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Response To Jefferson City Mayor’s Marijuana Proclamation


Jefferson City’s (Missouri) Mayor Carrie Tergin recently signed an anti-marijuana proclamation. The proclamation was nothing short of reefer madness. Below is a press release from Mid-MO NORML in response to the signing of the proclamation (I tried to copy and paste the text, but it’s a PDF so I couldn’t):

jeff city mayor marijuana


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  1. One thing that not a lot of people analyze is the fact that if you are a politician in charge, and there is marijuana legislation on your (the politician’s) plate – depending on your available resources & in order to implement any reform with total control by you (because you are in charge), I understand that a lot of politicians don’t want to deal with it, simply because they don’t want to devote their time and energy to it, when they had other agendas for which they wanted to be in public office. It is not always about getting paid off by pharma companies and more about laziness and unwillingness to to the job for which they were elected.

    Yes, being a politician theoretically means to serve the people (which people is up for debate, since many follow a narrow path), the fact is if your agenda is fighting for agribusiness interests and the pro-marijuana team heaps some coal on your plate, tells you to roll up your sleeves and get to work helping implement marijuana reform, and you don;t want to do it, because you had other interest in mind for your time in office, then most politicians will fight against it to just avoid doing the work.

    Some will say the solution to the problem is to gather pro-marijuana candidates and have them run against the anti-marijuana candidates and more pro-marijuana candidates you have, the easier it will be. But being in public office is a lot of work, and someone running just on pro-marijuana also might not want to have to tackle all of the other issues that comes with the responsibility of public office.

  2. No surprises here inbred Missouri kool-aid drinking Politician hard at work securing corporate Americas agenda. Liquor,Paper,Oil,Trees Industries from her district out her in office!

  3. newageblues on

    As MID-MO NORML noted, prohibition doesn’t just put distribution of weed in the hands of people willing to sell to kids, it puts distribution in the hands of people willing to make kids into distributors themselves. And it exposes kids to whatever other drugs those people are also selling. If prohibitionists were honest they would admit these problems, but I’ve never heard a prohibitionist who admits that prohibition causes a single problem.

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