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Romania Legalizes Medical Marijuana


romania medical marijuanaRomania has become the tenth country in the EU to legalize medical marijuana. This is welcome new for those that are suffering from various ailments in Romania. Up until now people have had to either use medical marijuana illegally or use harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

Other European countries that have legalized medical marijuana include Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, and Spain. I wonder how long the United States will sit on the sidelines at the national level. Not only does the Obama Administration refuse to legalize medical marijuana at a national level, but it continues to disrespect the will of voters at the state level by harassing medical marijuana program participants in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.

The United States federal government needs to step up an do what’s right and legalize medical marijuana at the federal level. Especially considering the US government produces medical marijuana for four federal patients, and owns patents relating to medical marijuana. History will look back on this hypocrisy and future American citizens will consider this area of federal policy to be a colossal failure.

Do you live in Europe? If so, how do you feel about Romania legalizing medical marijuana? Do you feel that there needs to be more ailments recognized for appropriate use? What country do you think will be next to legalize medical marijuana in Europe? If you live in America, how long do you think until the federal government here legalizes medical marijuana?


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  1. thats completely inaccurate. what’s actually going on is some manufacturer is to be allowed to sell a nasal spray based on thc derivatives under strict medical prescriptions.
    veeery far from legalised medical (and not) marijuana as it is in countries that you mentioned.
    drug laws as it is are completely unchanged, romania is still middle ages in this respect (and a lot more others).

  2. No medical acceptance in Portugal, infact cannabis seeds and cultivation are NOT legal in Portugal either, only the procession of cannabis is decriminalized, (the procession of all drugs are decrimmalized).

  3. Theyll do it until theyre physically made to stop. Its their largest cash cow. Theyll fight for that. I dont hear any talk about laying off d.e.a or enforcement of any kind. We sould be. This argument should live or die by the science behind it. Simply put…. They no longer have any credible science to back their argument. There is finally enough hard evidence to expose their lies.I dont hear many talking about that, either. Logic only works with reasonable people. By definition its tyranny.

  4. Whoops. Huffington Post Blogger Rupert Wolfe-Murray just posted this morning:

    >>>”We just spoke to Romania’s national drug agency (ANA) and they said there are no plans to legalise the medicinal use of cannabis. It’s a non-story.”

    It would be interesting to see where this story originated.

  5. It must be so nice to live in a truly free country, I wouldn’t know, I live in Tennessee.

  6. I live in Portugal and unfortunately i think cannabis is still illegal medicinal or not.

    About the other questions, cannabis is a plant with great medicinal, spiritual, industrial and recreational value. Just legalize it everywhere! The sooner the better.

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