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ResponsibleOhio Revises Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Allows Home Grow


responsibleohio ohio marijuanaResponsibleOhio is trying to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio during the 2016 Election. When ResponsibleOhio announced its marijuana legalization initiative, there was a lot of outcry from activists in Ohio and nationwide. Much of the criticism was directed at ResponsibleOhio’s initiative language which forbid home cultivation, and instead provided for only ten cultivation facilities for the entire state. That ‘monopoly model’ was very unpopular, but I’m happy to say that ResponsibleOhio has updated their initiative to include home cultivation. Per Cleveland.Com:

Pro-pot group ResponsibleOhio announced Tuesday it plans to allow adults age 21 and older to grow marijuana at home in a revised proposal to legalize the drug in Ohio for personal and medical use.

Retail customers would pay 5 percent tax on pot and edible pot products instead of the previously proposed rate of 15 percent.

“After extensive conversations with experts and concerned citizens across the state and nation, ResponsibleOhio has decided to include regulated and limited home growing as a part of our amendment,” ResponsibleOhio Spokesperson Lydia Bolander said in a press release. “Combined with a lower tax rate for consumers, these changes will make our communities safer by smothering the black market.”

Ohio residents will be allowed to apply for a license to grow up to four plants at home. In order for the initiative to get on the ballot, ResponsibleOhio has to gather 305,591 valid signatures by July 1st. The initiative has strong backing from some solid funders inside of the state. National funding looked like it wasn’t going to happen due to the language of the initiative, but I have to assume that since the language was changed to add home cultivation, there could be some help coming from outside of Ohio.


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  1. I would like to know more about the application for a license homegrowers. What are requirements and exclusions? What questions will it ask? Etc…..

  2. Well, I am so disappointed to find out that a monopoly on growing is what this initiative has in mind. If this becomes legal in Ohio, any farmer or person wanting to farm, should be able to grow it (under some regulation of course). I have been a professional grower (8 acres of greenhouses in the foliage and vegetable industry) for 3 generations, and I am highly qualified (sorry for the pun!!) to grow most anything. If I choose to use my farm to grow marijuana I should be allowed to do this. If it is going to be monopolized by a select few (and I am not convinced that those few are not politically chosen) then I am not in favor of the passage of this law. If it is indeed shadowed similiar to the Colorado plan, it should be hugely successful…with many new businesses and growers, many new products… but if Ohio wants to give this to a select few people, then it is totally a plan for disaster….making a few very weathy people … and not allowing the normal folks to build their own businesses… just take from the masses and benefit the very few… no, I want no part in that business model. Hope others can see how unfair that will be!!

  3. This is a month after your post, but I heard on the radio today that they have enough signatures to put it on the ballot. Let’s just hope it’s not ONLY for medicinal purposes. This is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, you don’t smoke a pack of js a day.

    It sounded like they were talking like it would be THIS Nov. but I don’t know why we’d be having any kind of elections this year. This would be a great thing for OH! It’s going to be a given NATIONWIDE sooner rather than later anyways. Stop fighting it and let us have a friggin PLANT!! It’s more natural than the meds I need for various medical issues and certainly would be safer. This should be a no brainer. But then DeWINE is DeWINER and another politician that thinks HE rules the roost and screw what WE want. I met him once. That was one too many times. Strange dude.

  4. They are liars! on

    Responsible Ohio is nothing more but a group of well funded liars trying to steal our states money and create a monopoly. This is the same people that lied about that tax revenue for the casinos and got that passed to benefit their investor buddies. Do your homework people, just don’t read the headline.

  5. Not to get in to the middle of a conversation, but if “Ohio Voter” flagged you, seems to me that they have the problem. They use the word SHILL often. Perhaps work for another group trying to get this approved? That’s really a crappy thing to do to someone. Or perhaps someone working AGAINST this? Sad when we can’t just have adult conversation without someone “telling on someone else” for whatever reason. Until Americans grow up, we’ll always be screwed. OHV probably isn’t even old enough to vote.

  6. sourpatchkid on

    Pretty much….I won’t hold my breath until the amendment is actually on the ballot tho n *fingers crossed* approved n c it n stores….have a long way to go still.

  7. Sure will!! OH needs this! Wish it would have gotten more attention before the ’14 mid-terms and been on the ballet then! It should be just as legal as all of my other house plants!

  8. U should look nto all 4 groups b4 deciding(jus a suggestion) but if ur for responsibleohio(which n my opinion is the better group) u can google responsibleohio n find out where they r having signings. I just found out not to long ago n I was suprised to find out there has been groups tryna get this legalized since 2011…..n Noe I’ve been tryna find as much as I can on it read as much on it as I possibly can!

  9. Just heard on the radio that DeWine turned it down for not enough signatures. You need to post this info in MANY places – I didn’t even know it had a chance in OH!! I have Chronic Pain and several health issues. I’d love to see if this would help me, AND it’s no business of the govt what we do at our own homes with our own bodies. It USED to be Constitutional FREEDOM but they’re taking that all away.
    Just tell me — WHERE DO I SIGN?? OH needs this. The sooner, the better! This would be much healthier than all of the synthetic Big Pharma crap I take every day!!
    Again, if anyone knows where I sign, TELL ME!! I’m sure I can get several people to sign!!

  10. Dude, it’s pretty simple: Either you vote for a free market with reasonable regulations and taxation for everyone who wants to participate in the billion dollar industry (eg Colorado’s free market); or you vote away those american rights and guarentee them to an insider group of oligarchs, just so you can “legally” spark a joint.

    Yes, it totally sucks that Ohio has too many groups pushing for legalization; but what sucks even more is that the group getting the most attention and investment consists of monopolists who participate in collusion, deceptive practices, and greed.

    Sorry about the extreme rhetoric, but tough issues deserve tough criticism and honest analysis. When something as important as legalizing cannabis culture comes to your state; it needs to be done right.

    Take a look at the mess in Washington, people frenzied to legalize it, but it cost them their right to grow at home.

    All opponents of Irresponsible Ohio want is for Ohioans to vote with their heads not their hearts. Ohio will have a go in 2016 and the entire country is also poised for 2016. Sure 2015 would be nicer, but at what cost?

  11. If people in the mj community feel like you do, then fuck mj. I want nothing more to do with it.. Fight your own battles. I’m fucking out of here! Stupid Americas bitch about taxes but don’t mind their tax dollars being used to wage militaristic mayhem across the globe in the Middle East and eastern Europe! Fuck your factionalism! Apologies to weed blog. Apologies to the people that have been kind to me on this blog.

  12. If you support Irresponsible Ohio your either, ignorant, a shill or a coward.

    “Praise ye Responsible Ohio and your glorious money, Ohioans are but servants in your Marijuana Empire.”

  13. Shill or no shill, your assessment that Ohio wont have another chance to vote on legalization is incorrect. RO isnt the only group of millionaires who want to see Ohio become a legal market. RO is unqiue because of their unethical Monopolistic regulatory practices.

    Sadly, you’ll probly get it your way… I hope you just don’t regret it. We’ve all been waiting for this ,so why should we be so eager to hand it off to people who clearly don’t know anything about cannabis except how to profit and unfairly regulate it.

    As a proud American with respect for a free market industry and for cannabis freedom I refuse to Bow to your money master Responsible Ohio.

  14. They have to b made into that. U can’t jus go out to a grape vine or berry bush, pick it n eat it n ur buzzed, weed u can. That’s the difference between ne fruit or vegetable n marijuana. I can grow a tomato plant, a grape vine, a berry bush, n a marijuana plant, let them grow, let them all mature n the ONLY one I’d b able to harvest without doing nething to it n get buzzed would b marijuana. Dry trim, n smoke it, no added nething. Everything else u have to add ingredients n make it into the product. Weed naturally grows that way. There’s no real process to it unless u want there to b(vape pens for example) n ur rite grapes n berries aren’t illegal but once they r turned nto wine they r n not for neone under 21 n is recommended to b kept away from children n some ppl go as far has having locked cabinets so their is no easy access, tho not required by law to do so but jus bn a responsible person. I know I wouldn’t want my children to get nto my plants so they would b locked away neway even if their wasn’t a requirement if I chose to grow. Ppl child proof their homes so children won’t get ahold of products that r harmful or keep them out of reach which usually means out of sight. They r jus tryna keep it safe as possible without easy access n still give us what we want, legal marijuana. There has to b sum kind of stipulations on it or shits really gonna go haywire especially wit teenagers. Its not jus UR kids that’s bn lookd out for but ur kids friends too. If there parents aren’t nto that kind of thing, they come over to ur home, where theres accessible marijuana n they smoke or want to try it what’s gonna stop em from taken it, nothing cuz there aren’t ne locks cuz y spend the extra cash what could possibly go wrong…..I think if Sumone wants to grow they should b aloud but there should also b requirements. Sum ppl jus don’t c things n safe responsible ways n that can b harmful to nebody. Ur still gettn what u want u just have to follow sum rules bout like wit nething else n life. N I don’t believe that its nutrition, helpful yes but there is no real nutritional value. U don’t recieve ne kind of vitamins or nething like that from ingesting marijuana.

  15. Home growing will keep the government honest. If they try to over-tax marijuana, we will have a way to avoid that tax, AS IT SHOULD BE! We are not and should not be taxed on ANYTHING we make for ourselves, for our own consumption. And if some homegrown gets passed along to some of our friends who don’t grow? So be it. That is AS IT SHOULD BE!

  16. Oh so if you support legalization (however imperfect the initiative may be) that makes you a shill? Did I stumble on to a project SAM site?

  17. “That’s a nice victory for us so yeah it’s one step and they have to go back to the drawing board a little bit,” said Mary Haag with Prevention
    Mary Haag? Is she related to that Melinda Haag bitch?

  18. Mike DeWine’s office says that DeWine found at least two defects with the summary language within the petition:

    The summary language omits that the proposed amendment permits the sharing of specified amounts of marijuana between adults 21-years-old and older.

    The language did not accurately reflect the manner in which proposed taxes would be distributed.

    According to a release, DeWine noted that at least one marijuana establishment proposed in the amendment may be within 1,000 feet of a “house of worship and/or a public playground,” which would also conflict claims made in the summary language.

  19. Let’s cut to the chase here. It’s either dangerous or it’s not! We all know no deaths ever…billions of people have used this plant without incident…it’s highly benefical and a completely non toxic edible food source. It’s animal feed & insects consume it…it really needs no regulations if and until there is a victim!

  20. Grapes can easily be fermented they are not illegal…dandelions are weeds that people make into wine and get buzzed dandelions are not illegal. Grapes are sold in stores, grown in yards, dandelions are in yards, blackberries grow wild and can easily be wine as well.

  21. If u have a green thumb then 4 plants should b enough n as for the license well they have to regulate sumhow n keep track of who’s growing n how much maybe boost the number to six but then u mite b growing way more than needed or aloud….having this is better than having nothing at all n not bn able to medicate as desired is very frustrating….I’d rather pick up from a retail store n b able to smoke than to b feeln the way I do now….stressed, irritable, frustrated, n can’t sleep n its on a daily basis I’d love to b able to go to a local store n pick up a strain of weed that would help n stead of feeln like I jus wanna punch sumthin n searchn google on how to “naturally fall asleep” when I kno
    all I need is sum good ol’ mj….I can’t jus go get what I need bcuz I don’t have access n its not legal to do so(which never stopped me b4, but the stakes r a Lil higher for me now which isn’t right)but mostly I jus can’t get ne bcuz I can’t find reliable sources 100% of the time so I’m jus SOL on sleep n everything else until sumthin gets passed n I’m down for this jus cuz mostly I don’t like doctors n I already kno what I need so y waste money n time on sumthin like that when I already kno n y should I have to have a recommendation from a doctor to do so when I already kno that it works very well for me personally

  22. Needing a license for growing 4 measly plants is dictatorship …four plant for people health is not enough…it’s a super food we want a lot to juice for a whole family and we should not need a license nor permission for what we personally want to consume.

  23. Dewine rejected the amendment yesterday…..I figured that would happen but responsibleohio already had a new amendment planned they jus need the signatures for it now, but I think that its going to get rejected neway bcuz not jus does dewine think its a bad plan but they all think that so there for this amendment will more than likely never make it to the ballot…..I feel like this is a losing battle in ohio n its going to b awhile b4 we c ne kind of legalization n Ohio n its very sad….n as for ppl that want to legalize jus medical marijuana what bout the ppl that don’t have debilating problems that still need it but can’t/wont b approved. Its not fair to the ppl for it to b right there but still outta reach. I think jus medical isn’t right at all n it doesn’t eliminate the black market problem. I don’t believe the black market well ever b completely gone but it sure would take a hit if its 100% legal for everyone medically n recreationally….. 2015 is going to b a big loss n Ohio…..

  24. thom bombastus on









    Thom Bombastus

  25. It wasn’t bout what they have n common its how they r compared they aren’t the same no matter how u wanna put it they have different qualities n r used for two very different things

  26. It looks like you flagged me as a troll, and now my comments have to be pre-approved. You are mistaken. I have had this discus account for over two years. You on the other hand made your account two weeks ago for what seems like a very specific purpose.

  27. I signed the ORG petition and have supported them for a long time. If they somehow get on the ballot, I will vote for them, but I am not holding my breath. They have been trying to pass something for 4 long years, but are basically broke, and the only way to get on the ballot is with paid signature gatherers.

    I am not a shill for ResponsibleOhio. They are sketchy and in this for the money, and yes, I have seen the fake comments they write on news stories. The problem is that they are likely the only option for another five years or more. If the weed ends up being crappy, (I think they will at least try to make products people want because they want to turn a profit.) I can just grow my own or buy from the people I buy from right now. Also crappy weed can still make good edibles, and they do not control edible production.

    The big difference is that I’ll never have to worry about losing my driver’s license for 6 months if the cops find a bowl in my glove compartment again.

  28. I get your point, but just want to add that it wasn’t that long ago that tomatoes were considered poisonous. Thomas Jefferson was one of the first daring gourmets to challenge the norm. So both marijuana and tomatoes have in common being wrongfully persecuted plants.

  29. ^ this message was brought to you by Responsible Ohio Shills Inc.

    Ohio Stand Up!

    Educate your brothers and sisters about ohiorightsgroup.org vs responsibleohio; ie: farmers markets vs walmart weed

  30. Actually Ohio will have the chance every year following 2015.

    The feds are preparing to reclassify and impliment a federal tax/regulatory systems as we speak. Once that happens everyone rich and poor will be willing to support ethical pro-legalization campaigns. Hopefully ones that treat marijuana as a free market commodity and not some Oligarchy’s golden goose.

  31. Hey Shill, if you are so into medical why not support ohiorightsgroup.org? They are half way to the signature point already.

    As you would have us believe, Ohioans must get on their knees and praise Irresponisble Ohio for their power and wealth.

    “Nevermind the greed dudes, its only a billion dollar industry. I cant wait to spend my paycheck on some crappy warehouse weeed” – NotAShill

  32. I wish the initiative you are talking about could make the ballot, but gathering signatures in Ohio is an extremely expensive process. Oho Rights group created a great initiative for medical marijuana with a lot of local support, but no national reform organizations are interested in spending money in this state, so the effort failed. ROfC is much less organized and even more underfunded than ORG.

    Realistically, the only options are the well-funded ResponsibleOhio initiative, or continued prohibition for years to come.

  33. You say the black market will thrive, but it is thriving right now. You don’t think this initiative will help at all? We don’t even have medical yet here. This is a positive step forward, and Ohio’s only chance to legalize.

  34. Tomatos doesn’t alter the mind state like weed does…..its a plant yes but can’t b compared to something like a tomato plant….the two plants grow to completely different things one that alters the mind set n one that doesn’t. I’m actually getting tired of ppl comparing the two bcuz they’re r big differences between the two…..find a better way to argue ur point cuz this one is a relevant, preposterous, n played out!

  35. This is the only chance we will get to legalize in this state for years. We can try to erode the oligopoly of 10 producers at a later date. Think of the casinos: originally there were only 4 approved casinos with 2 owners, now we have 6 more that were built in the past few years. If we can pass this initiative, we can gradually improve it in a similar way.

    This is a much better option than the only realistic alternative, which is continued prohibition for years to come. There are good parts of this bill, as well, including tax free, non-profit, subsidized medical marijuana and no cap on the number of dispensaries or edibles businesses.

    When you criticize this initiative, think of DC, they are stuck with NO commercial growing or retail stores. You have to admit this version of legalization is at least somewhat better than that. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  36. Thats what I thought about Washington’s legalization…just legalize, but now its a huge mess and fixing the problems is extremely difficult. It will be even more difficult to change anything in Ohio because of the political climate there. It should be handled with great care and cover ALL of the bases from the get go. There is no rush. The only rush is these 10 trying to push it through for the very reason I just mentioned….control. Be the state that does it right!

  37. It is a monopoly from a production aspect of it. Because only these select 10 growers will be allowed to grow and sell to retailers. This is exactly a definition of a monopoly.

  38. Sorry but I can’t buy them being “responsible” about it. There are too many details not fleshed out yet. What is the fee? Is that fee permanent or is it subject to change? What happens if someone’s license to homegrow is revoked? Are they subject to inspection? Can landlords prevent tenants from growing? Home Owners Associations? Will those with license have their information publicly available?

    Sorry but this is nothing more than 10 people deciding to craft a bill that allows only their group to profit off of growing. Sure anyone can own a retail dispensary only as long as they buy from these 10 growers who will set their own market price. Fuck that. This is the way the mafia used to do business. It would be just as laughable if Budweiser came out during prohibition and crafted a bill that let them brew and prevented any and all competitors.

  39. Hard to find anyone more pro legalization than me but I would vote against this. It won’t work. When the black market thrives what are they going to do with their constitutional amendment?

    Mark my words, the only thing that will work is just legalize and restrict it’s use by minors. It is going to be grown, used and sold no matter what the law is so why not design laws around reality? Or not and continue to bloody your citizens. What folly.

  40. Just to clarify, I was referring to Ohio legalization of mj in general, rather than a specific proposal.

  41. ResponsibleOhio is a monopoly bill that will create a marijuana cartel like the casino cartel in Ohio.

    These permits will cost you A LOT of money and 4 plants is NOTHING and would only produce the average person about 1/2 lb of marijuana PER YEAR!!!. Not to mention get ready to have State officials snoop through your home unannounced for compliance checks.

    Instead, VOTE for the Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis bill which creates a true free market for marijuana and allows for home production with no BS permits.

  42. They are creating a monopoly cartel and trying to buy votes by promising more tax dollars through permits for cities. They are a corrupt group looking to destroy competition and a real free market.

  43. But it is a defeat if you allow a cartel to still control weed. It might as well still be a black market product.

  44. They are creating a monopoly cartel and trying to buy votes by promising more tax dollars through permits for cities. They are a corrupt group looking to destroy competition and a real free market.

  45. It will be a real feat if this comes to pass because of all of the crazy bible thumpers in ohio.

  46. There are so many economic opportunities for us residents. Ohioans over 21 who can pass a criminal background check can own and operate retail stores, with local voter approval. They can also own and operate manufacturing to create drinks, edibles, lotions and sprays.

  47. William Steele on

    I don’t see the license as being a big deal to register to home grow and pay a $50 fee. That seems reasonable to me especially since this is still a Schedule 1 drug at the federal level. Seems like ResponsibleOhio is just trying to be responsible about it.

  48. So to homegrow you have to apply for a license? Are you fucking serious? And what is to stop them from assessing a fee for those on the list? What’s to stop the Feds from getting such lists and prosecuting? It’s ridiculous that they want to legalize cannabis but force you to get a license to produce something that will be legal if this passes. The change is an improvement albeit a small one. I can already see a case happening where a homegrow gets busted because his/her license was revoked for some reason without notifying them just so they can seize property.

  49. Permission to grow plants? Still it is an improvement. But think about this:

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

  50. First, what I don’t understand is why more people aren’t up in arms about having to have a license to grow, and that the limit is 4 plants. Why are people not demanding at least 6 plants and no license? This is the part that infuriates me.
    Second, a monopoly would mean they control everything from seed to sale. Anyone over 21 who can pass a background check is perfectly allowed to open an edibles or retail business for it – that is not a monopoly.

  51. This is still ridiculous. Yes to legalization but no to responsible ohio s greed driven monopoly proposal!

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