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Rich People In London Get Warnings For Drugs, Poor People Get Arrested


marijuana arrest prison drug drugsThe war on drugs is a war on poor people. Rich people consume drugs as much as poor people do proportianetly, however, rich people are far more likely to get a warning or slap on the wrist compared to poor people. Poor people are harrassed, arrested, fined, jailed, and given the ‘drug war scarlet letter’ when they are caught with drugs. For evidence of that, we can look to London, where a report was recently leaked which shows an enormous disparity between arrest rates for rich people versus poor people by the London MET. Per Vice:

Unreleased figures obtained by researchers at the London School of Economics (LSE) reveal that those in the highest socio-economic class – people like bankers, doctors and lawyers – are three times more likely to be let off with a caution for drug offences than the unemployed. And of the near 200,000 people stopped and searched for drug possession by the Met last year, almost all of those punished – 93 percent – were from lower socio-economic groups.

If a poor person is labeled a criminal by the system, it makes it tremendously difficult to find a living wage job and succeed in society. Just one drug charge on a person’s record is enough to keep them impoverished for the rest of their lives in some cases. If a rich person is labeled a criminal by the system, they can fall back on the resources they have at their disposal. In an ideal world, no one would be arrested for drugs, rich or poor. But to single out poor people for arrest, while giving rich people a warning for the same act, is an enormous injustice that shouldn’t go unchallenged.


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  1. Jake Stevens on

    Eh, I guess the unfairness is annoying, but given that the goal should be nobody being harassed by the police, the fact that some subset of the population is already avoiding that treatment doesn’t make me that upset. It’s like how people focused so much on the racism of stop and frisk stops. Yes, they target minorities, but implying that that’s the real problem, rather than that this system exists at all, is counterproductive.

  2. Toking_Turtle on

    In Pennsylvania, I’ve seen more busts for meth and heroin then anything. Which is awesome for me as a smoker, but when I hear about people who basically “own” an area , who were caught having all sorts of drugs and were dealing with prostitution only to be given a story on the news… Now I live in a small part of PA .. and this guy “owns” the town I live in .. every day at work I see him coming in all happy enjoying life because he never went to jail.

    But yet my friend , who was still in school, has to pay over $5,000 in all sorts of fees, plus unknown about jail at the moment (still waiting to go through with court) just for having a tiny dime bag of shake !

  3. JohnSmith112 on

    I would say it doesn’t work like that in Florida. A friend of mine from a rich family was arrested for having a seed in his car after a dog supposedly signaled during a traffic stop (lane change without a signal). He isn’t even a grower and he thinks it must have been from one of his friends or something. He was arrested, tried and convicted and now has the scarlet letter with him for the rest of his life and as far as he knew he didn’t even have anything illegal in his car.

  4. You’re correct. 4,200 square-foot houses with 3-car garages are never the subject of no-knock warrants and SWAT raids. Cops understand that money trumps justice.

    Being a good person and not hurting anyone are insufficient criteria to keep you out of jail. You must be rich to guarantee it.

    If these facts make you angry, I wish that anger would occur to you when you’re doing whatever you do INSTEAD of voting. The only thing that keeps rich people out of jail is their ability to buy favors from people through campaign contributions. If campaign contributions were not able to encourage sheople to vote for a puppet — if people used common sense and ignored reactionary “fad” political pageantry — our so-called “representatives” would act more like their job titles imply they should act.

  5. Robert Dewayne King on

    the original London cops , Robert Peels “Bobbys ” or “Peelers” original purpose was to protect the GENTRY from the OICKS and to insure the safety of the wealthy and their property !
    Don’t it seem at times that nothing much has changed ?!

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