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Robert Platshorn’s “Should Grandma Smoke Pot” To Air In Prime Time, South Florida

Robert Platshorn Silver Tour grandma pot marijuana florida

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Our good friend Bobby Platshorn is a man on a mission – to convert the AARP-demographic to supporting marijuana law reform. Thanks to very generous supporters who donated the big bucks, Platshorn’s groundbreaking TV show, Should Grandma Smoke Pot?, will be airing in prime time starting tomorrow on various South Florida cable and broadcast outlets.

Silly US Parole Board, grounding Bobby to Florida without his supper. Now you just made him mad.

Grandma Comes to Prime Time

Controversial Medical Marijuana Expose to Air in Prime Time on South Florida TV

South Florida 2/3/13: Should Grandma Smoke Pot? The controversial television show produced by former pot smuggler and founder ofThe Silver Tour, a nonprofit teaching seniors about medical marijuana, Robert Platshorn, will air in prime time at 7pm on WHDT-TV. Recently featured on The Daily Show, CNN Money and on the front page of The Wall St Journal, the show will be seen this Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a special airing on Sunday evening on South Florida’s largest high definition TV station.

The show features well known doctors like Dr. Andrew Weil, researchers from major universities, legal experts and current medical marijuana patients, including South Florida stock broker Irvin Rosenfeld, who for over twenty seven years has received free marijuana from the federal government. Grandma is a mini version of Platshorn’s well publicized Silver Tour Show that has been teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana.

After The Silver Tour began receiving international acclaim on the front pages of newspapers like the Wall St Journal, Robert (who is featured in the movie Square Grouper) and award-winning editor Walter J. Collins produced Grandma to meet demand by seniors for more information about medical marijuana.

Platshorn, who spent almost thirty years in federal prison for smuggling Colombian marijuana to South Florida, became a full time legalization activist after leaving prison four years ago. While traveling the country to promote his memoir Black Tuna Diaries, he met hundreds of Americans who were using cannabis successfully to treat a variety of ills. The groups with the biggest need were seniors. Living in Florida with its huge senior population and no legal medical marijuana convinced Robert that changing the law here and in other states that outlawed cannabis was the only solution.

After hearing Platshorn, a former famous pitchman, speak at a local legislative meeting, State Senator Jeff Clemens (D-WPB) has filed a new bill for medical marijuana in Tallahassee. Amazingly, the new bill, similar to Colorado’s medical initiative, appears to have bi-partisan support. Florida could join the eighteen states and Washington DC that already allow its use.

The US Parole Commission, who claim Platshorn is still on “Special Parole”, was so upset by his recent successes as an advocate that they ordered, “you may no longer travel to promote legalization of cannabis”. In spite of this setback, Robert sends out his message via television. Should Grandma Smoke Pot? can be seen on WHDT-TV in South Florida on cable and broadcast TV from South Beach to Vero Beach beginning this Monday.

For more info, photos or interviews: Robert Platshorn, email tunaville@yahoo.com, cell 954-773-6967.


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  1. AARP is against cannabis use for us seniors as they are supported by big pharma and in bed with a host of insurance conglomerates. Being old is lot more interesting when cannabis is available. I don’t know many people over 60 that don’t like to garden but not many that like rap and nice glass.

  2. johnnygreen

    I’ve had the honor of meeting Mr. Platshorn on multiple occasions, and he is even more impressive in person. I wish more people in the movement supported his work!

  3. If we get the older generations on board, the war on cannabis will crumble fast.
    -this just might be the most effective way to bring down the walls of prohibition..

  4. DavidTheExpert on

    This is great! Platshorn has one of the best plans I’ve ever heard for educating the general public about the benefits of cannabis, and the reasons to end the drug war.

    He wants to air this educational infomercial (for as little as 50 dollars per 30-minute spot) over and over in areas where it will make the biggest difference.

    I definitely agree that education is the best tool we have, and Platshorn seems to have the know-how and motivation to accomplish it.

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