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Restraining Order Approved Against Illinois Medical Marijuana Grower


Illinois medical marijuana hb 1Illinois’ medical marijuana program is a mess to say the least. It’s been over a year and half since former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed medical marijuana into law, yet not one patient has been able to safely and legally access medical marijuana in Illinois. Licenses have finally been issued, however, even that stage of the process has been held up due to legal challenges, at least for one approved medical marijuana grower. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

A temporary restraining order keeping a cultivation site in Illinois from opening will remain in place, as a lawsuit by a separate grower who was denied a producer’s license winds its way through the courts.

A Cook County judge ruled that Cresco Labs, which was awarded an MMJ cultivation permit, would have to wait to begin operations pending resolution of the case. After losing out on its license application, cultivation company PM Rx filed suit questioning whether Cresco had enough money to operate their business, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit also questions the secret process by which growers were approved for licenses.

The second that licenses were issued, I knew there would be legal challenges due to how the process of issuing those licenses played out. Whenever the process isn’t clear and transparent for marijuana industry business licenses, there will be lawsuits filed by entities that were left on the outside looking in. This is bad for the industry, bad for applicants, and most of all, bad for patients who are suffering and desperately need safe access to medicine. I’m hopeful that for their sake Illinois gets it together sooner than later.



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  1. Alec Sadauskas on

    how does forcing women to go to back door abortion clinics which are extremely unsafe promote a free and equal nation?
    I do agree with the Pro Pot, Pro LGBT, Pro Gun, And anti war stance but man, religion very cleary affects the pro life view point you have, I have no issue with that, but you gotta do the research on the struggle these women go through.

  2. All business owners who think they are going to make money need to think twice about their investments Idph are denying people who have one of the qualifying conditions are being denied the right to medical treatment they should be worried about their investments Illinois discriminate against health care and fingerprinting should be removed it against human rights all when it time to vote for them the should not get the support of the people Illinois has chance to make millions but with lawmaker who discriminate against health care need to resign Illinois will not make money and any investors should pull out before the lose money and Idph shouldn’t be put in charge of approvals we need to change who we pick to speak for us Illinois should fire those who discriminate against health care and the representative who say they care should resign or proved it Illinois is the worst state to help people with heath care

    When it comes to health care we are all equal rep Lou lang pretends to care for all felons who are free and working hard to stay that way and are in need of heath care we are all equal we can not say that felons with qualifying conditions can’t get medical treatment is very wrong in so many ways we need leaders who can do something about it now not in four years or step aside and quit and let better men or women who have are best interest at heart if we let this happen what next they will they you you can’t get health because of your color of skin who does that sound like and what is that my question to the lawmakers if you pledge to care for the people as you say you do then stand up and change the fingerprints requirements and show the people that they come first its our constitutional rights and our rights as humans so prove to us that the state of Illinois is a state that is free and not corrupt we the people ask for this change what is this world coming to if we stand here saying who gets treatment or who doesn’t so lawmakers please change the your policy you can’t let days pass and cont. Showing the people of Illinois and other state that this is what the united states has come to discrimination hatred for fellow humans we are not animals


  3. Have you ever considered that the “abortion culture” as you put it only exists as a response to the rape-culture that persists virtually unchecked? How about Texas, for example? In that bastion of morality where surely only the virtuous live, given the voracity with which abortion rights have been limited, restricted, and trampled on systematically for decades, guess what happened in 2010? Precisely 899 girls between the ages of 12 and 14 gave birth. Perhaps if you want to choose an area of our culture to do god’s work, you should go where the problem is: stop raping live kids and maybe you won’t have to be concerned with the outcome. Because let’s be horrendously honest: a whole lot more little girls than 899 were raped in Texas that year. Not every sexual assault results in a pregnancy. So please, put your righteousness where the problem actually is and do something about the virtuous people of Texas, first — (cart, horse, all that).

    One of the many reasons I oppose our fanatical drug war is that one of the worst indirect results of that drug war is giving police a financial incentive to prioritize drug crimes above all others, including sexual assault — perhaps you heard of the 100k+ unprocessed rape kits that were gathering dust? No? Too busy singing praises and spreading Nixon’s good word to be bothered with reality? Perhaps you should send a memo upstairs and ask the big man what’s up? Maybe you’re afraid he’ll respond by saying “If you didn’t need abortion, it wouldn’t exist.” 899 little girls in Texas would see his point of view. The women on the other end of those 100k rape kits might as well.

    The reason you and your issue are discarded as disingenuous so easily is that you brazenly ignore the painful realities our society lives with in favor of playing out a political farce rigged like a professional wrestling match four decades ago by Richard Nixon! Astounding. Decrying his work in one breath while willfully carrying on his legacy in the next. Astounding. But don’t worry, I’m sure nobody you care about has ever been assaulted sexually. It’s only estimated 1 in 4 women of college age are victimized, but I’m sure all your loved ones are the other three, right boss?

  4. Since condoms and chemical birth control are NOT 100% effective (even for married couples), your advocacy for “personal responsibility” sounds more like one for 100% abstinence. Go back to your nunnery.

  5. Hey! Get outta your boxes everyone! Geeeze It’s no wonder the world’s a mess, when a bunch of pot advocates need to come here and argue over bullshit that has nothing to do with pot.

  6. If you conduct your life in a responsible manner, you won’t need or want an abortion, and it has nothing to do with being wealthy or poor, it’s a matter of taking personal responsibility for ones’ self.

  7. Gosh, how can this happen in an ultra-liberal state government such as this one.
    Oh, I forgot, they’re politicians too, and all of them a focused on the $$!

  8. Illinois Advocates on

    Illinois advocates have see this process become flawed. Pay to play wins over patients. There were 3 different lists. The State picked who they wanted. Advocates and Illinois residents were left out. This is not the case in any other state. Only in Illinois. We are not going to put up with corruption period.

  9. My father had cancer, my mother had terrible insomnia. It will be very hard for me to forgive the fascist pigs who banned medicinal cannabis. I don’t know if it would have helped them, but only a real pig would deny them the right to try and see.

  10. Funny to see you prattle on about “hearing words” after you summarily ignored my comment, entirely. First, no, you have no adopted kids. Second, yes, your beliefs were given to you by the Nixon administration. Third, yes, if you had your druthers about abortion, the next big “sin” you pursue *would* be contraception. Just ignoring those three things won’t make them untrue. Also, I believe in your BS lapsed atheism about as much as I believe cannabis can cause lethal overdoses, and I can expose your lie by simply asking you (a) what was your justification for being an atheist, and (b) how did you “fight” god and lose that justification? No kidding, if you believe you battled your fictional deity, you are delusional.

    But more to the ultimate point of this blog: if you truly believe you, personally, deserve sovereignty over your own body with regards to cannabis, then you have to explain why you think women don’t deserve sovereignty over their own uterus. And why not try something new, and for once, stay on topic. It always makes me laugh when someone tries to run away from poignancy, as if I’d just forget everything I told you *twice* now (the first three points, and your hypocrisy about personal sovereignty over your own body). But no, I doubt you’ll do that. Your kind of people bomb buildings and murder doctors and call it god’s work, all because you think women are objects who don’t have a right to their own body.

    It would absolutely impress the hell out of me if you could address even one of these points without resorting to mysticism. Actually, it would impress me if you replied with anything other than vague spiritual nonsense.

  11. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I’m not anti-choice. You have a choice to do what you want with your body, but I will not accept Abortion culture we now live in. I believe it is destructive. You want an Abortion then that is your choice :) Thirty-Six Couples Wait for Every One Baby Who is Adopted

  12. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    pro-Life my definition.

    Girl about to snuff out the possibility of life, so I ask. “Girls you have many options, if you let me help you” They refuse, so I follow scripture. And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

    I was an atheist 1991-2006 until I fought God. Spirit opened my eyes without the constraints of organized religion. Just felt the purity of salvation. We all have a voice consistently nudging morality everyday. When an abortion happens, that life can no longer smile or care for others. Refuse to look at this issue with “Political restraints” as this can be rationalized with simplicity.

  13. Well put! Yo, defective, If you’re anti-choice, put your money where your mouth is. Pay for the upbringing of any of the fetuses until they’re adults.

  14. For some unknown reason I’m not allowed to vote up your comment. Consider this an upvote.
    Just like cannabis, no one should be able to FORCE their ideologies on others.

  15. Not sure what you mean by “refuting rights” without taking them away — sounds like semantic contortionism. The problem with the pro-life position is that it’s deliberately vague so as to best yank on the heartstrings of anyone listening. The other problem is that it’s not about saving children — never met a single “pro-life” advocate with an adopted child. Not once. But I have heard a lot of “pro-life” people make fun of Angelina Jolie for adopting, taking special care to mock her adoptions as publicity stunts.

    The ultra-sad fact of the matter is that your entire position is yet another political manipulation by the Nixon administration, just like the drug war. He needed an issue with which to leverage the soon-to-be-dubbed “Southern Strategy” and he chose to make abortion that issue. Before the 1970s, you could be both a Republican and pro-choice — the “pro-life” movement, at that point, was seen as a fringe movement by religious zealots. It wasn’t until Nixon took it mainstream and turned it into both a political football and an ontological nightmare that people started shooting doctors.

    The same people who were trying to make contraception illegal are the same ones who want to overturn Roe v. Wade, so please, do not presume to insult my intelligence by pretending like the “pro-life” position isn’t anything other than church folk looking to use our laws to punish women for having sex. If it isn’t, then I suggest you go adopt a child — go save an actual life instead of obsessing over clumps of cells smaller than a pencil eraser with no discernible anatomy.

  16. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I’m not for abortion. You are and that’s fine. Debate is healthy for humanity. I will not stop a person from getting an abortion, but I will argue there are more ways to save the child. Pro-Choice is my absolute. My choice, I choose not to support abortion. See how that works? You have rights, and at the same time I can refute them, without taking your rights away.

    Margaret Sanger is one of the most evil women of 1900s who stood with a racist group known as the KKK and Government ideologues. I can’t recall one wealthy family aborting their child. But I can find many poor or black women killing their unborn. World we live in is dark. Always seeking end game, without the possibility of salvation.

  17. Lawrence Goodwin on

    My father was born in southern Illinois, and he passed away there 5 years ago after battling cancer in his lungs and liver. In those last days, I very much wanted to offer him cannabis in either edible or liquid form–but the Illinois version of the Anti-Cannabis Tyranny still reigned supreme at the time. Normally fond of hearty meals, my dad was so frustrated at the loss of his appetite. I am 100 percent certain that cannabis would have helped him to eat again, probably within minutes of his first try. NO cancer patient in ANY of our United States should be denied that opportunity. The War on Marijuana has been a massive FRAUD from Day 1. End it, as in yesterday!

  18. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Please add Pro-Choice and I’d be fine with the whole list. Men have no business mandating what women can do with their own Free bodies.

  19. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Politics is useless. Seems like the rich and ignorant keeping playing an ignorant song for human submission. Every time I hear a story like this, it just angers me. Physical and mental suffering is non concern for most political parties. Hell, US government loves blowing the shit out of countries. Why on earth would I even think for a second this government is willing to evolve into freedom loving people.

    How hard is it to be the following.

    Pro-Gay or Straight

    Is it really that hard to comprehend?

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