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ResponsibleOhio – Stop Using A Marijuana Mascot To Campaign For Marijuana Legalization


responsibleohio buddie marijuana mascotMost veteran marijuana activists refused to support the ResponsibleOhio marijuana legalization campaign when it started. A handful of us reserved judgement so that some constructive conversations could take place. I think most of us were pushed over the edge recently when the ResponsibleOhio campaign unveiled a ‘marijuana mascot’ named Buddie. I’m not sure what the campaign envisioned when they created Buddie, but the backlash from the cannabis community was quick. I personally think that it’s maybe the worst idea in the history of marijuana politics (check out my article about that).

A petition has been created in an effort to urge the ResponsibleOhio to quit using the Buddie marijuana mascot. The use of the mascot not only hurts ResponsibleOhio’s chances for passing (which is true even if they don’t want to admit it now that they see that their idea is having unintended consequences), but it also hurts the greater cannabis reform movement. Cannabis opponents are already pointing to it as being the ‘Joe Camel’ of marijuana. A lot of damage has already been done, and the ResponsibleOhio campaign needs to step up and do what’s right and quit using the mascot. Below is the language of the petition. I urge all TWB readers to sign it (at this link here), and to use the hash tag #NoMarijuanaMascots on all of your social media channels to tell ResponsibleOhio that the cannabis reform movement should be using facts to reform cannabis laws, not gimmicks:

This November, Ohio voters will be deciding whether to support Initiative 3, which would legalize marijuana for adults. This campaign, run by a group called ResponsibleOhio and backed by wealthy investors seeking to get even richer off of the new industry, has been mired in controversy due to the initiative’s language that would give them a monopoly on cultivating marijuana in the state.

To add to all of this, ResponsibleOhio recently unveiled a new mascot, Buddie, to promote the initiative. The fuzzy superhero mascot with a marijuana bud for a head was quickly condemned by both legalization supporters and opponents, as it seems geared towards children and makes light of a very serious issue.

This mascot flies in the face of everything long-time marijuana legalization activists are fighting for: a responsible industry that improves communities and takes its pledge not to market to children seriously. Using a marijuana-headed superhero to campaign for legalization not only violates this pledge, but gives prohibitionists an argument against reform on a silver platter.

If we don’t act, Buddie may become the Joe Camel of marijuana: a prime example of irresponsibility that opponents can point to, potentially stalling reform or even reversing the trend toward legalization.

Whether or not you support ResponsibleOhio’s ballot initiative, we can agree that they should not be using a marijuana mascot to push for the measure. It’s not too late for them to stop using this irresponsible and counterproductive tactic. Join me in telling the campaign, #NoMarijuanaMascots!


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Johnny Green


  1. A victory for legalization in Ohio in 2015 would be a knock out blow nationally to the prohibitionists. Instead we get a bunch infighting, snark and self-righteousness. Legalization won’t end the crony capitalist system we live in.

    The prohibitionist have been caught off guard in the past, but they won’t make the same mistake again. This plan might be crappy, but politics are crappy in general. I wish the movement could think more strategically.

  2. Kathleen Chippi on

    jontomas–still shilling for RO because he has no friends who will smoke him out….lol ” The other minor points can be easily fixed later.” lol…yeah, because everyone has an extra 20 plus million to amend the Constitution again.

  3. Kathleen Chippi on

    “The point was that Colorado doesn’t have a “free” system and if you had ever even visited the city”

    Colorado City in Utah or the state of Colorado, where I have lived for the last 25 years?

    “You’re that crazy lady from Arizona, Oregon, or from wherever there is reform ongoing. You from Oregon last year. The insane woman who wrote a book about pot ruining her life and forcing her into prostitution. I was
    wondering when you would pop back up. It’s your chemically confused style of thinking that gives you away”

    wrong and if you google my name before you type clueless ramblings, you can track my 25 years of activism from Colorado…

    and to the rest of your comment: I quote Alex Lifeson when RUSH was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeXjq70JHe8 so much can be said with the word blah, including FU

  4. On the positive side from your POV, that boom will come to a screeching halt when California opens retail sales. The point was that Colorado doesn’t have a “free” system and if you had ever even visited the city you would have noticed that, rather than repeating a line you read in an article. You’re that crazy lady from Arizona, Oregon, or from wherever there is reform ongoing. You from Oregon last year. The insane woman who wrote a book about pot ruining her life and forcing her into prostitution. I was wondering when you would pop back up. It’s your chemically confused style of thinking that gives you away. I make a point about the actual rules in Colorado, and you reply with rental prices? Why not address the facts of Colorado rules instead? Because you don’t know them because you have never even seen Colorado. Property owners are pretty happy about the economy of Denver right now. Rent goes up in every single city on the planet Earth when the economy takes off. Some Americans learn to thrive in a new market, and some sit back and complain that nothing is given to them for free. Accept it. We are the Marijuana Majority.

  5. Kathleen Chippi on

    I’m sure I do to people who have no comprehension skills…. I think the same of you and JonASS. Now lets google your name and see what either of you have done for cannabis freedom anytime in the last 25 years. Oh, I see nothing. Not surprising you come off as another carpetbagger sucking off the hard work of others….I hope it passes and then you two get used as examples of how NOT ‘legal’ pot will be in Ohio.

  6. Kathleen Chippi on

    if RO passes–you will have the same problem we have in CO–you think it will be easier to raise $$$ to again amend your constitution and you are so wrong. No (local) activist can raise $$$ to fix anything in CO–everyone thinks pot is already ‘legal’ —that is until they get busted and call me for advice. Then even they find out no one will help hem with $$ for court….Everyone who wants pot for the last 78 years has been able to find it–why change things to where people “THINK” it’s legal only to find out it’s not in the court of law—not saying everyone will–just they people they cherry pick to use as examples, whose lives will be ruined.

  7. Kathleen Chippi on

    “They will forever face large obstacles to decent employment, education,
    travel, housing, government benefits, and will always go into court with
    one strike against them. They can even have their children taken away!” what aren’t you comprehending? Check out the Colorado Supreme Court ruling in Coats v. Dish Network that says ALL cannabis is Colorado is STILL ILLEGAL IE: ALL cannabis users/cultivators can still lose: employment, child custody, gun rights, housing, unemployment benefits, occupational licenses, banking, insurance, ALL assets and FREEDOM (to mention a few from my list I see you are now copying but in short sighted fashion thinking they only applie BEFORE (fake) legalization. Well this high court has RULED–even with 2 constitutional amendments (1 15 years old) and the list of losses one can suffer does not change BEFORE or AFTER (fake) legalization. The more you write the dumber you clarify yourself for us all. Perhaps instead of whoring for Big business/$$$ you should spend some time looking for a friend who can smoke you out.

  8. Kathleen Chippi on

    yeah we have had an influx of idiots moving here from all over the country ruining our state and rental/housing prices.

  9. Kathleen Chippi on

    lol– you keep telling yourself it’s good — people with brain activity see it completely differently…

  10. Huntsman smoker on

    Family does have a point. Why worry about the so called “weed” monopoly and help us get cheaper cable.

  11. Huntsman smoker on

    Ok so let’s just give up on everything then! Fuck it, why try at all. Everything didn’t work out on the first try so fuck it lets just give up forever………..moron.

  12. Huntsman smoker on

    Is everyone who uses pot a “brain dead bong sucking stoner”? Why be so offensive? Why r you so angry anyway. How is voting yes on 3 going against self interest? Do we want to leave prohibition in place to criminalize users for any more time than we absolutely have to?

  13. Huntsman smoker on

    Absofuckinlutely! The mascot is also just for publicity guys. Whether good or bad publicity it still gets the message out there.

  14. You missed (or ignored) my point that is a separate issue. Again, marijuana reform is a process, not an event. There’s lots of mopping up operations to carry out, but marijuana reform is definitely winning the war. – You have a strange need to deny it.

    Anecdotal “information” carries little weight for various good reasons. – You’re lighter than air.

  15. The world’s largest propaganda campaign has been demonizing marijuana consumers for eight decades. It’s no surprise much of that has stuck and will take decades more to erase through education.

    Are average people (non-reformers) really upset about this costumed character, or are they primarily upset about the false image of marijuana and marijuana consumers they (understandably) harbor subconsciously?

    It would be helpful to actually hear from people who have seen this mascot – say some college students. – Any around?

  16. Kathleen, at least consider that reality that this could be a one shot deal here. Isn’t this the first Marijuana petition to make it to ballot in Ohio? We’ve seen every organization and club come out against it, not because of the 10 kings, but because it’s marijuana. If the investment money moves on, everything goes back 10 years. Even the decrim laws of recent could be changed with one governor. There is huge risk in RO failing.

    What if RO passes? There are 2 groups with better plans filing for the 2016 ballot. They will have a lot easier time raising the money that absolutely has to be had to gather petitions, have them validated, etc. What exactly would you lose if RO passed? You would gain breathing room and a state jump on the market. Other states are actively seeking the same investors who are backing RO right now. What if they were to invest in another state next year and Ohio ends up with not enough petitions again? Ohio could end up with some restricted plan passed by the Legislature that has no home grow, and more than likely would be Medical only. The only reason you aren’t seeing full on Reefer Madness propaganda right now in Ohio is because it would favor RO. America has not moved beyond “Just Say No”. Things could swing so far the other way that the people of Ohio might be left scratching their heads on “remember when”. I’d vote yes on 3, then start on the new plan the day after. You would have the Free Market plan passed before RO even opened the same store. Hate them? Use them then.

  17. The word Monopoly has been a Liberal way cry for a hundred years. I think NPR jumped on the story without looking into the details. SAM has never had such an effective and decisive tactic. They know that we have used Special Interest money, to legally change laws in state after state. Now they attack our source of funding those expensive ballot petitions. It’s spreading to other states now. No one wants a monopoly. But you don’t block yourself with any Constitutional change on any issue. And there is nothing for anyone to lose by voting Yes on 3. So in a year you pass another initiative and change it to an free market model. What the hell would that hurt anyone? It would hurt only the Prohibitionists and the Ohio Legislature. Why isn’t anyone talking about how the Ohio Legislature could change this all today. Right this second they could get a 2/3 majority that would override the governor, and pass a modern Marijuana reform law. They don’t have time for that, but they do have time to draft anti-monopoly measure that doesn’t even apply to them?

  18. Thank You Kathleen. Some of these folks in Ohio have the idea that in Colorado you can just roll up in a VW van and start selling plants out the back. Please keep spreading the word about the reality, how “free” Colorado’s system is.

  19. The “blood” is the destroyed lives of marijuana consumers that pay for “American growers” profits. – More than 700,000 innocent Americans are arrested for simple marijuana possession each year and made second-class citizens – for life!

    They will forever face large obstacles to decent employment, education, travel, housing, government benefits, and will always go into court with one strike against them. They can even have their children taken away!

    20 million Americans are now locked away in this very un-American sub-class. That has a horrible effect on the whole country, being an incredible waste of human potential. .

    That is the blood the anti-legalization/greedy growers are feeding on.

  20. It’s seriously fucking stupid, it seems like whoever created the mascot was either just borderline retarded lol or more likely they were payed off by some anti-marijuana politicians in order to have something negative to say that is actually true instead of all lies and bullshit of the past.

  21. Kathleen Chippi on

    the court ruled that they agreed with the lower court, in that people can still lose their jobs (or their child custody, occupational licenses, gun rights, assets, housing, unemployment compensation, insurance, banking, any federal $, student loans, FREEDOM etc.) for testing hot BECAUSE ALL CANNABIS is STILL ILLEGAL in Colorado. understand: BECAUSE ALL CANNABIS is STILL ILLEGAL in Colorado….Your BS statements that everything is great in CO and will be in Ohio if this passed are just that, BS.

    I have people contact me all the time asking for help because they have been busted in CO. You like to believe the media hype that it’s all good in CO from the mass media, one of the perpetrators of 1937 Prohibition/Reefer Madness. (You also support the other 2 perpetrators of the drug war, big business/$$ and big government)….

  22. Lowlife shill for the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels says what?

    YOU deserve to rot in Prison … for a time equal to all those who you continue to condemn via your wretched continuation of criminal prohibition.

  23. omg…what American growers have “blood money”? The blood money is south the border and the WAR that brought the blood was created by the US government. “Then they are no different from any other drug gang – and deserve to be crushed.” so sad – perhaps this hateful state of mind is why you have no friends to help you get your medicine? the reason you prefer over tax and over regulate warehouse weed to a boutique gardener….

  24. There it is, your blind ignorance to reality and facts that drives you to make utterly idiotic assertions about Colorado law.

    Stay ignorant, it’s your only skill.

  25. This brain-dead bong-sucking imbecile jontomas is a notorious supporter of the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels who support the CONTINUATION of CRIMINAL PROHIBITION against the vast majority of independent growers and caregivers … just so he can purchase a few pathetic grams of overpriced, overtaxed warehouse schwag.

    Like the gutless coward that he is, jontomas had the above post censored.

    Typical loser.

  26. Don’t try and hide behind others, the very people you selfishly continue to CRIMINALIZE.

    It’s YOU who deserves the denigration and approbation — and you alone — for surrendering total control of marijuana over to the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels and Big Government Taxation, all at the EXPENSE of the INDIVIDUAL users, growers and dealers.

  27. It’s so pathetic to watch clueless, selfish people when they run out of “arguments” and just make personal attacks.

  28. Thanks for showing all marijuana consumers what you REALLY think of your “precious” customers. All who know me know those are the ONLY people I fight for.

    Free consumers first. That’s the goal of marijuana reform. – Everything else good flows from that – including most of the things you want.

  29. It’s all there in my previous writing. You just refuse to understand.

    Marijuana growers are fine folks who provide a valuable service – UNTIL some incredibly greedy ones fight against marijuana re-legalization just to keep their blood money. – Then they are no different from any other drug gang – and deserve to be crushed.

  30. No thanks to the straw man argument. I never said there were no limits. – If you don’t want rules and limits, go buy yourself an island, declare yourself a country. – But, of course, any other inhabitants will curse you for YOUR rules. 8^)

  31. I didn’t say there were no rules. There are rules which govern alcohol too. – How many drinkers do you think feel they are being punished because of them? – Start making sense.

  32. That’s a separate issue, of course. – I have to give you an award for the lamest arguments in reform.

  33. They do, eh? – Cite the source of that information. – And no, I don’t mean your feverish, crippled imagination.

    You should join Trolls Anonymous.

  34. People who loosely throw around terms like “fool” are the ones who are fools. – How do you imagine R.O. investors will hold onto their prices when the surrounding states are selling at half what they charge?

    When has an amendment EVER slowed down the explosion of a new national industry?

  35. You are raving. R.O. frees marijuana consumers. – Go apply for a brain transplant. You need it desperately.

  36. No. What’s stupid is ignoring the IMPORTANT thing about R.O. – It frees marijuana consumers now! – That easily trumps everything. – The other minor points can be easily fixed later.

  37. I am actually shocked that people are shocked over this moronic attempt by RO. These aren’t activists of the MJ community. They are businessmen who are trying to exploit this growing movement for their personal gain, not for the greater good of the movement in and of itself. Only a true moron would think that using a mascot was a good idea. But this is the same group that assumes the Ohio voters are too stupid to realize that voting in favor of Issue 3 will grant one group of investors the entire commercial growing market. Because the people signed the petitions, it’s easy to see where an arrogant RO figured the public was stupid and easily entertained with cartoon characters. This just adds another reason to vote NO on Issue 3 in November. What’s even scarier is that RO still has less than 2 months of opportunities to make more dumb ass decisions to kill their efforts and waste their investors contributions.

  38. That is how I and others understand it as well. If Issue 2 passes along with 3, the only portion of 3 that would be prevented would be the ten grow sites and forcing retails to purchase their products from those investors. The home grow would still go into effect because there is no discernible way to determine what part of Issue 3 the voters used to decide their vote on. It could be argued that if it passes, the voters decided that homegrows was the deciding factor for their vote. Imagine if this occurs and RO manages to get marijuana legalized as well as homegrows but their investors are left with no business and tab paying for legalization.

  39. So if it ends all punishment as you claim, including fines, then what prevents home growers from growing 8 plants? 12? 12,000? No punishment, no fines, right? You are delusional if you think even if this passes that somehow punishment and fines will be ended.

  40. Kathleen Chippi on

    what do you have such a visceral hate for growers for? why are home growers, the people who supplied all the pot for the last 78 years, ‘”greedy” to you and the $$$ rich guys who ban anyone else from participating the ‘good guys’? you really either have blood involved in this SCAM or think you will somehow be included perhaps as a ‘worker bee’? …

  41. Kathleen Chippi on

    I have been following his begging for “tax and regulate” probably because he has no friends to help him find cannabis………….

  42. THOUSANDS of people still get arrested for pot in Colorado, since brain-dead bong-sucking imbeciles like you were too stupid to read, much less comprehend the fact that A64 didn’t repeal a single Felony Statute, nor a single Misdemeanor Statute against marijuana in Colorado.

    You also too clueless to know that Colorado has recently passed NEW FELONY laws against marijuana, and INCREASED the Felony penalties for marijuana.

  43. This brain-dead bong-sucking imbecile jontomas is a notorious supporter of the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels who support the CONTINUATION of CRIMINAL PROHIBITION against the vast majority of independent growers and caregivers … just so he can purchase a few pathetic grams of overpriced, overtaxed warehouse schwag.

  44. Figures a known self-defeating surrender-monkey like you would vote to CONTINUE CRIMINAL PROHIBITION against 99.9% of marijuana users, growers and caregivers, while turning total control over to the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels.

  45. Kathleen Chippi on

    so it “ends prohibition” and has no enforceable limits on consumers?? lol.. keep telling yourself this if it makes you feel better….but your simply wrong.

  46. Kathleen Chippi on

    The Colorado Supreme Court already confirmed for everyone in Coats v. Dish Network…..you should pay better attention.

  47. Kathleen Chippi on

    ” Then, the national marijuana market will flourish and sweep away any local arrangements.” lol only fools believe constitutional amendments in one state get swept away because some other states change their laws…

  48. Yes, Kathleen, yes they can, and legally so, if issue 3 passes.
    Ohioans will be able to grow (4 flowering plants, same as Oregon) and have on hand (9 ounces of buds) more cannabis than anyone can reasonably consume in a short amount of time.
    There is no limit on the number of vegetative plants, so a person could, in theory harvest a plant every single week, if they could smoke that much in the same amount of time from their cured stash.

    Now, here’s the beauty part; because Ohioans can grow their own, the ten commercial growers do not, in fact, have a monopoly, at least not for consumers.
    Every single home grower constitutes a de facto competitor, in terms of lost market share to the commercial growers, and in terms of supply to the individual consumer.

  49. After spending the past few months suffering abuse at the hands (or keyboards) of the anti-3 crowd for my support of issue 3, I feel utterly betrayed by this simply moronic move. Buddie has to GO.

  50. Responsible Ohio ends all punishment – even fines – for marijuana consumers. – Your denial wanders into the psychotic.

  51. Right. What Responsible Ohio primarily does is end the war on marijuana consumers. – That’s BIG – but greedy growers won’t acknowledge it. That denial is their greatest weakness.

  52. Gee. How many people have been ensnared in this so far?

    (Somebody tell those thousands of happy people in Colorado their legalization is fake 8^)

  53. No. It’s just a brief advantage. – After California and some others join the Free States in November, next year, the crumbling fraud of the federal prohibition will collapse under its own dead weight – as soon as 2017. – Then, the national marijuana market will flourish and sweep away any local arrangements.

  54. The “choices” in your mind are obviously confused with some fantasy. – It’s R.O or continued war on marijuana consumers until at least 2020.

    We’ll take the tremendous new freedom of Responsible Ohio. – Thanks.

  55. Do you somehow imagine that responds to any of my points? – That’s typical evasion by nay-sayers.

  56. Kathleen Chippi on

    how would you know since your still in the Dark Ages, believing “responsible adults” are only responsible enough to buy the warehouse weed and pay an obscene tax and not responsible enough to grow and sell the safest therapeutic substance know to man…

  57. Kathleen Chippi on

    “on this one issue in America, a sudden surge against ” I’m not going to argue they are not after the rights of we the people to write initiatives (make or change laws) but cannabis (“this one issue”) has been the ‘excuse’ (“gateway”) issue to violate most human rights….but only for the last 78 years (of 10,000 recorded years of human use) when Big Business/Money$$$ (monopolies of the time like DuPont), Big Government and Big Media created this WAR (REEFER MADNESS) on everyone that was not them based on GREED, LIES and PREJUDICE…….

    Passage of this will just continue the WAR and the perpetrators of this WAR (Big Business/Money$$$, Big Gov. and Media) will still make sure they are the ones who profit while the rest of us will still be jail-bound for selling a plant. The catch 22 rules and regs that change yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily in CO is nauseating. If any adult can still get busted for growing or selling the safest therapeutic substance known to man after any supposed pro pot language passes then IT’S NOT LEGAL.

    You should see how many other rights people are losing over (fake) legalized pot in CO….once the government got away with over-regulating the safest therapeutic substance known to man back in 2010 (“this one issue”)…..to bad everyone was so greedy about getting a state license they threw caution to the wind and bent over with a smile…

    the application alone was over 30 pages and required: business owners gave their power of attorney over to the CODoR and the IRS for 3 years!, they provide and grant gov. (power of attorney) access to all: financial transactions, bank accounts, credit cards, any ‘accounts’ (medical etc.), divorce creeds, HS graduation certificates, identify moles, scars, tattoo’s, piercings…same and more info on your children…basically the gov asked them to bend over and spread em and they did……this brought the new ‘belief’ that the government had rights into everything private pot or not pot–the pot was the test and it worked so now they want ‘in’ on/to everything….your house, car, property rights etc,

    One example: Some towns are passing 6 plants per house limits (yes even when patients need more and can have more for the last 15 years). Local law enforcement’s started “knock and talks” 5 years ago — so instead of a ‘raid’ under prohibition, which requires a warrant, cops pick neighborhoods and simply go door to door knocking, sometimes saying they smelled pot or sometimes just asking people if they were growing in their houses or smelled others growing, or just ask to come in and act like they have authority (w/o warrant) and do ‘compliance checks’ (“plant-counts”), (and they take pictures….yes all in violation of the 5th Amendment/self incrimination that can (and will) be used to prosecute at any later date they want)…..

    Now under the guise of “this one issue” (fake pot legalization) Coloradans are seeing their property and privacy rights disappear….This would have never worked for the government if they attempted to prohibit or regulate any other plant, like say how many corn plants one can lawfully grow in their garden…..sane people (“responsible adults”) would have rightfully kicked this shit to the curb/’nipped it in the bud’.

    The people (Big Business/Money$$$) who wrote this Ohio language, imo, are the same entities that brought you the Drug WAR. They and even self proclaimed national drug groups like MPP, are simply RE-BRANDING 1937 Prohibition/REEFER MADNESS and now calling it “Legalization” or “Regulate Like Alcohol” or “Responsible Adult Use”….and we the people still can go to jail….

  58. 4 pathetic plants?

    Only a brain-dead bong-sucking loser would limit themselves to that, with 5+ plants remaining as a CRIMINAL Offense … a FELONY.


  59. Kathleen Chippi on

    lol…so says one of the “family”……are you actually blood with the monopoly or a ‘friend’ of the family (oligopoly), family guy?

  60. Kathleen Chippi on

    Anyone or any business that is against legal cannabis FOR EVERYONE (in) Ohio is a fool.

    “Anyone or any business that is against legal cannabis (in) Ohio is a fool.” You don’t realize that this language only
    ‘legalizes’ for 10 entities? That means 99.99999% of the people who can cultivate the safest therapeutic substance known to man in Ohio will REMAIN ILLEGAL, enshrined in your Constitution….

  61. Kathleen Chippi on

    “decline in DUI’s” wrong… increase and it was National NORML who brought CO the unscientific 5 nano DUI limit we never had until (fake) legalization (A64) that puts every monthly user and every daily user in harms way of DUI/rehab/classes/drug testing etc.

  62. In the proposal “home growing of 4 plants” means……………………no monopoly.

    A monopoly is where you can ONLY get it from them, such is not the case, ANY adult can grow.

    With home growing allowed we should not even have the conversation about monopolies. It has no application here.

    This will all come out during the court hearings!

  63. Buddy has NOTHING on Tokey the Bear ! http://www.TokeyTheBear.com . Tokey is Smokey the Bear’s cousin. He lives in a cave in Weed, California (that’s right… WEED, high on the slopes of Mt Shasta). Every 4/20 he comes out of his cave to look for his shadow. If he sees his shadow, winter’s over, spring is here and everyone lights up a fatty. If he DOESN’T see his shadow, then winter’s over, spring is here and everyone lights up a fatty… EITHER WAY ! If Punxsutawney, PA can have a rodent… I mean groundhog named Phil, then Weed, CA can have Tokey the Bear ! Not marketing to kids, just having a little fun with the baby boomers who grew up with Smokey and got stoned in the ’60’s… Check Tokey out on Facebook and “like” his page…

  64. It was so easy for the opposition to implant a virus into issue 3. Pointing out that monopolies are bad. Angry folks are alway ready to bash corporations and “the rich folks”…. I’m seeing a lot of angry Ohio folks ready to parrot the Prohibitionist virus. I am hoping Ohioans will see through this opposition trick and vote yes on 3.

  65. Good news is that if both pass then everything but the factories would be legal. And many are saying that if 3 passes and 2 fails the factories will still be hung up in the courts while the rest of the issue 3 bill passes.

  66. The whole point is the college kid demographic, which love him a lot. He isn’t on billboards for everyone to see.

  67. YES ON 3 ! RO is the ONLY group anywhere close to raising the funding and 800,000 signatures needed for a ballot campaign. Vote no and you will never see legal cannabis in ohio. We can always amend the bill in the years to come to allow for small business production too!

    Anyone or any business that is against legal cannabis Ohio is a fool. No one has ever died in history from cannabis yet alcohol kills thousands. Businesses already drug test for cannabis and businesses in legal states like Colorado still drug test. Legalization does not force businesses to accept cannabis users (yet they should).

    Colorado police and military are reporting a constant decline in DUI’s, violent crime, domestic abuse, youth drug use, and hard drug use like heroin. And they are collecting $60+ million a year in taxes for their schools, etc. It is a win-win for everyone.

  68. Jordan Shorette on

    you want a monopoly look at National Grid, either you pay us obscene amounts of money for our electricity or you can go else where…oh yea they are the only ones selling electricity so I guess its by the short hairs they have us

  69. Jordan Shorette on

    the tobacco companies went down this road with Joe Camel, if you want to be taken seriously get this mascot out of the situation. would have been awesome on October 31st but lets keep it legitimate for the other 364 days.

  70. Monopoly? There are not ten cable companies in the whole nation. Or 10 hospital companies in the whole nation. they are all owned by cardinal health/how about ten utility companies/ Prohibitionist making up terms that don’t exist.

  71. I considered signing the petition, but it included this verbage:

    “This campaign, run by a group called ResponsibleOhio and backed by wealthy investors seeking to get even richer off of the new industry, has been mired in controversy due to the initiative’s language that would give them a monopoly on cultivating marijuana in the state.”

    That huge dig at R.O. was unnecessary and “monopoly” is definitely not correct. No objective person should sign this. This seems like another attack of the wannabe-growers.

    Responsible Ohio ends marijuana prohibition in Ohio. – It is part of the wave of enlightenment sweeping the country. – This moves us one giant step out of the Dark Ages.

  72. Have you taken a look at the Ohio ballot? Question 2 is the Anti-monopoly measure, that doesn’t prevent the legislature from creating a monopoly or an oligarchy, but prevents the Citizen’s Initiative from being financed, by any single donor, and even any “special interests” group. How the heck else does anyone imagine the millions of dollars needed are to be raised. Real world. No one raised the monopoly flag on gambling, lotteries, even same sex marriage. All of a sudden in Ohio, Same comes out with this brilliant prohibition campaign, and it’s like OWS against a group of investors who made the mistake of being transparent, and the people cried that they want none of that. So if the legislative initiative, passes, and blocks funding of citizen’s initiatives by even MPP, a special interest group. Any PAC that they form with the sole in intent of Reform marijuana laws, is a special interest group, banned by this measure. Read on. It also says if the opposition doesn’t have equal resources, any initiative would be void. So you do raise enough money door to door, about $2 million of for Ohio minimum, and you pass it in 2016. SAM files claim that your outspent them and the citizen’s initiative is effectively dead in Ohio. Because someone screamed monopoly and on this one issue in America, a sudden surge against Monopoly, that begins and end on this single issue in Ohio. If there were a shred of sincerity, why not at the least start hunting all the monopolies. Why only this issue in this one state, and we will never hear monopoly again in Ohio. The Prohibition tactic is effective. It’s moving into Michigan and other states now, but only on the issue of Marijuana reform?

  73. I’m still undecided about whether this Buddy mascot is an epic fail or a brilliant move. Time will tell in November whether or not Buddy was a winner. One thing’s for sure: the college kids who saw buddy on their way to class will remember Buddy for the rest of the semester and that means in November come election time. Buddy is a conversation piece, and Buddy will be the talk of the dorms, locker rooms, and what have you. Another thing’s for sure: the prohibs will have a freakout if Buddy wins despite all of their hyperventilating.

  74. It isn’t going to pass anyways, especially with the anti-monopoly resolution being voted on. I curse my dumb ass for still living in this state.

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