of the 28 changes to ACA. I have heard no reference to marijuana on this at all

  58. House Republicans have made the passage of bills that stand zero chance of ever becoming law into a fine art. It’s not that they actually care if people smoke pot (unless they can figure out how they can profit from it) but they are very concerned about pandering to their uninformed, self-righteous base of zealots. There is only one takeaway from this article: your participation in local, state and federal elections really matters to all of us. If we let people like Darrell Issa and the rest of these goons stay in office, we will truly get the government we deserve.

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