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Rescheduling Marijuana Being Considered By Food And Drug Administration


fda food and drug administration maijuana deaThe United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently conducting research to see if marijuana should be downgraded from Schedule 1 to a lower, more appropriate classification. The review was requested by the DEA. Before people get too excited, realize that this is not the first time the DEA has asked the FDA to conduct a review. Similar analysis was conducted in 2001 and 2006, both times resulting in no action. Per Bloomberg:

Schedule 1 drugs carry the most restrictions of the five DEA classifications and are considered substances with no medical benefit that are highly addictive. Factors the FDA considers in making a recommendation include a drug’s abuse potential, its pharmacological effect and risk to public health, according to Throckmorton’s written testimony.

“This has big implications,” said Representative John Mica, a Florida Republican, who is leading the oversight hearing on pot research as part of an examination of changing societal attitudes about the drug.

Marijuana being scheduled as a ‘substance that has no medical value’ is one of the biggest shams in American public policy. Marijuana clearly has medical value, proven by the fact that the federal government supplies medical marijuana to four patients every month. Why the DEA requested the analysis right now is unclear, however, it comes at a time when at least 30 members of Congress are calling for rescheduling. I would speculate that this is a delay tactic so the feds can say ‘we are looking into it, check back later.’ Then the FDA will let it linger for as long as possible, just to conclude that no action is needed. I’m hopeful that’s not the case, but I won’t hold my breath.


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  1. we must understand, the FDA is controlled by that elite group of mostly European decent. If they rescheduled marijuana as medicine, all those companies who want to drug test us to screen us will HAVE TO use another excuse as to why they don’t want to hire us.
    just another way to keep the smarter man down.
    which is the reason the world is so backwards all the dummies inherited the money, so they go around polluting the minds and bodies of our youth, discredit the elderly, then they all lay back and have a good laugh.
    then put out statistics which say certain groups can’t get jobs, when they know the REAL reason for this.
    AND IT’S NOT EDUCATION ANYMORE, as it used to be.

  2. I am sick of the stalling – DEA is just stalling passing the buck …… it is not right !!! The DEA is well aware of the 10 patents FDA has approved for Cannabis based pills. Get Cannabis off the schedule list it is what the people want !!! Please vote for candidates that support Marijuana legalization – and urge celebrities actors and musicians to give to the cause. We need a big fund raisers like concerts to raise money for legal WEED !!!

  3. You’re all missing the point anyway. There is NO THC in Cannabis. THC is Schedule 1. Grow Baby Grow. Just be careful not to decarboxylate. Cannabis produces achenes. Cannabis/Hemp seeds are illegal. Achenes must be opened to get to the seed inside which renders the seed sterile. End of story. Import and cultivate Cannabis achenes to grow THC-free marijuana. When you’re ready to get high. Break the law and decarboxylate it. Really simple. If the police are not there to see you decaboxylate it just blame your intoxication on second hand smoke. NO wait, don’t do that. They would have a heyday on second hand pot smoke.

  4. None of this matters. When they drag their feet out another 5-10 years they will then tell you: “Even IF we REPEAL PROHIBITION, we still must petition the United Nations to exempt us from the Single Convention on Narcotics.” Just plant seeds EVERYWHERE. Make POT like SPEEDING. EVERYBODY does it. Few get caught when ticket-writing quotas have not been met. IGNORE PROHIBITION and it WILL GO AWAY.

  5. Trust me there is weed in Australia. You don’t have to risk a mail order transaction!

  6. stellarvoyager on

    It will only happen when the people of the several states force it to happen!

  7. It’s simple as 1,2,3: 1. It’s much easier to pass a bad law than to get rid of it. 2. Those that enforce these laws hate the idea of surrendering their power. 3. Unscrupulous politicians and civil servants use fear and disinformation to promote their own interests and those of their supporters.

  8. Just legalize cannabis and Hemp nationally and let the voters of each state vote on legalisation is good for there State. And all taxes from cannabis and hemp should be earmarked for college students education fund and k-12 students .this would help our nation economy by producing jobs and reducing tax dollars being.spend on For Profit Prison System and Law enforcement agencies raids. The has come to end this psycho pharmaceutical McCarthyism that the Reagan administration started and has spend over the past 30years over a trillion dollars , with nothing to show for it but destroyed American Citizens life’s. Time to end this psycho feel good war on drugs and legalize cannabis and Hemp nationally and create Jobs and not prison time for growing and smoking cannabis.

  9. They are great at losing the war on drugs. Because there is more drug use today then ever before and it only goes up each year. And if the DEA got completely taken away. The police could get enough funding over night to go and fight real crimes and the detectives of those polices departments could get way better research to make amazing tools for the capture of rapes and murders all over this country. But the evil, wasteful DEA blocks all that so they can fight weed smokers who hurt no one and destroy nothing but a bag of chips.

  10. Can anyone tell me of ANY good that the DEA does? What would be the real world implications if the DEA did not exist?

  11. That might also trip up some in the supreme court as well. They take a pledge to uphold the constitution.

  12. Has anyone heard of anyone that has weighed in on this issue throw out the fact of the US Govt Patented Medicinal Marijuana, US patent #6630507 2/2/2001. It would seem to me if this fact was aired every time the issue of “no medical value” comes up that it would put egg on the faces of the politicians that are against relaxing, decriminalizing, of legalising MJ.

  13. A republican-dominated house just voted to defund raids of medical cannabis facilities that are in compliance with their respective state laws. While the vote was not supported by a majority of R’s the minority of R’s who supported it (when added to the D’s) was large enough to rock the House.

  14. If they did downgrade it Republicans would just come up with something to get it overturned.

  15. we just need to upgrade high treason mandatory minimum laws, that would end the war against the people in this country of the cannabis community, the laws agains the cannabis community are unconstituional, and all who go with high treasonous laws are to blame

  16. Try the FREE option! Where it belongs. Tough capsule to swallow, oh ye greedy, negligently treasonous prohibitionists… Game is OVER.

    Let the toy go…… now already. Cannabis was removed from the people with intent to subject the world to harm – that includes the population as well the environment. Any suggested continuance of this illicit criminal intent should actually be dealt with in an International court of law.

    Cannabis is TECHNICALLY A FOODSTUFF – and both the American Constitution as well as the Canadian Charter ALREADY state very clearly the rights & freedoms of each individual citizen the unabashed, undeterred, unlimited, untaxed, unhindered & complete access to our OWN SELF-RELIANCE to food & medicine, SPECIFICALLY from our own gardens (indoor or out) for absolutely FREE.

    Any ‘commercial’ sales of Cannabis must adhere to such existing protections and base their financial models accordingly – NOT based on some draconian sustaining of an illicit monopolizing, short-sighted greed-fest model of pure, unadulterated, wanton fundamental civil rights violation racket!

    Let it go you big babies & STOP believing in your own lies – none of us do anymore & its costing lives as you stand there & pee yourselves like spoiled sandbox bullies!


  17. I have read that Dr, Egeberg was under a lot of pressure to resign and ostracized for his support of Shaffer and decrim by all of Nixon’s Staff then Nixon was gone and we are still stuck with his temporary classification.

  18. Jeff Johnson on

    So now they’ll drag ass for the next two years while they do ‘research’, then they’ll come back to the DEA and say “Yeah, we found that it’s really not deserving of a schedule I, II, III or even IV status! Then the DEA will say “Ok, thanks for your input, but we’ve decided we’re not going to reclassify”.

    Hearings, and committees, and research, all just gibberish that they spew while they ultimately GET NOTHING DONE! They’ve been doing this for 30 years, and the public allows it to continue. The DEAs own administrative judge, after two years of ‘hearings’ to consider reclassification, said that marijuana was one of the safest drugs on the planet. But the head of the DEA at the time decided that contrary to the judges decision (and contrary to all the evidence) he would just not reschedule, saying “we don’t know enough about it”.

    Hell, it’s a schedule I because it was put there ‘temporarily’ while a ‘commission’ created by Nixon studied how dangerous pot was. Not very, as they found. Of course, he didn’t like that answer, so the powers that be did what they always do when it comes to marijuana, throw all evidence out the window and say “It’s bad for you! You’re just gonna have to take OUR word for it”!

    Obama doesn’t have the balls to do the right thing, and tell Eric Holder to defer to Judge Francis’ ruling and take his recommendation to IMMEDIATELY reschedule marijuana. We held hearings for two years, only to allow the head of a law enforcement dept decide all on his own that the findings of those hearings were somehow irrelevant.

  19. It is about time for this to happen. What a crock that it has taken this long for any of the moronic government to get this to go on. I know that the evil DEA has made it hard as possible to do so, but time for this study is long over due. The worst thing about marijuana is the prohibition against it and hopefully within these studies that will come out with fingers flying in the faces of all law enforcement. FREE THE PLANT AND LET FREEDOM RING!!!

  20. The study came 2 years later, it was done by the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, entitled “Marihuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding”, and is commonly referred to as the Shafer Report. This is the exact wording from the end of their conclusion.
    Considering the range of social concerns in contemporary America, marihuana does not, in our considered judgment, rank very high. We would deemphasize marihuana as a problem.

    The existing social and legal policy is out of proportion to the individual and social harm engendered by the use of the drug. To replace it, we have attempted to design a suitable social policy, which we believe is fair, cautious and attuned to the social realities of our time.

  21. Daniel Ferguson on

    Let’s get this done… already look like dumb asses for lying to the American people for this long.

  22. The 1970 temporary scheduling of cannabis #1 now going on 45 years awaiting studies that never came, were canceled or were ignored I think even Nixon own health secretary Dr Robert Egeberg who was against it and bullied into still todays temporary scheduling #1. I think its temporary scheduling of cannabis needs to end today.

  23. Carrie Beth White on

    Cannabis Is An HERB Not A Drug! Get That Through Your Puny Little Minds! Cannabis IS The TREE OF LIFE And What Jesus The Creation Told Us Is His Body And Blood! Only Truth Sets You Free! What Are The Drugs Of Which Scriptures State Are Sorcery Is The Pharmaceuticals And All The Food And Everything Else The Government Feeds You! Sorcery Is The ACT OF MIXING POISONS! Cannabis Tree Of Life Is A Good Green Plant God Gives To ALL Of Her Children She Loves! Stop Rejecting Jesus God Bless It! Our Bodies Require The Tree Of Life In Order To FUNCTION PROPERLY! Jesus Is The One That Taught The Sheep That His Body And Blood Is Cannabis! Why Do You Think Cannabis Stays In Your System For So Long? Because It Is SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! Jesus Is The Shepherd Of The Sheep And He Came Bearing The Good Plant From God The Father! Luke 8:11 The Seed Is The Word Of God. The Church Is The False Church They Do Not Teach What Jesus Taught, They Teach False Doctrine And Commandments Of Man. The Church The Synagogues Are The Lawbreakers Of God’s Laws! The Church The Heathens Exalted Son Of Man Above God The Father! I Know So Because I Am The Spirit In Jesus’ Flesh That You All Lifted Up! Do NOT Exalt Creation Above Creator! I Am The Spirit Of The Living God In Jesus The Creations Flesh. She Is The Word Of The Living God In The Creators Flesh. Stop Lifting Jesus Above God You Heathens When You Do Its Me You Lift Up. You Are To Worship Your Living God In Spirit And In Truth With God’s True Holy Sacrament Cannabis Tree Of Life!

  24. RayChristlTHC on

    “Societal attitudes” are just that=OPINION. Should be factual science based, and not swayed by emotive bigotry of past ‘reefer madness’.

  25. Lynn Boostedt on

    There is less risk in cannabis. It has more than one medical benefit. More of the people educated on cannabis know this. No more lies from our government.

  26. Hopefully sensible minds will prevail! If you are in Florida – VOTE YES on #2!

    Looking to work with Medical Cannabis in Florida? Check out HempStaff as well.

  27. Daniella Rose-de Montignie on

    I live in Australia. I personly could claim several treatable conditions. My country’s government has not even begun to recognize the medicinal property’s, let alone the major impact this plant has.
    I am contemplating ordering weed from overseas and taking the chance I wont get ripped off or caught.
    Bless to you all.
    I always say.
    It is 4 20 somewhere in the world….

  28. With the absurdity of the Kettle Falls Five case in Washington state, what would be a sentence of life in prison for something that is legal on a state level means that we set our pick post, right here, right now in an all out effort to end federal cannabis prohibition.

    All of the pressure up above is from corporations that want to have cannabis to synthesize medications from.
    While maybe some good comes from that, what really matters is that federal criminal prosecution against marijuana ends.

    The time has come to do whatever it takes to end this nonsense.
    Before you vote, know how your candidates stand.
    Show up, and vote drug war supporters out.

  29. Yeah, the FDA and DEA are criminal organizations, that are not interested in the truth, they are interested in money.

  30. Big Pharma must be serviced. Soon they will have to LEGALIZE it completely. Radiation is here. Cancer is Rampant. Chemo is poison (Mustard Gas). Cannabis oil is the only answer. 97% of Americans that get cancer DIE. Radiation is hitting the West Coast big time right now. There is a “California size island of junk from Japan’s Tsunami that is going to hit California very soon. I hear it is highly RADIOACTIVE. Cancer is coming to us all. Chemo will destroy your immune system. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITHOUT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM?

  31. Kevin LaBerge on

    Since the FDA is controlled by big pharma, there’s little chance of it happening. It will take an act of Congress, which also has very little chance of happening anytime soon.

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