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Ridiculous Waste In Longview Dispensary Bust


Longview Police raid a Kelso dispensary over 25 plants, one pound, and $4,366 in cash… in Washington State, where possession of an ounce is legal, possession of 24 ounces and 15 plants is legal for a patient, and 45 plants and 4.5 lbs is legal for a collective. Plus, buying and selling will be legal soon.


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Johnny Green


  1. That’s fucking idiotic!!! Ya cops never help people or put their lives on the line every day. Its fucking dumb to bust anyone for pot but what kind of trash would say they would watch a cop flail and die. Fuck you loser!!! Fucking human garbage! Fucking hate stupid morons like you.

  2. It’s never a dangerous drug as medical marijuana, the gateway to health unlike what the backward feds have believe otherwise they’ve not tried it, so they don’t know what they’re talking about that makes for bad, heavy-handed law that’s un-democratic overtime repeat senseless raids w/o talking about their grievances & our concerns fairly equal rights to liberty! Think how you feel if others raid their breweries to confiscate the properties w/o due process, that’s what happen to state’s legal dispensaries unfairly, wrongly target non crime issue!

  3. firetheliberals on

    This is crap. We have laws protecting from this kind of thing. Longview is in redneckville. I drive all over seattle and most commercial roads throughout city neighborhoods, I can count 1dispensary every 200 yards. It is a wonderful thing..

  4. GhettO1stamendment on

    Russ U Rock- I’m in the Mitten state and saw something about this, thought the same shit how many resources get tied up and for what turn out? You see this daily- over spent and further in dept. I use to think the weather man had it easy with never getting our weather right and keeping their job I see its at all levels of wasted funds.

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