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Rise Up Expungement Day Taking Place on August 27th in Portland


The Minority Cannabis Business Association is doing great things across the board for the cannabis movement in our country.  One of their first priorities is to help with expungement of convictions from cannabis related crimes. If you have a cannabis conviction, you will want to read this…

While the legal cannabis industry booms, a specific group of people targeted in the failed war on drugs continue to suffer the negative consequences of cannabis criminal records, including denied jobs, financial aid, housing, and the right to vote. That’s wrong, and we are doing something about it.

On August 27, Rise Up™ Expungement Day participants will, within 2 hours,complete all steps necessary to file a request for expungement with the state of Oregon, including covering all costs and fees. Expunging your record means you can legally declare on job and housing applications, loan applications, etc that you do not have a criminal record in OR.

Qualified participants:

  • Have cannabis conviction(s) in Oregon
  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have a valid state-issued ID or U.S. passport


  • If you qualify, register now to participate. You must register here to attend. 
  • Help spread the word. Share this message with friends and family.



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